Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Jr’s Birthday Bash Will Be “Intimate”

Time flies when you’re on TV! Kendra Wilkinson‘s son, Hank Jr., turns 2 on December 11 and the reality star and husband Hank Baskett already have plans in place for their tot’s birthday bash. But the mom-of-one says the party won’t be a made-for-TV spectacle.

“We’re going to keep it pretty intimate,” Kendra explained. “We don’t want to overwhelm him. We don’t want to invite people over just for the hell of it. We want to make sure that he knows and he likes everybody that’s around him.”

But it sounds like anyone who is there will be treated to a great time. “He’s obsessed with Cars, so we’re going to do a Cars-themed birthday party,” she told E!. “We’re going to make him the race car driver and we’re having a cake made, a race car cake.”

So is Kendra enjoying her role as party-planner? “It is a lot of fun,” she says. “As everybody knows, I’m not a person that really knows how to plan birthday parties and stuff like that. But now I’m a mom and these are the days I’ve been waiting for. Now it’s time to settle down and start really having fun with planning birthdays and planning traditional things like Christmas and Thanksgiving and all that.”


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    • I hope someone gives you some manners. The boys hair is curly. What’s the issue here? It’s never going to lay flat or be smooth, and why should it?? That’s his natural hair. Are you such a pig that you think they should ALREADY be trying to change his natural attributes, or did you just decide exactly how long his hair should be before it doesn’t suit YOUR standards?

      • Wow you’re taking this comment way to seriously. It was just a joke/sarcasm.
        Every time people give a comment like this, than people like you take this comment to serious and then you get this. Are you the same person that said that someone was a pedophile because someone said that she was in love with that child. If so then stop this behaviour, it’s getting really annoying.

        Oh and get some sense of humour. :^)

        • Whether it was a “joke” or not the comment was insensitive. All of these comments about his hair are insensitive and only display how ignorant of the people that comment here are. I can’t imagine what would be said if he had a full on afro.

    • Execellent, excellent point!

      And really there is nothing wrong with his hair. It does not “need” to be cut. and it doesn’t appear tangled so the comb comments make no sense.

    • Actually, I do remember many comments about Bronx’s hair looking untidy. Curls are beautiful on a child, but if they appear “unkempt” (which generated TONS of comments for the Samuel boys from both general and afro-american sites!) then you will get comments as such.

  1. Aww I love his hair. The first haircut is so hard, well for mum’s anyway.

    Nice to hear a sensible celebrity parent, I think a small intimate party for a 2 yr old is very appropriate. 🙂

  2. worst time of a mothers life is when she has to cut off her little boys curls. I think they’re cute. my husband took my 2 1/2 year old with a head of the most beautiful blond curls to the barber when I was at the store. he had them all shaved off!! I freaked- but I know he knew I would never be able to do it myself.

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