Stephen Moyer & Lilac: Stay True To Soccer

Stephen Moyer attended his daughter Lilac’s soccer game in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (November 19).

The True Blood star, who is married to Anna Paquin, taught his 9-year-old a few moves on the course next to the field. The actor also has an 11-year-old son named Billy from a previous relationship.

Stephen has talked about how his kids react to him being a famous vampire.

He said, “Billy is very aware I’m playing a vampire and because he’s called Bill, he thinks the character is named after him so he finds it very upsetting that he doesn’t get to see it.

Lilac, who hasn’t seen it either, does a very good impression of Kirsten Dunst in Interview with The Vampire. She pretends to cry, you say “what’s wrong?” And then she comes at you with her fangs out.”

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