Josh Kelley’s New Tattoo Inspired By Wife & Daughter

Revealing his first ever tattoo today, singer Josh Kelley says he found inspiration for the inking close to home: It’s in honor of his wife Katherine Heigl and their beautiful daughter Naleigh.

Unveiling the tattoo on Twitter, Josh wrote, “Killer!!!! My wifes bday is nov 24 and naleighs on nov 23 so her 23 is in Korean and the sagittarius symbol in the middle.”

Katherine was there to give her hubby some moral support, posting pictures as the body art progressed. When it was finally finished, she couldn’t help but gush: “How cool is that??!! Kinda the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me and so hot that he’s such an amazing dad!”

The couple’s daughter Naleigh turns 3 years old tomorrow – best wishes to her!


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  1. I am not usually a fan of tatoos, but I actually think this is really sweet. 🙂 Love the meaning behind it, and I think it looks really beautiful. Good on Josh. And happy birthday to Naleigh!

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