Tori Spelling & Her Tiny Turkey!

Gobble Gobble!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, mama-of three Tori Spelling posted these adorable pictures of her youngest daughter Hattie dressed up as a festive turkey!

Tori took to Twitter today and posted, “Today on ediTORIal: #thanksgiving turkey 3 ways: Cook, Kid, Craft & featuring Hattie!” features cooking a turkey three ways – one is a traditional recipe prepared by her husband Dean McDermott, the second is a kid friendly Thanksgiving day feast, and the third… is Hattie dressed up like a turkey!

In regards to the turkey costume created by Martha Stewart, Tori says,

“Ok, this one isn’t edible, but if you have a baby at home, here’s a fun Thanksgiving craft project you can make for what will be very memorable holiday photos. Your older kids will love helping to make this for their baby bro or sis – Stella loved gluing the faux veggies on the faux platter.”

And what a fabulous disclaimer!

“Disclaimer: Sorry to future 18 year-old Hattie. It was too cute an idea to pass up. If it’s any solace, you wore turkey well!”

What do you think?

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  1. Tori pushed her luck having a third child because Hattie looks exactly like her while the two oldest children resemble their father.

  2. This baby is cute but definitely different looking than her other two.

    But she is still real little, her looks can change a lot. I used to think Liam was gunna odd looking but he turned out to be a little heart breaker!!

  3. You guys need to lighten up!!!!! It’s a goofy photo and obviously no one is implying anything creepy or bizarre. It’s sad that people continually call Tori ugly. Has it occurred to any of you that Tori might be reading these comments and maybe constantly being ugly is painful for her? She’s obviously not the typical Hollywood-looking person but she does the best she can and she seems like a nice person.

    • But the weird thing is that she wasn’t always ugly. She did this to herself. Look back at 90210, she was really attractive. Now? The chin, the cheeks, the botox. That weird smile she always has in photos. Ugh.

      • She has talked about how people called her ugly when she was a kid and how tough it was for her. Does it ever occur to people that regardless of whether she’s actually reading these specific comments, it’s just cruel and mean to make them? Would it kill people to just practice a little kindness? Comments about anyone’s physical appearance, whether a child or an adult, are just so unnecessary. They say far more about the person making them than the person they’re directed at.

  4. I think the family is a beautiful family. I agree that people should leave nasty comments about one’s appearance to themselves. I was watching E entertainment about the top 10 stories and they interviewed close friends and families of Anna Nicole Smith and I know she was wild but she was hurting because of all the comments. Tracy Gold was another who became anorexic after chubby comments. Candance Cameron-Bure even talked about the stress from “Full House” and how when she was “chubby” (I always liked that about her, I didn’t think she was chubby, just a regular girl) not only did she hear about her weight from the public, but the director, the camera man, etc. Tori Spelling once weighed more; however, we, “the public,” have added and still add to celebrities hard views of themselves. I feel really bad for them. Even Mary Kate Olsen went through weight issues. Child stars have it the worst I believe. While Tori may be an adult now, she grew up in the public eye and that is hard being force fed from an early age what is ideal. I believe her and I are close in age, I am 36, and when I was young all that was in the magazine and all the actors were skinny.
    Sorry I rambled, but I feel bad when people talk about how ugly, boney, fat, or stupid celebrities are… They have feelings too and read these things. Everyone is beautiful in their own right, even if it is just as a person. She seems to really love her family and that is all that counts.
    I agree these photos were a bit shocking; however, she included all of her kids in the making of the turkey and veggies and I bet her children were really proud of themselves. They did do a great job on the making of the turkey.

    • Boo hoo!! she ASKS for all of this stupid attention – dont make it more than it is– if I posted photos on the internet Id be prepared for comments!!! You cant have it both ways.

  5. I agree this baby doesn’t look much like Liam and Stella. Liam though looks like his uncle Randy and Stella is a spitting image of Dean. I think they’re all cute in their own ways. Would I put her kids on the top 10 most gorgeous hollywood baby list? no. But remember mothers think there kids are the most beautiful things in the world and it doesn’t matter what others thing or say bc to them their child is gorgeous (as they should be). Tori is not an ugly girl. She’s got different looks but ugly? Not a chance. Have you ever seen most of these celebs without makeup? I can tell you right now we can all be drop dead gorgeous with their money too!

  6. Thank you, Colleen. You seem to be the most mature commenter I’ve come across on this site.
    Tori seems to be a great mom to her kids and the children seem happy and well adjusted. Why all the digs on her appearance? It’s disheartening. And calling her daughter ugly? THAT itself is what’s ugly.
    I wasn’t a fan of Tori on 90210, either but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to call her names.
    I think the turkey pic is funny. And Hattie is darling.

  7. Adorable baby!!! Funny picture!!!! And all you haters are just jealous of Tori. She has 3 gorgeous kids, a wonderful husband and a very successful career. She seems like a very nice person, is hilarious and is beautiful inside and out.

  8. What a bunch of humorless shrews everyone here is. If I had the money and the creativity to do something like this, as well as a baby, I’d set up and take pictures like this in a heartbeat. Since I have none of those things, I’ll just enjoy this. All you people really need to lighten up.

    • thank u thats what im saying geez i guess its morning time where they live lol its morning time here but i think its cute and creepy lol

  9. yall need to calm down i think its cute i mean come one she aint really gonna cook him lmao but on the other hand is kind of creepy but mommys are like that trying to make there kids cute on every holidays =)

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