Lily Allen Welcomes A Daughter!

Congratulations are in order for English pop star Lily Allen and her husband Sam Cooper!

The happy couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, on Friday (November 25), The Daily Mail reports. No further details have been released.

This news certainly makes us ‘Smile!’ Last November, Lily, 26, lost her baby at six months and she also suffered a miscarriage in 2008 when she was expecting a child with Chemical Brothers musician Ed Simons.


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  1. Congratulations to them! I’m so glad everything turned out well this time, and I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name!

    However, this is their second child, not their first.

    • It’s their first living child and I think it would be far more offensive to refer to this baby in the media as their “second child” since stillbirth and miscarriage is such a sensitive issue. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be reminded right now of her tragic loss and how painful it was by having news outlets call her new daughter her “second child”. That’s an extremely personal thing and if I was Lily, I’d want the birth announcements to say “first child”. Her baby that died was less than 4 months in utero I believe. Not to downplay her loss but no one should be suggesting to call her new baby her “second child”.

      • Actually her and Sams baby that died last year, was 6 months gestation and Lily give birth, got certificates and had a funeral and everything. I’m sure, although it’s painful, they don’t want to forget their little boy. I guess it’s just up to them whether this baby girl is their “first or second child”. But she did get annoyed and upset when the media called their boy a miscarriage.

      • You’re very wrong actually – Lily’s baby was six months gestation, so at least 24 weeks when she lost him. She had to give birth to him and he would have been fully formed. Her new daughter, no matter what *you* want to call it, is her second child.

  2. I smiled realllllly big when I saw this headline. After so much heartache, what a joy to hear that she has a healthy baby! Congrats to her, being a mom is the world’s greatest gift!

  3. I’m soooooooooooooooo happy for them!
    After that horrible loss of their other baby and her miscarriage some years before that are soooo good news now.

    I’m a nurse and I work from time to time with patients who loose their children in second trimester of pregnancy or later so I know, what horrible time they went through.

    Can’t wait to hear the name of her daughter 🙂

  4. I’ve been keeping my fingers and toes crossed for her, and am SO thrilled that her baby is here and is healthy. I lost a baby several years ago when I was five months pregnant, and have also had several miscarriages, and understand the sheer joy and enormous relief that comes with the birth of a healthy baby after such difficult losses. And I agree with klutzy_girl who commented that this is their second baby, not their first.

    Congratulations Lily and Sam, and I can’t wait to hear the name!

  5. I agree with everyone else; I am soooo glad she finally got her Happy Ending! Or shall we say Happy Beginning =) when I read this I couldn’t help but smile!! I’m so excited to hear the baby’s name as well! YAY for the Cooper Family!

  6. I’m so happy for Lily! I hope her baby girl is all she ever dreamed of!

    I know it’s cliche’ but I think it would be cute to give her a name like Faith or Hope (or as a middle name)!

    • Lily’s mum was calling the baby Betty whilst Lily was pregnant. I don’t think she’ll pick that though, I think they’ll go with something that’s VERY English/British.

  7. I had a dream yesterday that her and Sam called her Penelope (aka Penny) Hope. I’m sure it won’t turn out to be the name, but it was a bloody strange dream,and i woke up convinced that was her name! lol.
    (i’ll be totally freaked out if it is)

  8. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for these two for the last few weeks. So glad she and the baby are save and sound! Wow, I wish them all the best and can’t wait to hear her name.
    @Lou x: LOL!

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