Selena Gomez Shares Baby Announcement

Selena Gomez has some baby news!

No, the 19-year-old pop superstar and her beau Justin Bieber aren’t expecting! The Disney darling took to Twitter on Friday to announce that her mother is pregnant. “Momma and Brian are finally letting me share the news…My mommy’s carrying my baby brother or sister:),” Selena wrote. “I’m the happiest girl in the world!!”

When she was 5-years-old, Selena’s parents divorced. In 2006, her mother Mandy married Brian Teefey. The baby will be their first child together.

Selena has stuck by her 17-year-old boyfriend through the highly-publicized scandal brought by Mariah Yeater who claimed he fathered her baby.

Bieber has always denied the allegation and has recently taken a DNA test to prove the claim is false.

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  1. Does anyone think her and JB do it? I was 18, but I didn’t talk like that. My momma my mommy. It’s weird to think of someone sexually active who still calls their mom mommy.

    “My mommy’s carrying my baby brother or sister”

    • Eh, my fifty-some year old mother still calls her (late) father “Daddy” when referring to him. (And my grandma is still “Mommy” to me.) I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    • i know what you mean, but i know a lot of girls her age that still say ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy.’……’s nauseating. these kids (teenagers in general) don’t have an ounce of maturity but yeah, i do think they are sexually active.

      • If you think it’s nauseating for someone to call their mother “mommy”, you’ve got a sad, sad outlook on life.

        Also, you have absolutely no idea how mature these kids (and teenagers in general) are, and it’s none of your business if they’re sexually active.

        • im not the one who asked if they were having sex (look above).
          and yes it is very nauseating and SAD, unless of course the person is 3 or 4 at the time.
          maybe if parents would help their kids mature and be responsible the world wouldn’t be falling apart right now. too many adults act like children.
          so many posters here have said they like when their adult children say ‘mommy’ because it makes them feel good. how SAD and selfish is that????

          • What is wrong with you???? It’s sad if anyone who’s not 3 or 4 at the time calls their mother Mommy???

            Honey, I’m afraid that what’s sad is you and your miserable existence. Sorry your mommy didn’t provide you with the hugs you needed or that your children now call you by your first name, but don’t take it out on the rest of us.

          • I think that the only thing that is sad is that there are actually people who are judging others on terms of affection.

            Wow, this really is a sad world.

      • UHM I’m 27 and I still call my mom mommy sometimes. I see absolutley nothing wrong with that, I also still call my almost 10 year old daughter “baby” because she is and always will be my baby. I feel like the names we call each other signify the closeness of the relationship so it’s wonderful when anyone still calls their mother “mommy” especially at 19!

    • Aren’t they like, religious.. with the whole purity ring thing like the Jonas Brothers have? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were though, to be honest.

      I refer to my mum as mama when I’m talking about her affectionately. But I don’t actually call her that.. just mum. I’m 17 FYI.

    • Of course, they are absolutely having sex. Vacations, hotel rooms, flocking on the beach.. if they do that in public i dont even wanna imagine what theyre doing in private!

  2. Sometimes my children still call me mommy. My daughter is married and my son is an amazing 22 years old. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually, I feel really loved and special when they call me that.

  3. It’s rather endearing and not weird at all, more a term of affection than anything else. My son is 27 and calls me “Mumzie” – a little nickname he has for me.

  4. um i don’t think calling your mom “mommy” has anything to do with maturity. It just depends on how close you and your mom are!

  5. I would feel like a fool calling my parents mommy or daddy, and they would feel the same way. We are very close, it’s not about how close you are, it’s something most people grow out of as their language skills progress

    • Or maybe it is how comfortable you are with the term? I do not see much of a difference between Mother, Mom, Mommy, or Momma. After all, they mean the same thing. I use all of these names still when addressing my mother, and I am 23.

      “My mother said this…” When talking about her in conversation.

      “Hey Mom, just calling to say…” The term I use the most.

      “Oh Mommy/Momma, I love you!” When I am addressing her affectionately.

      I don’t think you should be expected to grow out of terms of affection, especially when it is for someone as special as a mother.

      • I do the same thing!

        “My mother” in conversation.
        “Hey Ma, just calling to say”.. when talking to her.
        “Did you pick up that shovel from Mommy’s house….” when talking to one of my brothers or sister.

        Guess I’m one of those immature, regressed adults that someone else is talking about in this thread. And lucky me!!

  6. I’m 43 and still call my dad “Daddy.” That’s his name. That doesn’t make me a baby or naive. My mom called her dad “Daddy” his whole life as well. I don’t see what that has to be weird.

  7. I’m almost 20 and at times I still call my mother Mommy. Most of the time its to get her attention if she’d doing something because hearing me call her mommy makes her stop dead in her tracks haha. But I’ve never called my father daddy nor will I ever

  8. I’m almost 20 and at times I still call my mother Mommy. Most of the time its to get her attention if she’d doing something because hearing me call her mommy makes her stop dead in her tracks haha. But I’ve never called my father daddy nor will I ever

  9. Plus, she probably just wrote Mommy because she’s excited and happy, I don’t see a big deal there.

    I am so happy for their family!

  10. If we judge maturity on the use of the word Mommy or Mom or Momma we have become very shallow ourselves. My husband and his brother are extremely close to his parents but have always called them by their first names. I’m wondering what level of maturity some here think that would be.

  11. I am 22 and I call my parents Mummy and Daddy. And btw, I am not a virgin. lol

    Good for SG. I am not a fan, know almost nothing about her, but she looks sweet and it’s touching that she calls he mother Mommy.

  12. I haven’t called my mom “mommy” since I probably was 5. A lot of girls though still reference their dads as “daddy” even at an older age. In Clueless Cher called her dad “daddy” through the whole movie. Usually girls who want something use the “daddy” and “mommy” line and follow it with a whine lol. I call my mom a lot of names but I can’t use them here……… I kid I kid 🙂

  13. Wow, live and let live! What do you people care if someone still calls their parents mommy or daddy as an adult? The vitriol on this website from women is often SHOCKING! It’s like you are all bored and sitting around condemning anyone who lives differently from you!

    • I can’t even imagine why someone would care, and it cracks me up that some idiot above has judged this girl immature because she calls her own mother, Mommy!!!!

      Probably has no Mommy herself.

  14. thought about this “mommy” “daddy” thing. Last time it bugged me was just prior to my ex divorcing me after 18+ years, her saying she’s not worried, “daddy” will take care of her. She was 46 at the time. C’mon. grow up already

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