Tom Brady & Benjamin: Park Fun In Boston

Tom Brady and his son Benjamin were seen at a park in Boston, Mass. on Friday (November 25). The New England Patriots quarterback biked there while the almost 2-year-old was walked there by his two nannies. Their dog Vida also came out for some fun. Gisele Bündchen wasn’t with them.

The adorable toddler ran around the fallen leaves and was lifted and cuddled by his dad.

Tom has another young son named John with actress Bridget Moynahan. He once told People about enjoying his downtime during the offseason.

“I like to spend time with my family and friends and get a little rest because, obviously, during the football season, there’s not a whole lot of that!”

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  1. Two nannies for one tiny boy?? I’m going to say that is ridiculous and borders on excessive. The only reason I can think of for two nannies is accountability to each other so that one nanny doesn’t behave inappropriately with the child knowing there is another nanny close by. But my problem with that is, why would you hire the nanny in the first place if you were worried that might happen?
    On another note, I love Benjamin. He is so cute and looks just like his daddy. I would love to see a picture of his two boys together.

    • I wouldn’t take what they say in the post as “gospel” re: the identity of the 2 women. Seriously, you think the paps went up to Tom and asked who they were? They could be friends or relatives.

    • That’s the only reason YOU can think of, it doesn’t make it THE reason. I can think of at least five more. Of course having two nannies borders on excessive, but you know what, these people have a $5M home, too. That’s excessive. They buy the best of everything. That’s excessive.

      When when when will people on this website get over the fact that the ultra-rich live excessive lives??? Every time there is a post with a celeb doing something to excess, people have to post that as if they’ve discovered the atom and need to let everyone know.

    • You do realize that there’s no way this site actually knows who those women are, right? They might just be family or friends. One also looks much older – could be the mother of the younger woman, just coming along to keep her company. Even if they are both nannies, so what? They have more than enough money to pay for it. The “nannies” might actually have other responsibilities other than taking care of the child – perhaps one is really the housekeeper. Seriously, people need to stop assuming they know anything about what really goes on in the lives of complete strangers.

    • Yep, I agree. I said the same thing on PopSugar. Gisele always drags around one nanny. Why do either need a nanny when they are home??? Are they afraid to actually take care of Ben themselves??? It seems they only want the easy, happy family part, but when it actually comes to the more challenging aspects of parenting, I am sure Tom and Gisele hand Ben off for the nannies to take of – you know, dealing with tantrums, changing diapers, etc…

      • I hate to defend Gisele but I must

        Gisele have total control over her work schedule so she can and she does spend how much time she wants with her son. All the pictures we see Gisele with her son she is alone with him, in some pictures you see other women around, nobody knows if they’re nannies or friends. You didn’t ever talked to Gisele and Tom to know everything about how they raise their son. I think you wish you had the opportunity to invade Tom and Gisele’s lives since looks your own life is too boring to the point you must make crazy assumptions based on what a site that doesn’t have any responsibiltiy with the thruth publish.
        I love people who assume Gisele abandoned her child just because Tom decided to have fun with his son without her.

        How much time you spend with your child? If you’re here is because you’re neglecting him/her. LoL. Give your child to Gisele at least she can arrange a space in her schedule to take care of someone’s child. Don’t you think?

  2. There isn’t two nannies. Marta/Mirka whatever her name is Gisele’s best friend from Brazil who acts as the nanny. Her mother is with them.

  3. I’m loving the little one’s puffer coat…Tom obviously has just as much style as his wife and little Benjamin looks so adorable…fyi they are not nannies but members of Gisele’s family…

  4. Benjamin does look like Tom. He looked more like Gisele when he was younger, but has same cleft chin with a dimple, and same eye and facial structure. The pics of him and Gisele in NYC when had on the dark blue jeans and blue sweater illustrate this.

    Jack Moynahan has the same pinched I sucked on a lemon face look as his mother Bridget. Before he looked like Tom when he was younger, but now he looks like Bridget.

  5. There is one pic that is the most cute of them all probably the best picture ever taken of Tom by a paparazzi. He is with Vida in his arms and kiss her fur. So cuuute. Sorry, I love to see a real man kissing a dog. Vida is Gisele’s dog and is a old lady, Gisele got her 12 years ago.

  6. In Brazil, most upper class families have maids/nannies.. who usually go with the family EVERYWHERE. It is very common to see nannies out walking the children while the parents walk ahead of them, etc.

    Gisele is Brazilian and I’m sure having a nanny is a given.. even if she wasn’t as wealthy as she is due to it being a part of her Brazilian upbringing and culture.

  7. No big deal. To each their own I guess. My personal opinion is that two nannies is excessive. Obviously, that’s not everyone else’s opinion. I’m ok with that. I took what the website to say as truth, but if those women are not Benjamin’s nannies then that’s fine too. No big deal,guys. It was just a comment. People on here are a tad aggressive in their defense of
    Re: Carey- I’m also not neglecting my
    Child by being on this site. Are you neglecting yours? Probably not. Please don’t throw out accusations then follow it with an ‘lol’. I don’t think Tom is neglecting any of his children either. I just stated that I would live to see a picture of the boys together because I think it would be
    How about we all get to make our own observations & comments on here without jumping on each others backs. I made an observation based on the picture. I obviously don’t know them personally so I don’t know what the ‘truth’ is, but I would guess that Tom & Gisele don’t care what I say about them one way or
    The other.

    • CBS did post pictures of the boys (Ben and Jack) together not long ago and more than once they have being pictured together. I wish to see more too but the paparazzies can’t be everywhere these boys go.

      By the way I didn’t respond to your comment. My answer was to a poster who did a comment in the web under yours. He/she posted as anonymous.

      • Jack lives with his mom and goes to school in NYC. Tom gets him on average one week a month (according to some of his and Gisele’s fans on Boston Herald, Jack comes up on weekends for Tom’s home games). So seeing pictures of the two of them isn’t going to happen frequently. Based on what Ive seen on these sites, the two of them are photographed together once a month – I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom and Gisele’s team call the Paps to let them know when they are going to be out for a photo op.

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