Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: “Hattie Is Amazing”

Reality TV stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their third child Hattie Margaret on October 10th, and the proud parents gushed to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their sweet daughter: “She’s amazing,” says Dean. The mother-of-three adds, “She’s fabulous!”

The happy couple are getting ready for the season premiere of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood Tuesday on Oxygen. In tonight’s episode, viewers will see the posh baby shower Tori threw for her goddaughter, The Guncles‘ now 1-year-old daughter Simone. We also get a glimpse inside Tori’s hoarding problem. “I prefer the word collector,” Tori jokes with Celebrity Baby Scoop. The happy couple also chat about their “hilarious” older kids – Liam, 4, and Stella, 3 – the secret to their successful and “supportive” relationship, how they really feel about the ever-present paparazzi, and Tori’s feelings on losing the baby weight this time around.

CBS: Congratulations on baby Hattie! Is she the easiest baby yet? Is she sleeping?

Tori: “Thank you! No, Liam still wins out in that category. He literally didn’t cry – I’m not joking – until he was 9 months old! Never cried about anything – diaper, feeding, nothing! It was pleasantly weird!

Hattie had a little bit of colic at first which was new for us because neither Liam or Stella had that. She had a bit of tummy trouble, but now she’s settled and she’s sleeping through the night almost.”

CBS: How are you adjusting to the family-of-five?

Tori: “It was a pretty easy adjustment. With two toddlers running around, Hattie is the easiest! She doesn’t do much – she sleeps, and eats and poops. She’s a trooper and has adjusted right away. When you have more than one child, you don’t live your life around them. You have the kids adjust to your lifestyle which is a lot easier. So she just fits right in with the kids who are running around and screaming. She sleeps right through it and comes everywhere with us. It’s great!

And the kids have been super helpful and they’ve adjusted right to her – it’s been great! You never know what to expect. With the older children you try to prepare them as best you can. But they’ve been great. Liam’s a huge helper. No jealousy…yet. We thought maybe Stella would be jealous because it was another girl, but she loves to style her! She loves to pick out her clothes so that makes her feel a part of it.”

CBS: How was your third birth?

Tori: “It was fine. Hattie was almost a week early. It was a shock at first, but everything went smoothly. The biggest shock about it was that we didn’t know the sex and we thought for sure we were having a boy! So the biggest thing about the birth that we remember was the fact that we were told, ‘It’s a girl!’

Dean: “The first birth was an emergency C-section, and then having two others so close it was risky to have the VBAC.”

CBS: Does it make you sad you didn’t get to have a natural birth?

Tori: “It does a little bit. I hate when people say, ‘C-section is so Hollywood.’ If I could’ve, I would’ve chosen a natural birth. That’s what I wanted to do. It does make me sad that I won’t be able to experience it because I’m the type of person that likes to experience everything – bad or good, pain or not, I want to experience it all. And let me just say that a C-section is no walk in the park! Everyone thinks it’s so ‘she-she.’ It’s major surgery and the recovery is much longer and harder and painful. So I definitely wouldn’t have chosen it if I had the opportunity.”

CBS: How are you feeling now?

Tori: “I’m feeling really good! There’s a lot going on [laughs]! With two toddlers, they don’t really understand that mom needs to take a break. But it’s great because Liam now says, ‘You can bend over now mom?’ Because in the last month it’s been hard to bend over to tie his shoes and stuff.”

CBS: How did you come up with the name Hattie?

Tori: “We actually didn’t have a girl name picked out, we had a boy name picked out. We thought for sure it was a boy. So we actually picked out her name in recovery. Dean went on google.”

Dean: “I just looked up old-fashioned names and as soon as we came across Hattie, it was just like ‘Boing!'”

Tori: “She was in my arms, she was nursing, we were in the recovery room and we both looked at each other and went, ‘Hattie…yah!’ ”

CBS: Are you still breastfeeding?

Tori: “I love the bonding experience. I love doing it. I don’t produce as much milk as I would like or as she needs, so we supplement with the bottle. But she’s hangin’ in there, so that’s great.”

CBS: We spotted you at Yo Gabba Gabba. Did you have fun?

Dean: “It was a blast! It was so much fun. I’m so excited we got to do a dancey dance! DJ Lance Rock is beyond cool!”

Tori: “I think we like Gabba more than the kids! I actually did an episode for them that will hopefully be on soon. About two weeks before I gave birth to Hattie, I filmed an episode for Gabba Gabba. It was a dream come true! But I was kinda bummed because in the show I never got to do a dancey dance. So when they asked us to do Yo Gabba Gabba Live and do a dancey dance on stage, we were like, ‘Oh yah.’ ”

CBS: We’re so excited about the new season of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood! Tell us about the baby shower for The Guncles and baby Simone in the season premiere.

Tori: “It was great! They’re our best friends and we’ve been through the long and arduous adoption process with them. And they’ve been wanting a baby for so long. We just couldn’t be happier when baby Simone came! We became godparents, so then I was obviously like, ‘Now I’m going to throw you a fabulous shower!’

It’s so cute to see Simone with our kids. She’s in the toddler room at our kids’ school. So they will see each other and Stella’s so proud she’ll say, ‘That’s my cousin.’ ”

CBS: And the InvenTORI store opening looked a bit stressful!

Tori: “We don’t do anything the easy way, it’s just the way our life works! It comes as it comes and we throw ourselves into everything one hundred percent. And deadline? We don’t know the word deadline, so we’re usually running around at the eleventh hour doing everything! But that’s our lives and we wouldn’t change it for anything”

Dean: “We’re fun that way.”

CBS: Dean, you were so supportive with Tori’s store idea!

Dean: “Thank you for starters! But I just think that ‘T’ is so amazingly creative and smart and a great business woman. I just love all her ideas and I just support her one thousand percent in anything she does. She’s a real powerhouse!”

Tori: “I could not have opened the store without him!”

CBS: And Tori we learned you’re a hoarder! Any therapy required?

Tori: “I prefer the word collector [laughs]. No therapy needed because I like it!”

Dean: “I go to therapy for it [laughs].”

Tori: “It’s hard because I love collecting things and everything has a memory to it so it’s hard to separate. But I’m trying to get better and better, especially now that we just moved into a smaller house.”

CBS: What will we see in the upcoming episodes?

Dean: “You’re going to see some of the move. Of course you’re going to see Hattie and the whole pregnancy. I’m in culinary school so you’ll see some of that. There’s birthday parties and you’ll see so much of the kids because they’re just hilarious! They could have their own show!”

CBS: Liam’s all about the fart jokes! Where does he come up with that stuff?

Dean: “Liam’s all about the poop right now! We have no idea where he comes up with it, but it’s too good not to share.”

CBS: Is Liam showing signs of a future in showbiz?

Tori: “Definitely! He’s really funny and he ‘gets it.’ It’s so funny for a 4-year-old! And he loves making people laugh, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he went in that direction.”

Dean: “And Stella’s going to be a supermodel. Some of the poses that she strikes are amazing!”

CBS: How do you feel about the ever-present paparazzi and websites like ours that run the machine?

Tori: “You guys are a nice website, you’re family-oriented. It’s a fine line. I know it comes with the territory. I’m OK with it when the paparazzi don’t cross the line. When they came to the school, to me that crossed the line.

We tell them to please stay away from the front of our house. It’s all about the safety of our children. If we’re out at the market or shopping with the kids, that’s fine. Do you know what we say to them all the time? We say, ‘Take your picture and let us be.’ And sometimes they’ll just stand in front of you walking and take like 100 photos. It’s like, ‘You’ve got your photo, why don’t you just go and we can go on and have somewhat of a private day.’ I wish there was that kind of a compromise.

A lot of them are great, but a lot of them you can’t reason with. So what can you do? And the fun and innocent pictures of the kids online I think are cute. Babies are cute – kids are cute!”

CBS: In your second episode, you touch on websites like ours that do the baby bump watch. How do stories like that make you feel?

Tori: “The thing is, I’m human and I’m just like every other woman out there. You don’t really want to tell people you’re pregnant until it’s safe and you know that it’s real. And I feel like there’s always that pressure being a celebrity to just tell people – like that’s you’re responsibility. But it’s like, ‘No, it’s my body and it’s my right as a human being and as a woman to wait until I know that it’s safe.’

Sometimes we’re not thought of as human and that hurts because you wouldn’t want to put it out there that ‘I’m pregnant’ and god forbid something happens. There’s children involved that are excited about the pregnancy, and family and friends. So I feel like when it comes to the bump watch, we should be given our space and be able to tell people when it’s safe to tell people.”

CBS: Are you feeling pressure to lose the baby weight?

Tori: “No, not at all! It is a totally different thing because with Liam and Stella I gave birth in spring and summer. So it was a lot easier with the light clothes because you want to lose the weight and summer foods are light. But now that I’ve had a baby during the holidays, all I want to do is cook and bake with my family and eat. So I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about it! I’m going to wait until January and I’m going to call it a day then.

But I also have a husband that’s really supportive and he finds me sexy at any weight. So I’m fine about not losing it right now and I don’t care what people say. I’m good.”

CBS: What are your upcoming holiday plans?

Tori: “We’re definitely going to hang with friends and family. We love the holidays, so we’re excited to celebrate Hattie’s first Christmas. We’re excited to have our Santa Claus pictures with all three of them. Stella’s already picked out matching outfits for her and Hattie. We love to cook and bake a lot. We’ll be decorating the whole house so that’ll be a lot of fun.”

The new season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood premieres Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) on Oxygen.


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  1. what a great interview. I love how down to earth their family is. Congrats! and cannot wait to see the newest season of “Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood”

  2. I was one of these people who swore I would never watch some stuck up hollywood reality show about rich celebrities who think they actually have some fascinating story to tell. Wrong! I found Tori and Dean on a rainy sunday marathon and was hooked! I love the show and I love Liam and Stella. Unfortunately I don’t get Oxygen anymore so I won’t be able to watch but surely I’ll find a way to catch up on it eventually!

  3. Surprisingly I enjoy their TV show and also enjoyed the wedding one where they arranged those high-end weddings. It isn’t easy to do what they do, having to earn a living like the rest of us, with the added incredible pressure of their real lives broadcast into every home in America for consumption and comment. Although their marriage started out on the shakey foundation of adultery, this appears to be a reasonably happy couple centered on their family and the lifestyle they have chosen. I pray it is always family first for them, and I wish them well with a hint of envy, not real envy of course, just a desire to have a little bit of what she enjoys on a daily basis.

  4. The ONLY one in that gang who can be a model is Jack!! THANKFULLY, he does not have any of the Spelling genes in his DNA!!

  5. Wow such a lovely interview! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Tori is such a sweet woman and caring mother, I wish her all the best with her new baby girl!

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