Matt Bomer Gives His Son A Lift At The Grove

Actor Matt Bomer had his hands full as he did some holiday shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (November 27).

The White Collar star was carrying one of his three-year-old twin sons. Although, since the youngster was too busy checking out the scene it wasn’t clear if it was Walker or Henry.

Matt and his partner Simon Halls are also parents to son Kit, 5. Matt recently subbed for Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today show and gave an on-air shout-out to his sons. Asked how he juggles his busy family and work life he said, “I fly home and fly back, and I have a great support team. It’s a beautiful thing.”


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  1. Love Matt and can’t wait until White Collar comes back in January! The kids are also cute.

    I wish he brought Simon on the red carpet with him when he had movie premieres and stuff like that.

  2. Low profile? Matt filmed what will be one of the biggest movie of 2012 – Magic Mike during his time off…he is the perfect man.

    • Not sure about gay community but in heterosexual community wearing rings does not make you married. anyone can wear a ring it takes a bit more to be able to legally call someone husband or wife.

      • Yep and then the heteros just get divorced. They’ve really taken their right to marry for granted. Sad when others are deprived of that equal right!

      • From what I’ve seen, the communities are different. With the hetero-you can get married at a whim I.e like Kim Kardashian or Brit Brit, so not sure lol about it taking more cause all you need to do is go to some reg office and get a piece of paper! Also, in the hetero comm, when you do wear a ring on that finger, EVERYONE asks if you are married or engaged. When I was engaged to my ex boyfriend, that’s what happened to me. Don’t know what comm you know where you wear a ring on that finger and no one noseys about trying to find out your business……hmmmm…

        I’m not in the gay community but I have lots of gay friends and they take it MUCH more seriously. Like deadly. I think a lot has to do with men in general being major commitment phobes because the lesbian community are different. But hey, anyone can find this all out on a google search!

  3. Low profile? He was in In Time and was doing the US publicity for that! He also did that Dustin Lance Black play. In fact, he’s been pretty busy lol!

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