Rachel Zoe Reveals Her Christmas Gift For Skyler

So what do you get a baby that has, well, everything – including a $1,160 Gucci jacket?

Mama and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe recently revealed that the one thing she is going to get her 8-month-old son Skyler for Christmas this year can’t be found in the luxury stores she usually shops in.

“At this point, Lord knows he does not need anything,” the fashionist tells Hollybaby. “I think it’s just about us all being together.”

“I think he’s just gonna get a thousand kisses from mom and dad for Christmas. I swear that’s like the only thing I want to do for the holidays.” she adds.

The clothing designer recently opened up to InStyle magazine about a certain fetish she has – dressing up her little man in designer duds!

“Every minute I have to buy things for my son. It is too much fun. It is like dressing a live doll. He has no opinion.”

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  1. I look at photos like this and wonder why people have so much to say about how old she looks. I do think she has an “older” looking face, but she doesn’t look haggard or anything. I just think she doesn’t look like a supermodel and I guess that makes people crazy.

    That… or they’re just completely jealous and can’t help but bash her to make themselves feel better.

    • Even with the favourable lighting in this picture, she clearly looks older than the age she claims to be.

      Seriously, take a minute to peruse the site and look at some of the other women in their 40’s and 50’s and it’s painfully obvious that they are all better looking, healthier and certainly younger looking than this prune.

      Names? Okay — Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Brooke Shields, Christy Brinkley, Cindy Crawford and even Kris KArdashian.

  2. “Rachel Zoe Reveals Her Christmas Gift For Skyler”

    Hm. Suppose Rodger might catch hell if he might attempt to re-orient his beloved to reality, and gently remind her that they are Jewish?

    Consider floating the Fashion Trail Blazing idea of a Hannukah Gucci jacket that is accompanied by seven days of accessories? … Gucci then something Cole and Jacobs, another thing Dior, Ford, Farrigamo, and Prada, and maybe Klein or Smith? Stay strong Rodger.

    • Oh for God’s sake, who cares?

      Oh no, I did it too! Whatever shall I do???

      (Newsflash: Not everyone cares about respecting imaginary sky daddies.)

    • You’re a fool if you think she’s the first woman to think like this. I’m sure that you yourself know plenty of woman that LOVE dressing up their baby girls, so what’s the difference? Oh, yeah, it’s Rachel Zoe and the pack mentality rules here.

    • and in other news, water is wet. anyone who thinks this woman looks the age she claims to be has serious eye problems!

      this is the 3rd or 4th article about her where people have commented (negatively) on her appearance and not one person has posted a credible counterattack. sure her fans (fans?) have shot back with the “your just jealous” comeback, but seriously, how much weight does that carry?

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