Brooke Shields: “My Eggs Probably Need A Chisel”

Brooke Shields says she would love to have more children. The Addams Family Broadway star, who has two daughters – Rowan, 8, and Grier, 5, with husband Chris Henchy – explains to eonline, “I would die for one. Unfortunately, my husband is not as amenable. So I either have to trick him or lie to him to get knocked up.”

Shields, 46, added, “He said to me the other day, ‘I’m beginning to think that if I don’t give this to you, you’ll do it on your own’. Yeah, it’s like, ‘Don’t test me. I’m very independent.’ But I’m older so my eggs probably need a chisel.”

However she doesn’t rule out adoption.

Maybe I should wait and then adopt. We have a lovely home and life and I want to be able to share it with a big family. But maybe it’s supposed to be done in a different way, an altruistic way.”

For now she’s just waiting for her girls to reveal what they want from Santa.

She explained, “I think it’s because they just discovered that Santa was not free. The other day we were looking at a gingerbread house and my younger daughter said, ‘I want one of those! Why don’t we get our own gingerbread house?’ I said, ‘Well, honey, you know they don’t just appear. Even if you ask Santa for them you have to pay for them.’ I think that totally changed their lists.”

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