Kendra Wilkinson’s Beautiful Boy

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett joined their always adorable son Hank Jr on a park playdate today, looking on as he burned off some energy at a playground in Calabasas, California (December 5). It’s hard to believe that little Hank will be turning 2 later this week!

Though she takes pride in being a hands-on mom, Kendra writes about her changing attitude towards nannies in a new post for

Most of us moms and dads have to work so we can provide for our families, but it’s so hard to leave. I used to be anti-nannies. If I wasn’t there, I didn’t want someone else there taking my place! It has taken me almost two years to realize that I could accept the help from a nanny and that she wasn’t going to take my place. As silly as it sounds, I really was scared that even being gone for a few hours, someone would take my place and Baby Hank wouldn’t know who I was when I got back. I look back and laugh now because I used to honestly think of a nanny as the enemy! LOL .”

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  1. I just wish she’d trim his hair. Not cut it all off but trim it and shapen it, make it look a little neater, that’s all. But I do think he’s adorable.

    • I think you have never learned to like yourself. But if you have cut your hair, cause you dont like this part of yourself, he will be what he is and how good you are not his parent to try to change him.

      • Interesting that you took that comment as directed at you when it just said “most.” But I think you just answered your own question.

        • You’re pathetic, saying comments are stupid. Well look at your comment. And why do have to be so mean. F.A.J asked if her/his comment was stupid and you’re just saying yes. He/She was just interesting. If you don’t like this family or this website than why are you here. HATER you are!! Get a life. You’re extremely annoying. To afraid to post under real name? You’re only here for making a big conversation. Jeez how old are you anyway? 12? I guess so. Well I’m not having a discussion with a 12 year old kid! BYE LOSER!

          • “To afraid to post under real name?”

            Oh for god’s sake, this again? Do you not realize you are just as anonymous as I am? This site doesn’t require any identity verification. Oh look, I just changed my name to “Jalen”! Does that make me less anonymous? I mean, that’s in fact not my name, but how would you know?

          • Then why are you posting under my name? Tell me! Because my real name is Jalen. See you’re still looking to have a conversation with someone you don’t know. GET A LIFE CREEP YOU ARE!

    • That’s funny because none of this comments are stupid and I know a lot of people agree with me. You’re just a person that has no life and only visit this website to looking for a discussion. Wow I never knew there were lame people until know!

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