Kendra Wilkinson’s Beautiful Boy

Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett joined their always adorable son Hank Jr on a park playdate today, looking on as he burned off some energy at a playground in Calabasas, California (December 5). It’s hard to believe that little Hank will be turning 2 later this week!

Though she takes pride in being a hands-on mom, Kendra writes about her changing attitude towards nannies in a new post for

Most of us moms and dads have to work so we can provide for our families, but it’s so hard to leave. I used to be anti-nannies. If I wasn’t there, I didn’t want someone else there taking my place! It has taken me almost two years to realize that I could accept the help from a nanny and that she wasn’t going to take my place. As silly as it sounds, I really was scared that even being gone for a few hours, someone would take my place and Baby Hank wouldn’t know who I was when I got back. I look back and laugh now because I used to honestly think of a nanny as the enemy! LOL .”

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