Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo Suffers Miscarriage

Sad news for 90210 alum and General Hospital star Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo. On Tuesday (December 6), the actress’s husband, Carmine Giovinazzo, announced via Twitter that she suffered a miscarriage.

“V has had a miscarriage. our second one this year,” Carmine tweeted, thanking fans for their love and prayers during this difficult time.

Married since July of 2010, Vanessa and Giovinazzo were expecting their first child together.

Marcil took to Twitter in late June to share the news, telling fans: “keep your ideas coming moms…pitched some to the kings of baby products today and ur ideas R exciting to the big shots! i’m pregnant btw.”

Vanessa is mom to 9-year-old son Kassius Lijah, whose father is fellow 90210 alum Brian Austin Green.

Our hearts go out to Vanessa, Carmine, and Kassius.


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  1. My condolences to Vanessa, her husband, and her son… How awful for them. 🙁

    Just thinking… if she announced her pregnancy in late June, that was over 5 months ago… it sounds like she was pretty far along. I hate to hear about things like this. Best wishes to the family.

  2. Oh this is such sad news my heart goes out for them. Its been 2 weeks since I miscarried at almost 12 weeks, its the hardest thing to go through ever. I just thank god everyday that it was not a late miscarriage or even worse stillbirth fir i dont think i could have handled that kind of pain (knocking on wood). I know the stats is 1 in 5 pregnancies end up in miscarriage but you just never think it would be you. I am so lost and empty right now i wish the very best for them.

  3. I think it is funny that Vanessa has had two miscarriages and yet no one is telling her it is sign from God she shouldn’t have any more children. I love how people are such hypocrites that Michelle Duggar needs to stop having kids because she had a miscarraige but since Vanessa (who is also in her 40’s) only has 1 child no one says anything about her having to stop trying to have a child.

    Anytime any woman loses a child, no matter if it is her 1st or her 10th, it is devastating. I just don’t understand how people are so cruel. Prayers for all women who are going through this difficult time.

    • It has nothing to do with God not wanting her to have more children. Something just went wrong inside her body. There are other people who have had two miscarriages or more, but eventually have a child later. Quit being ridiculous.

      • The poster that you’re replying to never said that it was God. She was referencing the fact that people keep saying it in the Duggar thread.

        Somehow, when it’s Michelle Duggar, it must have been God’s will and they should stop having babies. But when it’s Vanessa, it’s a tragedy.

        Guess what, internet kooks, BOTH of them are dealing with tragedy.

        • Why do you not get that it has something to do with what these people say? The Duggars keep talking about “God’s will here” and “God’s will there”, that’s why people point out that perhaps it’s a sign from god that they should stop reproducing – it’s just using the Duggars own logic.

    • If you don’t understand why people are saying Michelle Duggar should stop getting pregnant vs. Vanessa Marcil, then I’m sorry for you.

      • Don’t feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the heartless people who are mocking Michelle Duggar.

        My point is… anytime a woman suffers a miscarriage it is devastating no matter how many children they already have. People can show Vanessa compasion but now Michelle? Why? You think having 19 other kids eases the fact that her baby died?

        It is no one’s business how many children a person has. There is no law saying you can’t have a certain amount of kids and I rather see people like the Duggars having kids than the single moms in the city who have 3 kids by 3 different fathers and collect welfare.

        • My exact thoughts when I read the awful comments on People magazine last week concerning Michelle. I send all of my love and prayers out to both women. I have been there three times and each miscarriage steals a part of your soul that you will never get back. Time does allow you to move on but it never erases the memory or the pain. It does not matter to me how many children people have regardless of their age, race, socio-economic status , etc because it is really none of my business. I guess I am more compassionate for people now in these situations because of my own experiences. My heart and prayers goes out to both women and to anyone who reads this comment who suffered the loss of a child (miscarriage, stillbirth, neo-natal) etc.

    • I agree 100%, but some bitter people can’t help but inject their nasty opinioins of what other people should and shouldn’t do.

  4. And her douche-bag of an ex & father of her son feels like NOW is the right time to SUE her for $$ he says he “loaned” her when they were dating??? What a JERK.

  5. I feel bad that I just found this, but I kept wondering why I never heard about the baby. So sad- I had a miscarriage with my 1st baby @ 3 mos. It always hurts, no matter what…

  6. Sosorry to learn Vanessa lost her baby; don’t give up. Sophia Loren had several miscarriages until the doctor told her if she ever wanted to carry a baby to full term she would have to stay in bed the whole 9 months and she did. Sophia Loren had two sons and are not handsome gentlmen.

  7. Sorry I meant to say that Sophia Loren’s two sons are NOW handsome gentlemen and of course with such a remarkable, beautiful woman. Vanessa don’t give up and it will happen and I predict you will have a little girl.

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