Michelle Duggar After Miscarriage: “The Kids Are Mothering Me Now”

After suffering a miscarriage 19 weeks and 1 day into her pregnancy, 19 Kids and Counting star Michelle Duggar is feeling “good physically,” resting at home with her children by her side.

“Our doctor said it was wise to let this miscarriage happen naturally. And so that is what we are going to do,” Michelle, 45, tells People, adding, “The kids are mothering me now. Jill, [20], just brought me some food and they are taking good care of me.”

This is the second miscarriage for the mom-of-nineteen. Michelle and husband Jim Bob, 46, lost another child after giving birth to their oldest son, Josh, 23. The couple has previously blamed oral contraceptives for their loss, stating that it’s one of the reasons they no longer use birth control.

We named that baby Caleb even though we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl because that miscarriage was early,” Michelle explains. “We will name this child and will know that we will see those children again someday in heaven.”

Though the news of their miscarriage has certainly been difficult to deal with, Michelle says that she knew “something was not right” when a recent blood draw revealed a drop in her progesterone levels.

“On Dec. 3, I felt a little uncomfortable but I thought it was just something I’d eaten. It could have been the beginning of something going wrong,” Duggar recalls.

Michelle and Jim Bob have said that they plan to make funeral arrangements for their baby after the family selects a name.

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  1. The Duggar Family. I,m sorry to hear about your miscarriage .Will be more childern in a year or two . Watch your show all the time ,.

    • you are 100% right. These people should not have been allowed to have one child let alone 19 or more. Ps, kid that made the idiot comment… You are the idiot.

      • ah it sounds like u r not a idiot just merely a dumbass…i believe it is their life and they have the right to have as many kids as they want. sooo why dont u worry about ur pathetic life and leave them be. they are one amazing family and if u have a problem with them having a kid get over it…i mean really babies are blessings…so stop hating…(:

  2. Please Michelle & Jim Bob, think of your family don’t risk your health. Life is so precious I do know cuz I’ve lost 5 members of my own family.

  3. Please Michelle & Jim Bob, think of your family don’t risk your health. Life is so precious I do know cuz I’ve lost 5 members of my own family.

  4. OMG, seriously… As if we need more of your babies in the world. How outrageous that she would even get pregnant again. 20 kids!? How sick. In this day there is no reason for a family to have so many children. What they doing, building an army? Trying to take over the world? Seems evil incarnate. Ridiculous. Please, STOP HAVING BABIES!!!

    • I would like to ask you if you are paying for their children? Why is it that you have a problem with a family that takes care of their own, they are not on welfare and their children have some manners. I’m sure you rather have the 1 or 2 over indulged kids, that have everything and disrespect others. When we are in the Mall those are your’s I bet saying f**k every other word, and have not respect for you. Sorry but that is how I see your kids!!

      • AMEN……You are so right!! I work at a mall actually and I seriously cannot believe how many out of control kids there are!! LIKE….ALL of them!! If everyone had children like the Duggars then we wouldn’t have kids commiting suicide in elementry school because they were being bullied at school, we wouldn’t have people beating their out of control kids / and killing them!!! I can not for the life of me figure out why people are being so rude towards them for having how many kids they want to have!! I would rather have a bizillion Duggars babies born and know the future of this world will be awesome!! We do not need all of you having babies and passing your selfish, hateful attitudes onto your kids….OMG It would be a awful to have anymore of you unhappy people on earth!! You can bad mouth them all you want if it makes you feel better….only problem is your still your unhappy self!

          • you a mental health professional I can tell you these children are not as stable as they try to put off. I can garentee you that if these children ever entered the real world they would not have the social skills or education yo make it.

      • No there children don’t have good manners. I’ve watched every season of their show and I’m appalled by the behavior of the younger kids. I have no idea why Duggar defenders are always claiming they have well behaved children with good manners because it simply isn’t true.

        • People only see what they want to see- AND to add to it we only see the editied video tape. The producers of the show want to have a particular bend on this family and edit the tape to make it what it is. We see only what they want us to see. They children are rarely out in public so how would anybody know what they are like. What we do know is that there are 19 children to a submissive wife and a husband who I find just down right creepy. There is just something about him!!

        • You all just wish to be like them, I love the Duggar’s They are a good old holesame family. Not ever family’s are the same but they all stay together and they are happy and you can see that when you watch the show. Why can’t people stop being so hateful. We all what peace in the world will one way to do so.
          Pray’s go out to the Duggar Family

        • they are having kids so that they don’t have to look after them. when you watch the shows its the oldest ones looking after the babies. i would be upset if i was one their older children. they don’t get to be kids themselves.

          they are your kids so you take care of them let me be a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • so judgmental no kid is perfect but they are pretty good…why dnt u concentrate on ur issues and stop worrying about them..ignorance..

      • You do realize they support their children from donations from the public, and from the network that airs their freak show. They don’t work hard for their money. They get it from being screwed up.

        • Actually you are very wrong. They do not accept any money from the network, and they make plenty of their own money. Not liking them is one thing, but having your facts wrong just makes you seem like an idiot.

          • That is absolutely false. They do accept money from TLC. I have no idea where you’re getting this crazy idea from that they are doing their show for free, but it’s not true.

            Wow it’s disturbing how some viewers are totally snowed by this family.

          • I see a loving Christian family with well-educated, well-mannered disciplined children; children who respect their parents and each other. They are home schooled but yet are very intelligent, well spoken and beautiful children. I can’t imagine why anyone criticizes what they do when they require no assistance whatsoever from the government. This world would be a better place if more kids were raised like the Duggers. I suppose those of you criticizing them are fans of Kate plus 8 … the 8 little demanding, disrespectful brats with a mother more concerned about her television career than any of her 8 children. Pitiful, just pitiful. Hooray for the Duggars for standing up for what they believe. I pray God continue to bless them in every way.

        • Actually, they do work for their money. They own several commercial rental properties, a cell tower, and have sold cars. Their older children all have jobs. I do not know how much they receive from the show, but much of it goes to support ministries and charities; such as their San Salvador trips. They supported their family of 16 well before their last three children were born or the show began.

      • I am sorry but they don’t take care of their own!! As soon as Michelle stops nursing the babies are handed over to the older girls to take care of. Why can’t Michelle EVER take the kids and buy them NEW shoes maybe just once in their life. Why are the younger ones allowed to just run crazy I am just waiting for one of them to get hurt bad. They go to bed in their cloths, so who knows when they get baths. And all this in front of the cameras from the wonderful mother of 19 kids. I would hate to see what goes on when the cameras are not around. And the younger kids ARE NOT well behaved AT ALL!!

        • oh get over urself…do u even have a life? must not ur so damn worried about them and what they do. im sure ur not perfect..far from it so stop trying to belittle them….so freaking ignorant..

    • she is a great mother and raised beautiful respectful and wonderful children so keep ur nasty comments to ur self and if u dont like it watch something else

      • If by “great mother” you mean she only takes care of her children until they are six-months-old and then she passes them off to an older child to completely raise then yeah she’s a great mother. But by normal standards, no she is not a great mother. Great mothers don’t neglect their children the way Michelle does with her children.

        • AGREE!!! i love this finally someone who knows that this family is a lil twisted. I think Michelle is a horrible mother becuz of wat u stated that she passes her children off on the older children cuz she too useless to raise them herself. Also i feel no pain wat so ever for their loss seeing as her told by the dr that it wouldnt be a good idea to have nemroe kids seeing as josie was on her death bed when she was born n yet the chick still went n got knocked up. its wat she deserves. If she gets knocked up again i hope god does the same favor and takes the baby into heaven. This women should not be allowed to have nemore kids.

        • AGREE!!! i love this finally someone who knows that this family is a lil twisted. I think Michelle is a horrible mother becuz of wat u stated that she passes her children off on the older children cuz she too useless to raise them herself. Also i feel no pain wat so ever for their loss seeing as her told by the dr that it wouldnt be a good idea to have nemroe kids seeing as josie was on her death bed when she was born n yet the chick still went n got knocked up. its wat she deserves. If she gets knocked up again i hope god does the same favor and takes the baby into heaven. This women should not be allowed to have nemore kids.

    • Your comment is a little ridiculous and uneducated. What do you mean in this day there’s no reason for a family to have so many children? There are plenty of reasons, the most important one being that they want to.

      But even from an economic standpoint we need more babies in the world. Almost every country in Europe is going to face a huge economic crisis in the next few decades because people aren’t having enough kids to maintain their population. The populations over there are like an upside down pyramid, with the elderly at the top, and the young who work and are driving the economy are at the bottom. The US has slowed down in having babies too, but luckily we’re not quite as bad as Europe.

      But it’s cool if you don’t want to have babies. I’d rather have 40 Duggar babies in the world than have someone like you reproduce and have another judgmental ingrate walk the earth.

      • are you dim low population has got nothing to do with the financial crisis it it is in fact the opposite. Overpopulation is a burden on world and government resources. Look at China you have 1000s of people trying to go for a few jobs therefore resulting in large unemployment. In the UK where we have the NHS and overpopopulation has caused the services to be overstretched thus making human errors resulting in death. In India they are offering woman TVs and cars in return for being sterilized. Are you saying we should encourage each other to have lots of children? Having 20 kids IS selfish whether or not you can afford them. If the human race doesn’t work to reduce the population then I hope climate change will.

        • Maybe we should start killing all the females like they do in India. Unemployment is not because we are over populated. It’s because our wonderful president has a socialist agenda. Just like all the other countries. Socialism does not work. Capitalism does. It creates jobs. Having any children when you can’t afford them is selfish and I see it all the time. I pay for it all the time. I say if you don’t like your freedom here in the U.S. and you want to share your wealth go to another country you’ll have no problem getting your way. The Duggars don’t hurt anyone leave them alone. Mean people suck.

          • You obviously have NO idea what socialism is. Also, there is unemployment because the western economy was brought down by deregulation and greed. How you go from that to “socialism” is beyond me.

      • Amen…That is a 100% true statement you made!!!!!!!! >I’d rather have 40 Duggar babies in the world than have someone like you reproduce and have another judgmental ingrate walk the earth!!!!

        • I am astonished at how rude, uncaring and plain stupid some of you appear. A lot of you can not even write properly. The Duggars are well behaved, polite people with extremely high personal standards, with a great team ethic of helping eachother and helping others in the world less fortunate. These people would not steal, lie, cheat. They are loving, generous people who have no debts!! I would like the whole world to be full of people like the Duggars.
          I would not wish a miscarriage on anyone, and least of all the Duggar family.

    • The baby they miscarried was number 2. They didn’t start naming all the kids with J’s until after the twins. Please be considerate.

    • Please! you are so stupid for saying these things. They take care of their children. And they are good kids why do you care anyway?

    • C’mon, why not try to be a little more sensitive. This lady had just lost her baby, and here you are criticizing her publicly. Hey, she’s got the guts to put herself out there publicly and it’s a little offensive to see you kick someone when they’re down.

    • I’d be willing to bet that you are pro choice. Well, it was their CHOICE to be open to life again. What a rude, judgemental, horrible thing to say about someone who just had a miscarriage. Where is your compassion and respect?

    • I think its sad when there are women out there that can’t have children and keep losing theres and yall have 19 and want more Im sorry but I do not feel sorry about Yall loseing the baby may be its gods way of saying stop having them!

  5. im sorry but it is her body and her husband her life and discision of how many children she would like im sorry michelle about your miscarriage and how people dont understand what joy u feel when a child is born

  6. So the admitting of the use of oral contraceptives shows that they want to stop having children??? Now it can be deemed irresponsible on their part for having so many. Perhaps the male could wear a condom?? Made for tv negligence, but at least we find it a socially acceptable form of hoarding right??

    • they used birth control after josh (23) was born.. which resulted in a miscarriage so they decided to leave their future births up to God and not take any more contraceptives.

      • Using birth control did not result in a miscarriage. These people are not doctors or scientists, they care Christianist cultists, and they made that up because they can’t accept the reality that sometimes biology just doesn’t work they way you want it to.

        • Actually, the pill can be a cause of miscarriages because it does mess with your hormones so much. Conversely, it can also cause multiples for the same reason (they actually use half a month of pills for some fertility treatments for that very reason, they just dont use the end of the month which is what causes the onset of the period). And, they didn’t just come up with this, there doctor told them that it was likely caused by the pills.

          After they found out that information, they started talking to their pastor and reading the bible and thats what lead them on their journey to having 19 kids. They never planned to have that many; in fact, they’ve stated multiple times that before the first miscarriage, they werent even thinking of having more than a handful of children.

          That said, there are a multitude of reasons behind what causes miscarriages. Some are unknown, others are known, and unless you’re the doctor on that case and you know the complete circumstance of the incident, you have no room to judge what wasnt the leading factor.

          Furthermore, just because you dont agree with someone or their ideologies does not mean you have to attack them. Especially at a time where they are grieving. You also do not have to attack people who post in their favor. Just because you’re on the internet where you can hide behind a computer screen as an anonymous poster does not mean that you have to speak harmful words. As the old adage goes, if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.

  7. Well, I guess they can’t blame birth control for this one. Why is it that they think “It’s God’s will” if they have a healthy baby born, but then blamed the 1st miscarriage on medical science? I have a problem with their theories: she’s had more than one c-section (not really a natural thing, and not God’s work), and the last baby was kept alive by science when God’s will would seem to be that she die (not that I wish that on anyone).
    You can’t pick and choose what you think is “God’s Will”. Even when it’s something you don’t like, it’s still God’s Will.
    Having suffered 9 miscarriages myself (3 live children), I can feel for her – but isn’t 19 live kids enough?

  8. That’s awful that she has to wait for the miscarriage like that…How horrible.

    And Anon @ 1:13 pm — even if you don’t agree with their lifestyle (I don’t), this is definitely not a time to be hateful. Try some compassion for once. No one deserves to go through this, ever.

  9. so many articles about this family state they are conservative Baptists. They proceed to connect with their choice to not use birth control. This is NOT a Baptist teaching. I have many relatives who are Baptist and have known many others who are Baptist. None of them teach against using birth control. I think this couple never properly grieved for the 1st miscarriage. You get over it and move on.

  10. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your
    Family during this difficult time.. You are a great
    Family I totally enjoy watching you show. Thank you
    For sharing your family with me…

  11. I think you are really risking your baby and even yourself with more children at your age. Why can’t you both be happy with all that you have. Your last one was sick and what if the next one is born with Downs Syndrome. Both you and the baby will have a hard life. Will you be happy then? My gosh, let’s get sensible…..

  12. She needs to STOP. They need to realize that they are being selfish and greedy and this is a message to them to NOT HAVE ANY MORE. These people are religious fanatics and cult members of a Christian sect called GOTHARDISM. Google it. They are not nice, normal people!

  13. I totally agree with the comment above. Some women can’t even have one child and here is a family that has 19 and want more! CRAZY!


    • What’s with the shouting in all caps. That’s very rude. And it’s also disturbing that you’re going so postal just because there are people who disagree with you about the Duggars. Get a grip – you seem to be coming a bit unglued.

  15. Who are these people and why do they have so many children? No wonder America is so messed up, they put people like this on a pedestal! Enough already is she going to run off with a Kardashian or the Gosselin woman??

  16. So many people in this world need… and people like this just continue to take. Leaving those who ALREADY need with less. Stop having children already… you should have stopped long ago. If you have grandchildren, you should already be past the idea of having your own.

    • what exactly are they “taking” they are GIVING their children a beautiful home, food to eat, an education and love! they aren’t taking anything from anyone

  17. They said themselves they are having more children as long as God wants them to have more children. How unbelievable naive and stupic is that. Imagine if we all thought that way. Michelle, you seem like a nice lady and a good mom but you are incredibly naive if you think there is a God somewhere deciding that you should have more children. You continue to get pregnant because you continue to have unprotected sex, it is really that simple. God has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  18. Do you have children? Do you get a babysitter when you go out?? If so …They are your kids you had them you take them with you and watch them YOURSELF!! 90% of the frickin people in this world have kids then ship them off to a babysitter so they can go out or whatever……Oh I see….you think that’s different?? NO…No it is not!! Your just jealous that they are a awesome family!! Oh and your language???? It’s probably your kid doing the bullying at school and calling adults the f word!! OMG we don’t need anymore kids like that!! We need more Duggar kids!! PS…If you don’t have kids yet….Please please do the world a favor and dont have any because we do not need anymore, jealous, hateful, fowl mouthed selfish, people on this earth!! and that is exactly how you would raise your kids!! Awww I feel sorry for you..You have to put other people down to make yourself feel better!! What a awful way to live!!!! That must be a lonely life to live!! Try to have a Merry Chritmas!!

    • It’s totally different to hire a babysitter from time to time. The Duggars have someone else taking care of their children 24/7 – including in the middle of the night – all while collecting parent of the year awards. And, a babysitter is a person who is getting paid for their services, that’s not the same as heaping 24/7 responsibility for a child on its older sibling. It’s disgraceful to see the way the Duggars have turned their older children into round-the-clock servants so they can sit around and be lazy. And it’s even more disgraceful that people like you defend them for that and that awards committees actually praise them for their negligent parenting.

      • Totally different? I don’t think so. Most of the families I know that have both mother and father working pawn their kids off on day care for up to 10 hours a day. THAT is truly pathetic and negligent.

        If these people believe that families raise families, so be it. At least they’re not farming out their child raising like most American families.

        It’s hysterical that you called the parents lazy!! You have clearly never seen their show.

        • Yes, I have watched the show. I’ve watched every episode. The children do the laundry, the cooking, the cleaning, and all of the childcare (with the exception of the latest baby, who Michelle takes care of for a few months.) Laziness at it’s worst.

          And no, sending a child to daycare where qualified professionals take care of them is not the same thing as handing your child off to be raised by their 12-year-old sibling. Twelve-year-olds are not qualified to provide that kind of care to children, daycare workers are.

  19. I suffered a second trimester miscarriage last year. It was physically and emotionally very traumatizing, especially having to deliver my deceased baby at the hospital with all the other moms who were having their live babies. I understand why Michelle’s OB is handling this “naturally” (Michelle’s uterus has been very weakened by emergent c-section incisions and induced labor creates contractions that are far more intense than unmedicated labor). The problem with waiting for nature to deliver the fetus is that it can take weeks, even months, before the miscarriage will happen. There’s another risk involved with this waiting: The fetus is decomposing and can create toxins that could make Michelle very sick. I don’t understand why a D&E wasn’t scheduled, which is the surgical removal of the fetus through the cervix. I’m hoping that they have scheduled a D&E if the fetus hasn’t passed within a given amount of time. Not considering the health risks involved with waiting for a natural miscarriage, there’s the emotional factors to consider. It’s very hard on a woman, knowing that she’s carrying a demised fetus and waiting, wondering, when it’s all going to be over. My heart goes out to Michelle. I know from first hand experience just how difficult this is, whether it’s her first baby or twentieth, it’s a very painful loss. My husband and I have decided to adopt after our experience. And like the Duggars, we have a special needs child (Josie), so it’s just better all around to give a waiting child a home, rather than keep trying for more biological children. I hope that this is something that the Duggars will also consider. They know from their own travels that there are many children in this world who are desperate for a family.

    • I would imagine that given the number of children they already have they might not be candidates for adoption? (I could be wrong, but that’s my guess.)

    • Laura – I, too, suffered a loss in my second trimester and understand how painful it is to go through. My heart goes out to Michelle and to you.

      My OB induced me for the very reasons that you stated. That it would be more risky to wait and have infection set in. I only carried my little one for three days, knowing that he was gone, before giving birth and it was very traumatic. Being in the Labor and Delivery ward, where other mothers were giving birth to healthy babies was extremely difficult. That was one of the worst moments of my life and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. To see some of the hateful, cruel comments that people are posting on here just simply disgusts me. I don’t care if she has 19 children or not. I don’t care about any of that. That woman still has to go through something like this!! Clearly the people posting these things has never experienced this kind of pain, otherwise they wouldn’t be posting such vile things.

      To this day, I still have nightmares about giving birth to my son and I can still see his tiny face. So please, to those who can’t find a single kind thing to say, show a little empathy here in this situation. Have a little compassion to this woman who is living a nightmare right now and think about how YOU would feel going through this.

  20. My heart goes out to the Duggar family. If she has not yet passed the baby, and is doing it naturally, she is in for a lot of physical pain. It’ll be just like full blown labor, and she won’t have the happy ending she’s used to either. I truly hate that for her. And about them being baptist or whatever. We live in a free country, and they can choose to believe what they want. Being baptist myself, I have friends that believe both ways. No big deal! Lets not make this @ religion. That’s going too far. I have 3 babies in heaven myself, and I truly believe that Jesus is taking good care of them for me. As well as the Duggar babies. God Bless you Michelle. You are dearly loved!

  21. I suppose considering you are clearing incapable of using proper english when speaking, I shouldn’t expect you to be able to read it either.

    The child they named Caleb was miscarried 20 years ago, after the birth of their first child Josh. The article clearing states they are waiting to name this child.

    I would also like to add that whether a family consists of 5 of 25, older siblings do tend to take care of their younger siblings. To assume that this mother does no mothering to her children is ludacris.

    The Duggar family while large, is the most well functioning family around. They have well behaved children with morals and values and a clear understanding of family. They are well educated, healthy and great role models within society. The family lives with absolutely no debt and do not receive any form of support or subsidy from the government. They run small businesses and own (NOT MORTGAGE) their own home.

    If more Americans were like the Duggars I am going to assume your country wouldn’t have so many problems. Perhaps you shouldn’t worry about these children as much as you should be worried about yourself and the mothering you have received.

    Lastly I would like to point out that UR is spelled your and URSELF is spelled yourself.

    Grow up and use more of your energy on something useful!

    • Love this response!!! Thoughts and prayers with the Duggars 🙂 I guess people would rather have the older ones texting on their brand new expensive iPhones or sleeping the better half of the day doing nothing instead of being active in the community and showing selflessness, empathy and charity, etc. … The family works as a team, communicates brilliantly and Michele is the driving force… Love them and admire Michele for her incredible patience and calmness with the little ones 🙂

    • And ludacris is spelled ludicrous lu·di·crous/ˈlo͞odəkrəs/
      So foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing.
      ridiculous – laughable – absurd – funny – comical

  22. im so sorry this happened to you. know matter how many children you have losing one is still a horrikble thing to deal with. you are a wonderful mother and if there were more like you in the world i think it would be a better place. your children are so well mannered and repectful. take time to let your body heal and if god wants you to have more children he will bless you with them. if not you have alot to be proud of. for all those mean hearted people saying you need to stop having children well they need to mind there own business! who are they to tell someone what to do. you dont tell them to have more children so they shouldnt tell you what to do. we will pray for your family. god bless you all .

  23. Maybe she’ll take this as a hint and stop burdening our already overpopulated world. By 2050 we won’t be able to sustain ourselves if the population keeps exploding as it has been. It takes a special kind of greedy to keep popping out kids into a world that can’t support them.

  24. Losing a baby is heart breaking no matter how many children you may or may not have. Those of you who are making snide remarks should be ashamed of yourselves. Obviously you have not had to deal with the heart ache of a miscarriage to be spouting such hurtful things. I have never watched their show or now anything about their family beyond the fact they have 19 children however, I do know what it is like to lose such a precious gift as an unborn child and how much it hurts. My thoughts and prayers are with your family right now Jim Bob and Michelle I am truly sorry for your loss.

  25. I thought they claimed a few days ago they wanted privacy. It’s nauseating that they claim to want privacy and then turn right around and start whoring out every detail to the media. The Duggars really are enormous hypocrites.

  26. @ Peggy : America is messed up because a loving, God-centred down-to-earth family who don’t smoke, do drugs or swear and their kids are responsible, raised with conservative values and don’t smoke, do drugs or swear and they respect their parents, help out around the house and contribute to the family……..are seen as weird. The Goselins and the Khardashians are NOT in the same league. That would be more of what is considered “normal” in America — glitzy,money hungry, boozy, sleezy…… What is also wrong with America is that they look at the loss of a child (and it IS a LOSS) and somehow feel it’s justified, or that they should say anything out of their big mouths except “SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS” which is the only appropriate thing to say in a case like this no matter who is involved. Wow. I sure am glad I don’t live in America.

  27. @ Mandy T …you are correct. Many people believe that a miscarriage is just a few cramps and it’s over. It is NOT. I have given birth to three live children by C-Section, but I laboured (full blown labour & delivery) after my baby’s heart stopped beating at 11 weeks. It was horrible, and humbling, and ultimately I gave birth to my little dead angel. Anyone who has anything horrible or judgemental to say about someone going through that needs their heads examined and I don’t care about world population, or any other argument. This is a heart-wrenching, physically painful and emotionally horrifying experience. If you have anything to say negatively to the woman going through it then you are NOT EVEN HUMAN.

  28. Really people??? WHy do you care how many children they have? It really isnt any of your business! Our world is not “overly populated” what are you talking about?!?

    • How is that relevant? This family is suffering the loss of a baby. Nothing you’re talking about has anything to do with that.

      Get a heart, for god’s sake!

  29. Just because we Americans enjoy the right to Freedom of Speech sometime we should just shut our mouths and keep our opinions to our self. For the hateful and uncomassionate people posting on this thread, I am 27yrs old and I remember something my kindergarden teacher taught us: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…take a hint.

  30. I’m sorry about the loss of the baby, I’ve lost one very early in pregnancy, and lost my 7 week old son due to a tragic accident.. I’m glad they decided to have so many I would love 10 but the economy won’t allow it.. But after the last baby almost dieing and then now losing this one, isn’t that a sign that maybe it’s time to stop? Enjoy the grandchildren there will be MANY of them!

    • Everybody keeps saying that maybe what happened with this baby and the last one should be seen as “a sign to stop”.

      Where were all you people when she got pregnant with #19? Did you think that the fact that she had 18 healthy ones already was a sign to keep going?
      Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  31. I see the Duggars as loving, gentle, hard-working people and cannot believe some of these comments. Too bad they could not have a say in how other children are raised, there would not be the turmoil that exists today. I do wonder why some of them do not seem to want to leave and try working or a secondary education. I’m not sure I would want to leave all that love and family.

  32. This pregnancy took the life of your baby. This is a hard thing to live through, and my heart goes out to you. Your body is starting to show the stress of having 19 children. In many cases, God’s will is a reaction to the choices we make. What if your next pregnancy is the one where God takes both you and your baby’s life? Your family needs you Michelle. I know you have decided not to take birth control pills, but have you considered tubal ligation? I had to make that choice years ago to save my life so that I could be there for the children I already had. This is a hard time fro you and your entire family, but think of how hard it would be if they had lost you too. My prayers are with you and your family.

  33. I actually have a question. Could she have lost the baby if she started menopause around the time she got pregnant? She is 45 so that’s why I ask

  34. I think this is a very emotional time for this family and I think they deserve to mourn in peace. However, I do think after the trouble poor baby #19 had the Duggars would rethink bringing another life into this world. I have watched the show and I think the big issue is, why can’t this couple think about the children who they like to use as free babysitters. These older children do not have normal lives. Michelle and Jimbob are using their children as a gateway to money how sad for the children.

    • “Normal” lives? By whose standards are we judging normal? Does “normal” mean exactly like you? Or exactly like me?

      Amish children don’t have “normal” lives. Orthodox Jews don’t have “normal” lives. Families living on farms lead vastly different “normal” lives than wealthy families living in Manhattan. Is it normal to live on a ranch in Montana and work the land? Or is it normal to live in a polygamous family in Utah and marry three women? Or is normal being sent away to prep school?

      There is no such thing as “normal”.

  35. How on earth can all of these people be so mean? I know our world is changing and people are not loving each other like we did back in the good old days, but it is so sad to see. Everyone wants freedom of speech and I understand that, but the right to be mean is not a privilege , it is a bad way to express yourself. Please consider kindness and love instead of hateful, judgement towards others. Life really is to short to be that mean towards fellow brothers and sisters.

    • If there were more of YOU in the world, it would be a better place. Thank you for injecting rational thinking, but doing it with heart.

      Most of you others might want to do some reflecting, and really try to figure out WHY you have so much hate and vitriole for this family that has never done anything to you and are trying to deal with a tragedy.

  36. At least the when the older ones help with the younger ones it’s in the family. Unlike most of the population of this world who bring children into this world and then ship them off to day care. The population is down everywhere because people don’t want to bring children into this world to deal with mean people like you. Let’s not forget abortion. It’s Michelle Duggars right to have 100 children if she likes or can, just like it’s the right of all these sickening women to have as many abortions as they want. Oh and by the way abortions that are paid for by my tax dollars. They’re children are kind human beings. As far as the little ones they’re going to act up it’s human nature. None of us are perfect, except maybe you……
    So leave the Duggars alone. They don’t hurt anyone. Go do something with your time you have too much of it on your hands.

  37. At least the when the older ones help with the younger ones it’s in the family. Unlike most of the population of this world who bring children into this world and then ship them off to day care. The population is down everywhere because people don’t want to bring children into this world to deal with mean people like you. Let’s not forget abortion. It’s Michelle Duggars right to have 100 children if she likes or can, just like it’s the right of all these sickening women to have as many abortions as they want. Oh and by the way abortions that are paid for by my tax dollars. They’re children are kind human beings. As far as the little ones they’re going to act up it’s human nature. None of us are perfect, except maybe you……
    So leave the Duggars alone. They don’t hurt anyone. Go do something with your time you have too much of it on your hands.

    • The olders ones do not “help take care of the younger ones” they are raising the younger ones becaus Ma and Pa Duggar are too lazy to take care of their own children. And no, making your older chidlren raise the younger ones is not preferable to daycare. Daycare workers are qualified to take care of children in a way older siblings aren’t. And everyone I know who sends their kids to daycare comes home at the end of the day and actually spends time with taking care of their children – something the Duggar parents don’t do. The older siblings even have to get up in the middle of the night and take care of their younger siblings.

      The Duggars are not only putting their younger children’s entire emotional well-being into the hands of older siblings who are still kids themselves but they are also stealing the adolescence of the older children. Those older kids don’t get a chance to develop their own interests or to have any kind of a life of their own because their too busy picking up the slack of their parents who are too lazy to raise their own children.

  38. They really didnt PAY for their house, TLC did, and furnished it! Wouldnt that be nice if we all got a FREE house completely furnished? And they are hypocrites. No tv, but they exploit their family everyday. No, the children are not well behaved. They are like caged animals … and thats what WE SEE on tv… imagine what they are like when the camera arent rolling! And to NEGLECT, YES, its neglect poor baby Josie …. she IS a very needy child from her premature birth… and to watch the last episode of the travelling all over the place 1/2 world away …. and she was sick, and Michelle could have clearly cared less. Sick, just sick!!

    • Patsfan… There’s no arguing with you. You clearly know everything there is to know about this family. We all bow to your wisdom.

      (But if you don’t mind me asking, what the heck does how their house got paid for have to do with the loss of their baby?!?!? Couldn’t you just have posted a message in sympathy and moved on with your life?!?!?)

  39. Well I for one do feel sadness and hope the Duggars can get through this time of need. Right now, I am hugging my only daughter and hope the rest of their family can work together to get through their troubled times. At least in the show, they all work together very well so I hope this will continue.

    Kind regards from fans in Canada!

  40. i have to admit i have seen the program a couple of times ,and i have to ask myself would this family live with all of these trips and perks had they not been paid for by a television studio ? or by the people who watch . Eventhough we sit in judgement ,and it may even be negative judgement ,we are guilty of keeping it going .I believe in god and i also believe that things happen for a reason ; the reason in this case may be that someone above has said enough already .Exploiting children ,for financial gain , are there not laws against that.i DO NOT doubt that it is a loving family ,or that they are well mannered children. The question is where do you draw the line and just enjoy the family you have already.my husband and i both have good paying jobs and certainly could not afford that many children .SO as viewers sit in judgement ,they should also remember that they are paying to see this ,almost as if it were a spectator sport. i am not a mean person , i am just trying to convey the reality of it.Season greetings one and all

  41. Hey Patsfan,

    Educate yourself before you open your trap.

    The very first TLC episode was a special. The eldest Duggar had entered a home movie contest. What he had made a movie of was the building of the Duggar home. A home which they had already started building, with materials that were payed for, on land that they owned. They were completely debt-free before TLC ever entered their lives. The response to the special was such that another came along, then another, until eventually they had their own series. And the money that they make from doing the show goes into supporting the family, supporting various charites, and into funds for the children for their futures.

    I will not even dignify the rest of your blather with a response.

  42. I am very sorry Duggars for your loss. Regardless of how many children you have it doesnt make this time any easier. I think we should take some lessons from you and become debt free. Until we are paying for your children through welfare/ food stamps, it’s none of our business how many children you have. Too many people in society are LAZY and only depend on us working to pay for their children. Society should have a say to stop a woman from having 15-20 babies on welfare……especially if she doesn’t even have custody of them due to drugs or abuse. I’m a L&D RN and see it daily!!

  43. I am not a fan of the Duggar’s TV show, and have no idea why the hell anyone would want 20 kids, but each to there own. I would, however, like to offer my sincere condolences to Mrs. Duggar. I hope she gets well soon after this terrible loss, and that the media will give the Duggars some time and space to heal. No matter how many kids you have, losing one is a painful ordeal. Leave the Duggars alone for now, even though they did put themselves on public display. This is a time for privacy and respect,

  44. They already have 19 kids and should be thinking of what is in their
    best interest instead of being selfish and wanting another child. With Josie it was touch and go for Michelle that is why she was premature so I don’t understand why she would put her life at risk on purpose and run the chance of leaving the 19 kids she already has without a Mother. To me Michelle and Jim Bob have absolutely no parenting skills and I don’t like the fact the oldest 4 girls do most if not all of the parenting. I also find it wierd that they only ever seem to associated with other large, Religious families, it is alsmost like they are trying to keep the kids from seeing what normal families are like for fear they won’t carry on the family tradition.

  45. although I may not agree with everything the duggers do i do agree with the christian values and morals that they 11are instilling in their family. If they want 30 kids that is their business, they support them. They supported them before the tv. show and will after. they have many businesses.

    I think that if all our children today could be behaved like the dugger kids the world would be a better place. But lets not forget they are kids and sometimes kids will be kids. But I don’t see or hear them taking the lord’s name in vain or swearing every second word.

    I think they are great and I think God will bless their faithfulness.

  46. Im happy for the baby to be gone into heaven. This broad shud not be bringing children into this world at her age n whens she had so many. she was warned wit her last one not to have nemore and yet she still spread her legs. Why would they risk a innocent childs life. I think this chick n husband shud b checked into a mental hospital. I dont agree with them having as many kids as they do. Seeing as their last kid was on its death bed when it was born. This ppl are twisted in the head n if she gets prego again she shud b shot! this family doesnt deserve ne sympathy wat so ever. they were warned and yet they still decided to have another. I hope she can nvr have another child again and if she does get prego again i hope God takes that one away from her too.

    • From your post filled with atrocious spelling and text-speak, it’s clear that you are only about 12 years old.

      When you grow up, I think you will find that it’s none of your business how many babies other people have. How would you like it if I said that you should be shot for having any babies because you are clearly not intelligent?

      It won’t happen, because this is a free country. Although, since you obviously haven’t finished middle school yet, you may not even know that this is a free country.

  47. Its disgusting that these people can put comments about a woman who just lost a baby, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Clearly you care somewhat seeing.how you took time to.read thr article and comment. Michelle an jimbob and the rest of the duggar family your in my prayers an wish you the best of luck 🙂

  48. Okay, I think these people are complete whack jobs but they did loose a child. At 20 weeks, that is not a miscarriage, but giving birth to a still born. As much as I disagree with them using their kids for money and ratings, I feel sad for their loss.

  49. Don’t any of you realize true Christians do not believe in any form of birth control! They are married Michelle and Jim Bob obviously are still very in love with one another, which in my opinion is amazing after 19 kids!! In today society most mothers have multiple fathers to their children, most aren’t evenmarried, or there is so much infidelity goin on its sick
    so if Jim Bob and Michelle want to have sex or be romantic everynight then good for them,hence probably why they have so many babies in the first place
    the older kids don’t seem to mind taking care of the younger kids alot of them on previous episodes have seen they want to end up Just like thrre mom and dad

  50. The Duggars are born again Christians who believe that God decides the number of children they are to have. Nobody, has the right to wish ill will on these people or anyone else for that matter. They ask nothing from anyone and take care of their family, better than some families. This “miscarriage” is a loss of a human life whether it is recognized by others or not. Life begins at conception, which is one of those mysterious miracles that only God knows. I think some of you should take your negative thoughts and energy and work on your own lives before you start condeming people who are doing a very good job of raising their family.

    • Im a Christian too but u don
      t see me spitting out 21 babies. Maybe this is Gods way of telling them to stop. Heck there kids wear second hand cloths but Jim Bob has a Mercedes ……..shes 44 yrs old the Drs told her no more Can’t jim get clipped if he s such a sex addict. I think its a shame that these children don’t know the love 2 or 3 children would know, kids raising kids its a sin

  51. i had a miscarriage back in 2003 . then got pg again that same yr. he will be 8 yrs old. i wuz off the pill since 2001. we were having problems getting pg. but after the miscarraige. the doctors said i wuz only a couple of weeks pregnant. but it hurt. now a few yrs later i have 4 kids. some day i will see my baby that i lost along with my mom,aunt, and grandparents.v they r wonderful people.

  52. some of you guys just need to back off the duggars they never did nothin to u so just leave them alone and if u dont have nothing nice to say dont post nothin its about half retarted when all u do is say nasty thyings when it could happin to u and noone would care. she is a good mother and she dont pass her kids off at 6 months she takes care of them. if u dont like what they post then dont read it if u dont like watching them then watching sonmething else. you guys dont have nothin better to do with your life so u trash everyone elses get over yourselfs cuz if u wish for something to happin it comes back and bites u on the butt. get a life and leave theres alone. if god wants her to have more kids then she will its none of your business.

  53. don’t all children are very bad ok so keep your mouth close i got a son who 12 years old who is well manned and he very good at school and he have very high grades in school and he win a top award for kick boxing and he is more braining than the duggars children

  54. ” In today society most mothers have multiple fathers to their children, most aren’t even married, ” Yes its all about the woman . typical judgmental attitude. As long as the kids are ok who cares about multipler fathers? Right?

    Before you praise someone for well-behaved kids read on their beliefs. Well behaved kids are nice too but have you read on the training camps the Fundamentalist send them to for misbehaving? These kids are starved treated like animals. One girl was sent to Bill Gothard’s training camps for drug abuse. ‘Since when is debt free-no welfare a litmus test for good parenting? Is every parent taking assistance evil?

  55. I like how other mothers are the first ones to throw her under the bus. There are no perfect parents. There are no laws against having lots of children. I think you would much rather that ALL women have freedom with their bodies and determine how many children they want than live in China and have the government determine how many you will have.

  56. I cannot STAND Michelle or Jim Bob, and I truly hope this miscarriage will tell them to stop trying to reproduce (though we ALL know they are going to go back out and try to breed again). Their religion is absolute poison, and because of it, I just know they are going to keep trying until Michelle dies in childbirth, leaving her kids without a mother. I don’t blame those two. It’s not their fault that they were brainwashed. Sheep are all-too easily persuaded. I blame their religion for this mess.

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