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Michelle Duggar After Miscarriage: “The Kids Are Mothering Me Now”

After suffering a miscarriage 19 weeks and 1 day into her pregnancy, 19 Kids and Counting star Michelle Duggar is feeling “good physically,” resting at home with her children by her side.

“Our doctor said it was wise to let this miscarriage happen naturally. And so that is what we are going to do,” Michelle, 45, tells People, adding, “The kids are mothering me now. Jill, [20], just brought me some food and they are taking good care of me.”

This is the second miscarriage for the mom-of-nineteen. Michelle and husband Jim Bob, 46, lost another child after giving birth to their oldest son, Josh, 23. The couple has previously blamed oral contraceptives for their loss, stating that it’s one of the reasons they no longer use birth control.

We named that baby Caleb even though we didn’t know if it was a boy or girl because that miscarriage was early,” Michelle explains. “We will name this child and will know that we will see those children again someday in heaven.”

Though the news of their miscarriage has certainly been difficult to deal with, Michelle says that she knew “something was not right” when a recent blood draw revealed a drop in her progesterone levels.

“On Dec. 3, I felt a little uncomfortable but I thought it was just something I’d eaten. It could have been the beginning of something going wrong,” Duggar recalls.

Michelle and Jim Bob have said that they plan to make funeral arrangements for their baby after the family selects a name.


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  1. The Duggar Family. I,m sorry to hear about your miscarriage .Will be more childern in a year or two . Watch your show all the time ,.

    • you are 100% right. These people should not have been allowed to have one child let alone 19 or more. Ps, kid that made the idiot comment… You are the idiot.

      • ah it sounds like u r not a idiot just merely a dumbass…i believe it is their life and they have the right to have as many kids as they want. sooo why dont u worry about ur pathetic life and leave them be. they are one amazing family and if u have a problem with them having a kid get over it…i mean really babies are blessings…so stop hating…(:

  2. Please Michelle & Jim Bob, think of your family don’t risk your health. Life is so precious I do know cuz I’ve lost 5 members of my own family.

  3. Please Michelle & Jim Bob, think of your family don’t risk your health. Life is so precious I do know cuz I’ve lost 5 members of my own family.

  4. OMG, seriously… As if we need more of your babies in the world. How outrageous that she would even get pregnant again. 20 kids!? How sick. In this day there is no reason for a family to have so many children. What they doing, building an army? Trying to take over the world? Seems evil incarnate. Ridiculous. Please, STOP HAVING BABIES!!!

    • I would like to ask you if you are paying for their children? Why is it that you have a problem with a family that takes care of their own, they are not on welfare and their children have some manners. I’m sure you rather have the 1 or 2 over indulged kids, that have everything and disrespect others. When we are in the Mall those are your’s I bet saying f**k every other word, and have not respect for you. Sorry but that is how I see your kids!!

      • AMEN……You are so right!! I work at a mall actually and I seriously cannot believe how many out of control kids there are!! LIKE….ALL of them!! If everyone had children like the Duggars then we wouldn’t have kids commiting suicide in elementry school because they were being bullied at school, we wouldn’t have people beating their out of control kids / and killing them!!! I can not for the life of me figure out why people are being so rude towards them for having how many kids they want to have!! I would rather have a bizillion Duggars babies born and know the future of this world will be awesome!! We do not need all of you having babies and passing your selfish, hateful attitudes onto your kids….OMG It would be a awful to have anymore of you unhappy people on earth!! You can bad mouth them all you want if it makes you feel better….only problem is your still your unhappy self!

          • you a mental health professional I can tell you these children are not as stable as they try to put off. I can garentee you that if these children ever entered the real world they would not have the social skills or education yo make it.

      • No there children don’t have good manners. I’ve watched every season of their show and I’m appalled by the behavior of the younger kids. I have no idea why Duggar defenders are always claiming they have well behaved children with good manners because it simply isn’t true.

        • People only see what they want to see- AND to add to it we only see the editied video tape. The producers of the show want to have a particular bend on this family and edit the tape to make it what it is. We see only what they want us to see. They children are rarely out in public so how would anybody know what they are like. What we do know is that there are 19 children to a submissive wife and a husband who I find just down right creepy. There is just something about him!!

        • You all just wish to be like them, I love the Duggar’s They are a good old holesame family. Not ever family’s are the same but they all stay together and they are happy and you can see that when you watch the show. Why can’t people stop being so hateful. We all what peace in the world will one way to do so.
          Pray’s go out to the Duggar Family

        • they are having kids so that they don’t have to look after them. when you watch the shows its the oldest ones looking after the babies. i would be upset if i was one their older children. they don’t get to be kids themselves.

          they are your kids so you take care of them let me be a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • so judgmental no kid is perfect but they are pretty good…why dnt u concentrate on ur issues and stop worrying about them..ignorance..

      • You do realize they support their children from donations from the public, and from the network that airs their freak show. They don’t work hard for their money. They get it from being screwed up.

        • Actually you are very wrong. They do not accept any money from the network, and they make plenty of their own money. Not liking them is one thing, but having your facts wrong just makes you seem like an idiot.

          • That is absolutely false. They do accept money from TLC. I have no idea where you’re getting this crazy idea from that they are doing their show for free, but it’s not true.

            Wow it’s disturbing how some viewers are totally snowed by this family.

          • I see a loving Christian family with well-educated, well-mannered disciplined children; children who respect their parents and each other. They are home schooled but yet are very intelligent, well spoken and beautiful children. I can’t imagine why anyone criticizes what they do when they require no assistance whatsoever from the government. This world would be a better place if more kids were raised like the Duggers. I suppose those of you criticizing them are fans of Kate plus 8 … the 8 little demanding, disrespectful brats with a mother more concerned about her television career than any of her 8 children. Pitiful, just pitiful. Hooray for the Duggars for standing up for what they believe. I pray God continue to bless them in every way.

        • Actually, they do work for their money. They own several commercial rental properties, a cell tower, and have sold cars. Their older children all have jobs. I do not know how much they receive from the show, but much of it goes to support ministries and charities; such as their San Salvador trips. They supported their family of 16 well before their last three children were born or the show began.

      • I am sorry but they don’t take care of their own!! As soon as Michelle stops nursing the babies are handed over to the older girls to take care of. Why can’t Michelle EVER take the kids and buy them NEW shoes maybe just once in their life. Why are the younger ones allowed to just run crazy I am just waiting for one of them to get hurt bad. They go to bed in their cloths, so who knows when they get baths. And all this in front of the cameras from the wonderful mother of 19 kids. I would hate to see what goes on when the cameras are not around. And the younger kids ARE NOT well behaved AT ALL!!

        • oh get over urself…do u even have a life? must not ur so damn worried about them and what they do. im sure ur not perfect..far from it so stop trying to belittle them….so freaking ignorant..

    • she is a great mother and raised beautiful respectful and wonderful children so keep ur nasty comments to ur self and if u dont like it watch something else

      • If by “great mother” you mean she only takes care of her children until they are six-months-old and then she passes them off to an older child to completely raise then yeah she’s a great mother. But by normal standards, no she is not a great mother. Great mothers don’t neglect their children the way Michelle does with her children.

        • AGREE!!! i love this finally someone who knows that this family is a lil twisted. I think Michelle is a horrible mother becuz of wat u stated that she passes her children off on the older children cuz she too useless to raise them herself. Also i feel no pain wat so ever for their loss seeing as her told by the dr that it wouldnt be a good idea to have nemroe kids seeing as josie was on her death bed when she was born n yet the chick still went n got knocked up. its wat she deserves. If she gets knocked up again i hope god does the same favor and takes the baby into heaven. This women should not be allowed to have nemore kids.