Victoria Beckham’s Pleas For Pets While Pregnant

Forget pickles and ice cream – it was cats and dogs that Victoria Beckham craved while pregnant. The former Spice Girl – who gave birth to daughter Harper in July – says she became obsessed with having a menagerie of pets but husband David Beckham wouldn’t allow it.

Victoria – who also has three sons, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9, and six-year-old Cruz, with the soccer star – said, “When I was pregnant, I just wanted to get lots and lots of animals, for some reason. We talked about cats, but David said absolutely not.”

The stylish mom – who did manage to get David to agree to a new dog, Scarlett, during the pregnancy – also admitted to another obsession: regaining her figure following the birth of her daughter.

“Oh, listen, I worked at it. I was breast-feeding, so I ate super healthy, and I worked out seven days a week,” she said. “I wanted to burn all my leggings – I was adamant that by the time I went to fashion week I would be able to wear clothes.”


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  1. Before anybody kicks up a fuss about Posh’s comments about wanting to get her body back – I can’t blame her, she’s got a massive wardrobe filled with teeny tiny clothes. What a nightmare it would be replacing it with bigger sizes.

  2. Ha, my mum wanted a golden retriever when she was pregnant with me. But apparently the breeder told her she shouldn’t get one as it would be a nightmare looking after your first child AND a puppy. So she didn’t get one. I was kind of disappointed when mum told me (I’ve always wanted a dog) but what she said totally made sense.

  3. I do love that she is admitting that working out after pregnancy took her a lot of work. I hate when they brush it off and say that they barely did anything – this makes the rest of us feel better 🙂

    • Stop looking to celebrities to make yourself feel better, sweetie. They live a life that bears absolutely no resemblance to a non-celebrity life.

  4. That’s funny I know so many people who while pregnant got puppies and then the baby comes and they realize the puppy is too much work (which is sad for the puppy and how we end up with so many unwanted pets). I say if you are itching for a new pet just hang off and wait until after you kid comes to make that decision. Puppies are just like babies and sometimes worse! Cute story though. I would rather crave cute animals then food too! lol

  5. I wonder if I will carve for pets too since I’m an avid animal lover. I told myself I hope its something sweet like ice cream, strawberry or peaches

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