Molly Shannon: “When The Kids Come Home It’s All About Them”

Actress Molly Shannon has come a long way since her kilt-wearing, armpit scented finger sniffing days as nutty Catholic schoolgirl Mary Katherine Gallagher on Saturday Night Live. The 47-year-old star is not only busy being mom to her two children Stella, 8, and Nolan, 6 but she is also authoring children’s books.

Her first book titled Tilly The Trickster was spawned from telling her children bedtime stories at night.

“I would often tell my kids bedtime stories about a family and all of their crazy hijinks,” the former Will & Grace star tells Working Mother. “They loved the stories so much that I started taking notes of the elements they liked, and then I put the ideas together for this book. The main character, Tilly, is a fun-loving, mischievous girl who often gets into trouble. I love that she’s spunky and strong-willed.”

Not only were her children the inspiration behind Molly’s book but they also had a hand in creating the final masterpiece.

“They actually helped me create it,” Molly reveals. “I showed them illustrations as they came in, and they helped me choose the best ones. I read the book to them a lot, too. After reading it so often, they’d say, ‘Mom, enough!’ but they were by far my best test market group!”

So how does this mother-of-two balance a hefty work load with her busy home life?

As for any mom, it’s a real struggle. I think it’s a personal thing that you figure out once you’re in the thick of it. I find that I’ve become really thrifty with time. Now that both kids are in school, I can get so much done! I’ve also become super organized, so I make the most of every moment. And when the kids come home, it’s all about them.”

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  1. I stood next to her once at a party in NYC and she said, “nice to meet you!” even though we hadn’t been introduced. Giggly and a bit goofy and adorable!

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