Denise Richards Launches Blog, Shares Holiday Plans

Actress/author Denise Richards has launched her new official online lifestyle magazine,, today (December 14). The single mom-of-three will update her blog daily with parenting advice, workout ideas, home décor styling tips and personal insights.

To celebrate today’s launch, Celebrity Baby Scoop participated in an online chat with Denise who discussed her holiday plans with daughters – Sam, 7, Lola, 6, and Eloise, 6 months – her favorite holiday recipe handed down by her late mother, baby Eloise’s first Christmas, and keeping the peace with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

Denise said that holidays are all about family and friends.

I spend my holidays with family and friends. The more the merrier.”

The actress, 40, admitted that part of her family includes ex-husband, troubled actor Charlie Sheen.

“I do see Charlie over the holidays,” she said, and added, “He’s my family.” Denise and Charlie – who are parents to Sam and Lola – keep things in perspective. “I think it’s best to stay friendly whether it’s the holidays or not,” she said. On her best advice for co-parenting, Denise shared, “Keep it about the kids and keep the peace.”

She added: “[We spend] Christmas morning opening presents with the kids. Then Christmas dinner at our house – this year it will be all of us. Many of my friends can’t get home, they come for dinner as well.”

The single mom went on to talk about favorite family traditions over the holidays.

The kids & I track Santa online to see where he is and when he will be at our house,” Denise said, and added that her girls still believe in St. Nick. “They’ve heard otherwise, but I’ve reassured them he exists. We set out cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.” She added, “We usually go somewhere on a trip the week before. Right before Christmas we are busy wrapping gifts and decorating the house. Outside our house looks like Candy Land at Christmas.”

And she even shared a special tradition passed down by her late mother Joni — whom she named her adopted daughter after. “I make the chocolate no-bake cookies my mom always made.”

Denise and her girls don’t cut any corners for their annual holiday party — even bringing in fake snow for the festive event!

[We decorate] our home, the tree, we do an annual holiday party for the kids,” she said. “At the party every guest brings an unwrapped toy that we donate to children. We bring the snow to us. At our holiday party, we have snow made.”

Denise said the homemade gifts from her girls are “the best” and “the kids make the holidays.” She added, “Every year has wonderful memories.”

And this year will be no exception with the celebration of baby Eloise’s first Christmas! “I can’t wait for her first picture with Santa,” the proud mom shared.

As for any New Year’s Resolutions, the gorgeous mama said she had none, “but if I did, it would be to be consistent with my fitness routine,” she shared. “I really dropped that ball this year. No more excuses!”

Head over to Denise’s new blog at and follow her daily updates.

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  1. Denise, If you read this…stop with the botox or knives or whatever it is you do NOW!!! You are on the verge of looking very ‘fake’ Do it for your daughters if nothing else. You WILL age, as does everyone. Embrace it.

  2. Sounds like denise is copying tori spelling! Cmon denise you are way less interesting , noone will care about what u have to say or where u shop! U r very overrated.

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