Rachel Zoe Goes Shopping With Skyler

Rachel Zoe and her adorable son Skyler, 9 months, were spotted as they hit the shops in West Hollywood, Calif. on Monday (December 19).

The celebrity stylist looked chic – of course – dressed in an all-black ensemble that was topped off with a big black hat. Little Skyler was dressed in grey and looked to be in a good mood – obviously he hadn’t encountered any hysterical holiday shoppers just yet. Or isn’t privy to the ongoing drama between his famous mom and her ex assistant Brad Goreski.

The professional couple ended their longtime working relationship in September, and on his new show Brad is speaking out about their seemingly acrimonious split. “We don’t speak to each other. I would love to be able to speak with her,” he says on his new show, It’s A Brad, Brad World. He also adds that people often ask if he’s met Skyler. His answer? “I have not seen the baby because I have not been invited.”

When pressed as to why he no longer speaks to Rachel, Brad says he has “an idea,” but thinks “those reasons are unjust.”

“I think I have conducted myself with honesty, with dignity and with grace,” he continues. “And I will continue to do so no matter what is said about me.”

What do you think?

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    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a child out shopping. He gets some fresh air, gets to watch and learn from unfamiliar surroundings. He gets to watch people socialising and communicating. Lots of stimulus for a 9 month old in my opinion. Just a shame that she never seems to enjoy his company and interact with him much. But we only see them out in public which is probably 2 out of 24 hours in the day.

    • At least Rachel is spending lots of time with her son, no doubt you’d be complaining if he was out with the nanny…can’t win can she.

    • He’s an infant. Do you actually think it matters where she goes with him? It’s not like he can do anything other than be carried around, no matter where they are.

  1. How come whenever there is something posted about this woman on this website, there are ALWAYS negative and sarcastic comments said about her? I don’t know much about this woman, so I would like to know what about her is deserving of these statements.

    • Although I haven’t commented on her myself, I have read the comments and know what you mean. She’s just an “easy” target I guess — she’s not particularly attractive like most of the celebs on here and despite being a stylist, she always looks unkempt and sloppy. I think what probably makes matters worse is the fact that she always looks miserable and mean.

    • I honestly can’t figure that out myself. I think it goes beyond a celebrity not being “popular”.

      My guess: People don’t think she deserves her success for whatever reason. They don’t think she’s what? Attractive enough? Talented enough? Nice enough? So they rip apart her face, her body, her skin, her hair, her clothes, her marriage, her parenting skills, her show, her clients, etc etc etc (ad naseum).

      Once you get on the bad side of this gang, watch out!

      • It’s kind of hard to pass judgment on someone’s marriage and parenting skills based on some candid photographs. However, her appearance speaks for itself – the camera doesn’t lie.

        • I wish someone would just look at the first photo posted, the big one, and tell me exactly what is wrong with her appearance here? She looks fine to me.

      • Janna, I think there are plenty of other celebs who have had far worse (and unwarranted) things said about them on this site and I’ve yet to see you defending them. I guess RAchel Zoe must have a special place in your heart.

        You are quite adept at criticizing and heaping scorn on others yourself, only you tend to pick on other posters rather than celebs. Interesting…

  2. Shopping is part of her job. Hey,she and her husband work and support others. They are not getting government help. Her child is loved and cared for. How is any of that a bad thing?

    • Maybe it’s because she doesn’t slap on layers of make up to cover up her wrinkles like Gwen Stefani. If some of these celebs – like Gwen – had a more natural look like Rachel, they would probably look years older than her.

  3. Gawd, what is her style? Help me out here- I don’t get it. She is frumpy – and looks like she’s related to the Olsen twins. He hair is so bad and it drags her face down which makes her look even older than she “claims” to be.
    Unless your name is Cindy Crawford, long hair past the age of 40 is a big no no.

  4. I can’t believe this woman is PAID to provide advice on fashion and style – she’s a hot mess! Hair, face, clothes, where to start? She looks like an ancient flower child from the 60’s.

    She should get in touch with someone like Gwen Stefani for advice on make up and dressing well — incredibly, Gwen is older than her but looks a decade younger.

    • Gwen Stefani? For advice on makeup? Like how many coats of spackle you should put on your face before you start painting it with black rims around your eyes and unnatural reds on your lips?

      Gwen Stefani? OMG, that’s funny!

      • I wish people would make up their minds – Gwen is one of the most popular celebs on this site and a lot of it has to do with her clothes, make up etc. Now people are turning against HER? And for an old hag like Zoe?

  5. Don’t be hating. I love RZ. She is adorable. Her style is 70’s Paris. Her hubby is a cutie pie, and clearly is very in love with her, and the baby is a sweetie. She seems (basing my opinion from watching her show) to have a quiet confidence about her that is soft and gentle. She runs around ‘crazy’ and says she is freaking out, but always gets the job done and very well too. Personally, I like it when she lets own her guard on the show. She was so sweet during her pregnancy and birth of her baby. Congrats to her and Rodger!

  6. I don’t know much about this women either but she somehow ruffs feathers a lot. All I will say is, none of you have to worry about her style she’s not styling YOU! Most celebs have the worst sense of fashion imo but I dont knock them for it bc I Hollywood is on another realm that most of us are not.
    Her baby is super adorable! I suggest if it bugs you to see a women shopping to just skip over her post. I mean everyone is entitled to an opinion but after awhile it’s like beating a dead horse!

  7. I can’t believe she is a stylist! Have great big flares come back in? And they don’t even fit around the crotch area. Don’t really like anything she is wearing apart from the biker jacket, that’s OK, and hopefully the sunglasses are functional. The kid is cute though and looks happy and healthy.

  8. Rachel always looks unhealthy and haggard. It’s amazing that she is a stylist. She is always wearing clothes that are huge on her and looks like a scarecrow. And what has happened to her mouth area? She has jowls and enough wrinkles for a 70 year old. Yuch!

  9. Another poster said she’s 40 … how can this be true???? Put her side by side with other celebs in that age range (and older) and she sticks out like a sore thumb and looks much, much older.

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