Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Family Night Out

Top Gun alum Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes were spotted taking their adorable 5-year-old daughter Suri out to see a performance of the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center in New York City on Friday (December 16).

Suri looked like she was all ready for her night out donning a warm fur coat, pink silk looking dress and her signature open toed heels! The power family sure seem to be enjoying their time together in the Big Apple.

The doting dad has reportedly been giving father-to-be Jay-Z some advice about protecting his family! He has been asking Tom his opinion on which bulletproof vehicle to buy to protect wife Beyoncé and their unborn baby.

The rapper is apparently worried about his family’s safety after Beyoncé gives birth to their first child. So who better to ask than Hollywood’s number one action man for top shelf tips.

“Jay is looking at action-movie style vehicles like Tom’s and wants to make sure they are bullet-proof and 100 per cent safe,”a source reports.

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  1. “Top Gun alum Tom Cruise”??? Are you kidding me? First off, unlike a lot of the so-called celebs featured here, it’s a safe assumption that everyone knows who he is by name alone, but Top Gun???? That movie was released around 25 years ago and he has released numerous films since then. Come on, really?

    • This site always does that….they call Katie Holmes, “dawsons creek alum”. And yes, she has done many movies since then, regardless if you liked them or they were blockbusters. I think they should just refer to these two as “Suri Cruise’s parents.” She gets more publicity than they do.

  2. They can not deceive people that they are a happy family: Katie always have such miserable face (fake forcible smile, sad eyes). You can see that she is under control of that scientologist freak (just have a look at his eyes – the eyes are the mirror of the soul). And that poor kid is always moody or histerical..look at these pictures of Suri walking around in without socks in summer dress and open toe shoes with higher heels – December in New York. Sad thing is that this guy has money and power and obviously can cover up his sicko behavior…something wrong is going on here….SOMETHING VERY WRONG…poor kid.

  3. Oh please. These photos are just disturbing. Katie always looks miserable and so does Suri. Cruise and his egocentric behavior obviously makes for a happy family life – “‘not”. People need to quit buying into Cruise’s fake happy family show and actually look at the faces of those around him. Alot of us are intelligent enough to see all the signs. The rest, well are to blind to see past Cruise’s egocentric garbage.

    • I don’t know about you, but most of us would probably look miserable too if they were constantly followed and harassed by a gang of strange idiotic men with cameras.

    • We need to quit buying into his fake happy family show? And do what? Insist that they reveal the truth? Let us take their daughter away? Force them to divorce?

      You don’t get to decide who makes a family. They have theirs, it’s their choice to live as they see fit. You want me to come into your life and judge your family based on photos?

  4. pleased to see happines of your family. you are lucky people. the ideal partner. have a beautiful childs. affluent life. so i hope you happy happy always. greetings from me and my two children. for your family.. thnk you.

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