Tom Cruise: Suri Was Born With Style

Five-year-old Suri Cruise doesn’t just know good style, according to her superstar dad Tom Cruise, she was “born” with it.

“She was just born that way. I don’t know what to say,” the Mission: Impossible actor told Us Weekly on Monday (December 19). “She really creates her own outfits.”

From heels to faux fur, and everything in between, Cruise says that wife Katie Holmes, 33, has been a tremendous influence on Suri’s fashion sense.

“Katie has her create things and sew and stuff like that,” says Tom. “It’s kind of amazing. It’s beautiful. It’s really beautiful.”

And Suri isn’t the only one Katie’s helping out on the fashion front.

“Whatever my wife wants me to wear, I wear,” Cruise says of his red carpet attire. “It’s simple. She has amazing taste.”

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
premieres in theaters nationwide this week.

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  1. It isn’t beautiful, it’s terrifying. They’ve created a monster.
    Lol but seriously, just imagine how much of a drama queen she’s going to be when she’s older.
    And Suri’s outfit in that pic is waaay too inappropriate for NY weather this time of year. Kid’s gonna get hypothermia.

    • It’s 50 degrees in NY today. I think they’ve got some time before they have to worry about hypothermia setting in.


  2. I understand he loves his kid and everything she does, but Suri’s outfits are often the worst I’ve seen! Colors don’t match, the clothes are not pretty or anything special (and yes I can tell they are expensive), I could go on and on… Is Tom Cruise not aware that pretty much everyone laughs at his kid and their inability to parent? It’ll be a miracle if Suri Cruise turns into a somewhat normal adult.

  3. No child should ever be indulged like this. How about a $130K donation to a homeless, no kill animal shelter you spoiled little pos.

    • Did you honestly refer to a CHILD as a POS? What is wrong with you? I can’t believe you’re an adult! And you did so while asking for them to donate to charity? Charity starts at home… what about stopping that abusive language aimed at children-that would be a good new year’s resolution for you.

      • Anonymous, sometimes (it’s happening more and more unfortunately) on this site you get an oddball, inappropriate comment like that. I chalk it up to low intellect, immaturity or both —

  4. I am curious, why are all her dresses so short like she outgrew them years ago…. and why are her clothes never weather appropriate… even if it is warm in NYC this week you still need tights, leggings or socks it is winter after all. Her clothes are always for wrong season. Tom has ten layers on and she is wearing only a thin summer dress… very strange.

  5. All she ever wears is a dress, how is that “putting together an outfit”? It’s one clothing item. Wow, so amazing that a 5-year-old can put a dress on herself.

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