Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey Are Engaged!

This will be a Christmas to remember for Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey! On December 25, the 42-year-old actor asked his partner of five years to marry him – and it looks like she said yes!

Matthew hopped online to share his happy news: “Just asked camila to marry me, #MerryChristmas” he tweeted, along with a cute pic of he and his future wife, mid-smooch!

The couple met at a bar in 2006 and are parents to son Levi, 3, and daughter Vida, 2 next Tuesday.



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  1. about time – what’s with men today? You have to have multiple kids and live with them for years to realise you are good enough to marry – sheez

    • Has it occurred to your teeny, tiny mind that maybe it was HER who didn’t want to get married before now? Or that it was a mutual decision being made by the two people in that relationship, neither of which is YOU?

      You are a presumptous a$$.

      • You have the tiny mind it was Matthew that did not want to get married try reading his interviews. How can it take 5 years and 2 kids later to decided you want to marry someone just pure selfishness – some men these days are immature wimps.

    • Not every woman is waiting around in desperate hope that her man will propose! My partner and I have been together for twelve years, have two children and are planning more, and are completely committed to each other. I told him very early on that I didn’t believe in marriage, and he was happy not to get married, although he’s always said he’d be equally happy to marry if I ever change my mind. I can’t see that ever happening though, as I much prefer being referred to as a ‘partner’ rather than a ‘wife’, among other reasons. Maybe Camila felt the same up ’til now?

      • About 40% of kids in USA today are born to unmarried parents and a large % of those are not together and live on welfare and go on to have more siblings. You are the minority that actually have stayed together but I feel the commitment is to the child not to each other. I hope you do have a will because if your partner dies the legal stuff can get very messy!

        • I must give you praise for your insight. In reading just a short paragraph you were able to tell so much about this woman’s personal life. Very impressive!

          That said. Get over yourself. Who are you to say how committed she is to her partner & what ground do you have to stand on when you say that their commitment is to their children and not each other? Do you know this woman personally? Do you know her situation? My guess is no. Maybe you should save your drugstore psychology.

          One doesn’t need a piece of paper to prove their love and commitment to someone.

    • If the women put up with it it’s their own fault. I guess they only stay with them hoping they pop the question if it was me I would’ve left ages ago. A friend of mine waited 20 years lol.

  2. It’s about time. I didn’t think he’d ever marry her because like the old saying goes – why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free.

    • Is it only the woman who is the *cow* in your scenario? What a stupid, sexist expression. It would seem to me that that stupid saying ALWAYS implies that marriage is all in the MAN’S control, almost like she should be grateful he’ll even marry her after she’s given him her milk for free.


    • My Aunt said that very same statement lol – women these days give too much too men. If a man truly loved you he would want to marry you and not expect you to wait years and have several kids first. He’s just realised this is woman he wants to marry – some men these days have no backbone.

      • Its funny my mother and I were just talking about that saying “Why buy cow….”… I told her nowadays milk is NOT the sex… it is cleaning their houses, paying the bills and having and raising their children .
        I dont think marriage is necessary but I believe you should not treat your mate as a spouse unless they legally are… too much mess when you break up especially if there is kids and property involved. Marraige gives relationship LEGAL clarity.

  3. To those of you who keep saying “its about time”, I didn’t realize there was a limit as to how long two people could be a couple without having to making it legal?

    I’d better watch out, my boyfriend’s and my 5 year mark is approaching come April.

  4. Congratulations to them. And now to those who don’t feel marriage is necessary, then they need to have their paperwork in order. I’ve known two couples where one died without wills. One set of parents didn’t allow the girlfriend to even attend the funeral. As the legal next of kin they could do it. The other couple he had trouble getting to live in the house because she had bought it while single. I think he finally won because they had a son.

  5. Reading these commentaries is like opening a door to 1950. Are you serious we are still discussing if a legal wedding changes everything? Are you seriously saying that this family isn`t a real family until they sign a paper? My goodness.

  6. He better have a solid prenuptual contract. I wouldn’t trust her one minute. Unless they are planning to stay engaged forever. She is a fake — most of her friends from NY think so – many reasons why.

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