Gabriel Aubry Cuddles His Cutie

Three-year-old Nahla shared a cuddle with her doting dad Gabriel Aubry as the pair paid a visit to a park in Los Angeles, California today (December 28). So sweet!

Dressed down in matching jeans and plaid shirts for their weekend outing, the very cute daddy-daughter duo hit the playground, where Gabriel stayed close by as his adventurous preschooler raced around.

It’s been a couple of months since we last heard an update on the ongoing custody battle between Gabriel and Nahla’s mom Halle Berry. It was reported in October that a judge upheld a ruling stating that the majority of Gabriel’s time with his daughter must be supervised by a third party.

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    • @ Whatever….. really, ….. you had to use the H word?! You don’t know what happend in their relationship. Remember, a judge (after an investigation) determentd that Gabriel’s time with Nahla should be supervised. Their had to be an extremely good reason for such a ruling! I also like Gabe, and I also like Halle, but none of us know what happend. Oh and, I to had been in an inter-racial relationship inwhich my former beau called me and OUR son a negative racial epitaph! And he to had been, and is a wonderful father. His insult, shocked me to the core(even though he was VERY sorry afterward, and still is…. the deed was done) , fortunatly our son was too young to understand or remember the incident, so I chose to end the relationship, NEVER remind our 11 year old son about it, and hope that it never happens again. If it does, I’ll do anything, and everything to keep him away form our son until he’s old enough to make his own decisions about on visitation with his father. Also, I read in a Canadian publication, that Gabriel was raised in numerous foster homes, and has had behavioral and mental problems in the past. Maybe also in the present.

      I wish all three of them the very best:-)

      • @ Julia1234…….. so how long have you and Mr. Aubry been aquainted? Or should he inquire about a restraining order, a.s.a.p.?! I’m not sure that you read my comment thoroughly, or if english is not your first language, or if you just have anger issues, and an unhealthy fascination with Mr. Aubry,…. but I assure you, that I have NO ill feelings against him or Halle. I’m one of those who was sooooo hoping that they’d make it, even after their split!

        And you and others may not be aware that many, many Canadians share an extremely unhealthy, near hatred for Americans (I know because I was married to one, and lived there for several years with our son), and it is nurtured by every media source there, as well as in their schools, etc. Before moving there I had NO idea that such feelings existed. I mention this because, that may have played a part in there big blow up. I’ve also talked to other Americans in relationships (in therapy) with Canucks, and most experienced very similar anti-American behavior. If you don’t believe me… it! YOu’ll see/read exactly what I’m referring to! You’ll also be shocked at a lot of what you read about their hatred of Americans.

        Julia1234, YOU need to chill a bit, and remember that you’re just another commentor here, and NOT personally involved with Mr. Aubry, or his daughter. Just like me.

      • Julia, Julia, Julia! Calm down. I’m just giving my opinion. Just like you. Neither of us actually know Gabe or Halle, nor the whole story, so there’s no one-upping one another here.

        If a judge and judicial system determined that Mr. Auby’s visitation be supervised, there HAD to be a VERY good reason for it! Halle is a big star, but she’s not THAT big of a star! It’s obvious that you REALLY like Gabe, as do I (I was sssoooo hoping they’d get back together, and have more kids, even after there initial split), but liking him or hating Halle doesn’t mean that the courts descision was wrong or unfair…..does it? I actually like BOTH of them, and was so sad to see them split.

        I mentioned that many, many Canadians literally (claim, at least) to HATE Americans (I lived in Canada for a few years, was married to one, and endured unrelenting anti-American attacks, and am still recovering from the trauma), and I wonder if Gabe may have unleashed some of the same Anti-American rage on Halle, that my ex (and other Americans in relationships with Canadians have experienced the same) unleashed on me and our American born son. I don’t totally think that they know that they’re doing it, and if you check it out, you’ll find that all of their media sources, government, schools, etc. reinforce a dangerous, hostile and very sad anti-American attitude and mind set. If you don’t believe me,…..look it up! The internet is full of endless proof, and don’t forget to log on to Canadian news websites. And if the actual insulting anti-U.S. articles themselves, don’t shock you enough, the comments from Canadians will! And look out for American commentors who try to defend or defuse things, they get hammered with horrible insults regularly! Go ahead. Look it up. I know, I’m starating to sound nutty, but, I do think that maybe Gabe reacted negatively, partly due to years of anti-American brainwashing!

    • You have no idea what happened in this situation. Why would you *hate* someone you don’t even know and have no personal knowledge of their lives?

      • It’s your opinion? So what? Opinions can be criticized and flamed. If you don’t like that, don’t post it in a public place.

  1. How precious they are 🙂 Too bad for he and Halle didn’t make it as a couple. But they seem to be doing their best as single parents. I heard that Gabriel usually speaks to Nahla in french. And when he’s not around, Olivier can pick up where he left off with her french lessons.

  2. I’m just happy to see Nahla again!! She is truly a ray of sunshine : ) Gab is one good looking daddy… LOL

    They really do look so loving in these pictures. Nahla <3 Daddy and
    Daddy <3 Nahla .... So sweet.

  3. Gabe has to have a nanny when he takes Nahla out of the states but when they are in the states, no nanny required.

  4. (I lived in Canada for a few years, was married to one, and endured unrelenting anti-American attacks, and am still recovering from the trauma),

    O’ come on, it sounds to me that you are the one that creates trauma and drama.

  5. I am Canadian and making generalized accusations against either country (or any for that matter) is doing exactly as you are saying was done to you. Im not saying there isnt animosity and slurs that come from both our sides but not eveyone is the same. We also have wonderful friends from India who do not fit the stereotype many give them. I dont know either Halle or Gabriel but both come from challenging childhoods…so what? Many do and come out just fine. Halle does have more money, power and friends in high places to influence situations. This is fact. Im not saying she misused it for Nahla, but with her daughter she would be highly motivated to for many reasons. I also hope for their daughter’s sake something fair FOR HER can be worked out because she obviously loves her dad and vice versa.

    Now let’s all relax and focus on our own lives and enjoy the end of the holidays!

  6. Has anyone out there taken the time to google Canadian anti-Americanism like I suggested? If you do, you’ll see exactly what I’m driving at. Otherwise, please don’t judge me so harshly, …… just look it up, then you’ll understand.

  7. The photo of them where they are cuddling is so precious, it’s clear he adores his daughter and she adores her daddy!…Honestly, I think the media has blown it all out of proportion and made it sound worse than it probably isn’t…Surely, they wouldn’t assign a nanny if something serious was up instead they would have had a person assigned from the courts monitoring him and maybe they didn’t want to disrupt the current arrangements…I hope Gabriel and Halle can get on for the sake of little Nahla, put aside their differences for good and no mudslinging in public at all…xx

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