Rachel Zoe’s Star-Studded Getaway

It was a fashion reunion in Caribbean vacation spot St. Barth’s yesterday as celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her family lounged seaside with designer Marc Jacobs and his ex Lorenzo Martone (December 27).

It was Rachel’s 9-month-old son Skyler, looking adorable in his beach wear, who stole the show, though. After Lorenzo spent some time showering the stylish tot with affection, Rachel and her husband Rodger Berman took him down to the water for a quick family photo shoot.

Rachel and Marc are just a couple of celebrities vacationing on the French isle at the moment: We spotted Jon Bon Jovi as well as Stephanie Seymour and their families there as well over the holidays.


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  1. A smiling Rachel; the list of pointless things people can rip her for is certainly getting smaller. My guess is that the anti-Zoe people will start obsessing over whether the kid is wearing sunscreen but then again, there are always a bunch of people upset at how that kid isn’t wearing sunglasses, too, so it’s hard to know exactly where the criticisms where go. Oh, and that shoulder blade looks pretty skinnny, so maybe people will skip the happy baby entirely and go straight for anorexia. Hard to know.

    • I agree that people seem to get irrational and say negative things but with a comment like this, you are not helping the cause!! Why not say something nice and leave it at that. Your comment leaves as bitter a taste as some of the haters out there!!

  2. Maybe it’ll be that her baby is too skinny, because I’ve seen that one.

    Or that her clothes are ugly, because lots of the style icons posting on this website are forever harping on her clothes. Maybe these loungy beachwear dresses will set them off?

    Or how about the ones that accuse her of not holding her baby in the majority of photos? Because you know, she clearly doesn’t want a baby {sarcasm}.

    • Give it a rest Janna. Do you ever say anything positive? You seem like you are always on a crusade. If the moderators find the posts to be objectionable, hateful, etc. , they will not allow them to appear.

      • Look back at all the Rachel Zoe posts. The people who post here say horrible things about every aspect of her life, looks and family. Yet somehow, you ONLY object when someone points out how ridiculous those people are? Maybe the reason those people DIDN’T post their nonsense on this article is because two other posters pointed out how stupid they all sound.

        Your entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else, including Janna.

      • Why don’t the vicious posters give it a rest? They seem like they’re always on a crusade against Rachel Zoe. If you find a post objectionable, hateful, etc, you a free to NOT READ IT!

  3. I dunno.. I think Lorenzo’s bulge is pretty distracting. Nannies have some major perks working for the rich and fabulous. Marc Jacobs is a fashion GOD.

  4. Why is ANYONE obsessed with her????-get a life anonymous, why do you feel the need to defend this boring “celebrity”????

  5. To Janna/Anonymous 1,2,3… Compared to what some “celebs” have had to endure, I think RAchel Zoe got off easy -maybe you should save your sympathy for them.
    While I agree that it’s pathetic to make disparaging comments about a baby, negative or critical remarks about a star or celeb are par for the course on a site that invites comments. I don’t care how she parents her child – that’s her business – but I have to agree with previous comments that state that she looks old, emaciated and seems to have a less than pleasant disposition.

    • Why should anyone have to “endure” just gross pettiness and bullying?

      It says a lot about you that you would stop what you’re doing and go online to post nasty things about a woman you don’t know.

      Has the entire world just gone crazy? Whatever happened to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? How would you feel if someone said things like this to (or about) your child? It’s just sick.

  6. Hopefully she won’t be photographed in a bikini for all the world to see her cadaverous physique like she did on a previous trip!

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