Anthony Kiedis & Everly Are A Couple Of Caribbean Cuties

What a couple of beach babes.

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis was spotted enjoying the beautiful St. Barts sun and sand with his gorgeous little guy Everly Bear, 4, on Thursday (December 29).

The father-son duo were laughing and smiling as they played in the surf and seemed to have a blast tossing buckets of water at one another. Doting daddy Anthony stopped the fun at one point to make sure his son’s hat was sitting properly on his head. Looks like little Everly is still sporting his father’s former signature long locks.

The 49-year-old singer recently opened up about how he feels about fatherhood.

“The greatest thing for me was becoming a dad and the really good fortune of not having to work or go on the road for the first two years of my son’s life.” he says.

“I recently moved to the seashore and having this little person in my arms walking through the sand dunes looking at the ocean was just what the doctor ordered. It was a reawakening for me in terms of being an elated human being.”

Everly’s mom is Anthony’s ex Heather Christie.

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    • Agreed, I’m a girl and I’ve never had my hair that long. I remember always putting up a fuss when my mum tried to comb out the tangles… perhaps Everly isn’t bothered.

  1. The “boys should have short hair” comments are getting kind of old. Some boys have long hair. Get over it. Everly is happy and gorgeous and his hair looks fantastic on him.

  2. Some boys “have long hair” because their parents don’t cut it.
    When their hair gets too long and to the point where people can’t decide their gender, then that’s a problem. Children like him will be picked on in school and bullied but of course you don’t care because it’s not your kid.

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