Marla Sokoloff: A Drug Free Birth Is Likely Not “In The Cards For Me”

Actress and musician Marla Sokoloff is set to welcome her first child – a girl – at the end of this month. The mom-to-be tells Celebrity Baby Scoop about her latest flick, The Chateau Meroux, a romantic comedy about California wine country available on DVD Tuesday, January 3rd.

The Practice alum also opens up about feeling “pretty good” in the home stretch of her first pregnancy, her excitement to become a mom, and her low-key birth plan: “I’m not one of those pregnant women who have a 40-page birth plan ready to go.” Continue reading about Marla’s first pregnancy, her hopes for a natural birth, and her new flick.

CBS: Tell us about your new film, The Chateau Meroux. What do you like best about this film and your role?

MS: “I play Wendy, a city girl who struggles with both her professional and personal life. She gets a giant wake up call when her estranged father suddenly passes away and leaves her his winery. She is obviously very unprepared for this responsibility so she’s undecided on what to do with this newfound business. There is also a sweet love story element to it so there’s a lot going on. Oh and I get to kiss Barry Watson which is a big plus. It’s available on DVD on January 3rd.”

CBS: You’re in your third trimester of your first pregnancy! How are you feeling?

MS: “I feel pretty good! Sleeping isn’t really happening anymore but other than that I’m happy.”

CBS: When are you due?

MS: “End of January.”

CBS: You’re expecting a girl! Do you have any names picked out?

MS: “We do but we’re keeping it a secret. We love the name so much and came up with it super early and just decided to not allow any opinions weigh in. Our families are starting to get a little bitter about it.”

CBS: Do you have a birth plan? Are you hoping for a natural birth? Are you planning a hospital birth/home birth?

MS: “My birth plan is simply getting her out safely! I’m not one of those pregnant women who have a 40-page birth plan ready to go. One of my best friends had it all planned out then wound up having an emergency C-section, so you really never know. I’m really trying to go with the flow the best I can in every capacity of pregnancy. Not to say I’m being flippant about the process – I’ve definitely thought about it and educated myself on labor and delivery. I trust my doctor 100% so that is also giving me the confidence to take this on without added anxiety.

I plan on delivering in the hospital and would LOVE to tell you that it will be a drug free experience, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for me.”

CBS: What are you most excited about in becoming a mom? Do you feel ready?

MS: “I’m most excited to hold this little girl! I dream about it all day long. Every time I walk into her nursery I feel so emotional because I just can’t wait for her to get here. I feel as ready as I can be. I’ve never done this before so I have no clue what being ready entails. But whatever it is, I’m super excited for it.”

CBS: What did you do for the holidays? Did you stay close to home in case baby arrived?

MS: “[Stayed] in town for sure and just [spent] time with friends and family before we disappear into the baby bunker.”

CBS: Do you plan to take a maternity leave? What’s up next for you after baby arrives?

MS: “I hear the first 3 months are super intense and the most trying, so I will most likely get through that phase and then get back to work. If something were to come up sooner I of course would be happy to do it. I will just need a minute to get back to my fighting weight!”

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  1. She’s so sweet and likable. However she chooses to birth her baby (which really isn’t anyone’s business), I wish her nothing but the best for a healthy and safe delivery.

  2. Good for her for being honest about the fact that you don’t have to kill yourself during labor just to say you did it drug free.

    • “Killing yourself in labor”? Are you serious? Just because a woman opts to go drug-free doesn’t mean she’s some sort of martyr who’s “killing herself in labor” just so she can say it. You’re ignorant! Women who choose to have unmedicated labors typically do it for their own health benefits and the health of their baby. Not everyone wants to rely on drugs and just as people should respect women who choose medicated births, people should also show respect for women who choose natural births. Instead of slamming a woman for unmedicated births, grow a few brain cells and COMMEND her. Idiot.

      • Settle down. I didn’t say ALL women chose unmedicated labors to be martyrs but some certainly do.

        Also, I like how you tell me to respect women on each side of the argument yet call me an idiot. It really helps me take you seriously.

  3. Anonymous 2:14@ calm down Anonymous 1:24 made a simple comment and your getting all bent out of shape because of it, we can clearly see your views on the matter.

    P.S. The name calling was unnecessary, childess and uncalled for.

  4. Yeah it’s mind boggling that people throw the word “idiot” around so lightly. It’s quite offensive. Would you say it to the person’s face? probably not.

    Anyways…..I think she’s smart for not getting to overwhelmed with the birthing plan. So many women do and when it doesn’t go as planned they are an emotional wreck and feel like they failed at something. Having a baby no matter if it’s drug free, full of drugs or a c-section is hard work! All that matters is a healthy mom and a healthy baby.
    I can understand about keepin the name a secret. So many people do have opinions and it can sway you. Once it’s signed and sealed they can say what they want but it’s not gonna change! 🙂

  5. Not that this Marla woman said it, but she reminded me of these women who say “Oh I couldn’t ever do it naturally, I reeaaally hate pain, I mean really hate it” – i ahve heard that so much, and you just feel like saying “Oh relly? Because I just love it! I went through 12 hours of natural excruciating labour because I just loooove pain”.

    I can say I have been on BOTH sides – I am VERY pro natural birth, but I am not ashamed to say that with my second child I felt I had to choose an epidural, in the situation I was put in.

    I never put down a woman who chooses epidurals – but I cannot stand it when people who DO choose epidurals try to make themself feel better about their choice by making it seem like the women who do it naturally are doing it because they want to BRAG about it, and shove it in peoples faces – NO! If you KNEW the pain of natural birth, you would KNOW that no woman would put herself thriugh that just to brag about it – she does it for the sake of her baby (it is MUCH safer – and you CAN not deny that) – and the fact that she talks about it is because it was a massively profound thing to go through – as is a medicated birth, but anyone who has been through both knows that a long and painful natural birth is a much more profound experience than a medicated one.

    • Please provide references to the scientific data which supports your assertion that “it is MUCH safer” to deliver without an epidural. I find it hard to believe that hospitals would be so “pro-epidural” if it makes labor and delivery MUCH more dangerous to the mother and the baby. They pay a fortune for medical malpractice insurance. Not looking to argue, just wondering where you got your information.

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