Denise Richards On Losing Her Mother To Kidney Cancer

Denise Richards is well known for her high-profile divorce from Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen. But the 40-year-old single mom-of-three says her biggest heartbreak was the death of her mother Joni to kidney cancer. “We never gave up hope,” Denise tells Living With Cancer‘s latest edition. The actress/author opens up about her mother’s battle with cancer, how she tells her daughters “stories to keep [grandma’s] memory alive,” and her ex-boyfriend Richie Sambora who helped her through that difficult time.

On raising her daughters without her mother: “Eloise [6 months] is the first grand-baby who didn’t get to meet my mom,” Denise shares. “My mom had helped me with both of my older girls [Sam, 7, and Lola, 6, her daughters with Charlie]. She was at the hospital [when they were born], and she stayed with us for a while. There are many conversations I would have loved to have with her.”

On never losing hope: “Even though deep down I knew [my mom was going to die], I still had hope that maybe it wouldn’t happen. And I think that hope helped her. If you lose hope, your loved one loses hope too.”

On leaning on then-boyfriend Richie Sambora, whose father was also undergoing cancer treatments: “It was our biggest bond. We were able to be each other’s rock – moments I was sad, he was there, and vice versa. It was very helpful.”

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  1. I’ve always really liked her (save for the whole did she/didn’t she steal richie from heather of course)… She’s come a long way from those nasty back and forth verbal spats while divorcing charlie.. I rememer certain media outlets semi-siding with charlie and painting her in a terrible trashy light -and she always kept it together. Years later look- she seems like a great loving mom and charlie is the psycho warlock

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