Angelina Jolie & Her Boys: Toy Store Fun

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After a lunch date at McDonald’s, A-list mama Angelina Jolie and her two eldest sons Maddox, 10 , and Pax, 8, were snapped shopping at a local party supply store in Hollywood, Calif. today (January 6) and emerging with an interesting purchase – a toy rifle.

The In The Land Of Blood And Honey director, 36, can be seen smiling as a camouflage-clad Pax aims the toy gun directly at the snapping paparazzi.

A photographer on the scene today tells X17online exclusively that, “Angelina was in a great mood — she couldn’t stop smiling, and she had a great time with her boys.”

It seems like we just can’t get enough of the Jolie-Pitt family. According the Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards, the famous family-of-six won the favorite family with multiples category! They also placed second in the favorite celebrity family category. Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt came in second in the favorite celebrity parents category while Angelina placed third in the favorite celebrity mom category. Sweet Shiloh, 5, won the favorite celebrity kid category.

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  1. I’ve seen people in another site arguing ferociously about the issue showed in the picture. A little boy playing with toy guns. I particularly don’t see any problem with it but I was worried about how wild people in the discussion I was reading were being, I can imagine what these people would do if the debate was happening in real life and if they were carrying real guns. Hopefully good sense, good education, good fast thinking and anything good inside of these people would stop them of killing each other for something so silly.

    I don’t think Pax will become a trouble teenager or adult just because of playing with toy guns. All the men I know played with them and they turned very well. I’m a woman and when I was a girl I loved playing with toy guns. There are many issues that affect somebody’s behavior in teenager and adulthood years that happened while they were kids, I don’t think toy guns could be used as an example of Evil.

    One person claim toy guns were dangerous as real guns. Yes, depending on the circumstances. If a child is carrying one and unfortunately he/she is inside of an unfortunate occasion like a police action there is the possibility of something bad happen.

    I’v read people claim that kids who play with toy guns will become criminals. Seriously? There’s no other way to save any kids.

    • I fogot to mention something very important. I am against guns which shoot objects that can gravely injury but they do not kill, these ones are frequently called toy guns. These ones should be controlled by the authorities and responsible adults.

  2. I don’t particularly like guns however boys will be boys. You really can’t stop them from turning something into a weapon. I know so many little boys who will make gun noises with pencils or sticks or make guns out of legos. IT’s really just nature for boys to want to act tough.

  3. He has water gun and other site have picture where it looks like the paparazzi was play with him and he presented like they got him, its a toy and he know what real guns can do he has been to refugee camps so people need to calm down.

  4. the pic of him aiming at the paps is disturbing… almost like he has an evil look in his eyes. yes it’s prob a joke/way to say “back off” – but at 1st glance, it is disturbing.

    • It doesn’t look disturbing to me – he has a toy gun, the paparazzi are a nuisance to him so he playfully aims it at them.
      Also I’m against toy guns too, water pistols are fine if that’s what it is.

    • I actually think he looks like a little boy playing army. Squinting eyes to make his shot. My son is 8 and is constantly turning any household item into a play weapon but he is also the sweetest most gentle boy you could ever meet (would not hurt and fly BUT he is all boy)
      What I found odd about picture is that party store packs purchases in HEFTY bags. ha ha

  5. LOVE IT!
    Thank you, Angelina, for letting your son act like a boy. So many mothers these days try to feminize their boys. Mine play with toy trucks, guns, and superheroes!

  6. First wearing army clothes and guns looks horrible on kids, seconly and most importantly at that young age their imagination it’s wild, kids think they are playing with the real thing and that’s why I think is disturbing.

  7. Running around & playing super-soaker wars with my brothers & the other neighborhood kids is easily one of my fondest childhood memories. We literally had the time of our lives on those hot summer days. I don’t recall ever thinking anything malicious while playing & our mothers explained the difference between our toy guns & real guns once we were old enough to understand. Heck, even sticks were turned into swords, spears, wands, or guns when we really let our imaginations run wild!

    He’s clearly just being a little kid (I won’t say boy specifically, since I acted similarly & I was a girl) & I commend Angelina for letting him enjoy his childhood. And when you consider the many refugee camps Angie visits, I’m sure she has explained the difference them just like our mothers did.

  8. i don’t really like toy guys either, but i know that kids in general will turn everything into a gun. so i think its better to let them play with a toy gun as long as the implications and dangers of real guns are discussed and understood. also i’d have an issue with them pointing it at a living thing, but thats just me to each their own.

  9. Anonymous4:50@ as someone already said Angenline has taken the her kids to refugee camps and she has said she talk to her kids about her humanitarian work, so her kids know their not playing with the real thing and already know what real guns can do. Here is the photo the other post was talking about

    See he play with them nothing he not taking it seriously. I do get where your coming from but that a parent job is to educate their kids on the effect real guns can have so they know the deferents between real and play guns.

  10. Running@ you just brought back a fond memory for me to playing with my sister and friends with super-soakers as kids and yes we to knew the difference. My sisters kids play with water guns also and her oldest kid father was killed by a gun when my niece was a week old and my sister still let’s her kids play with water guns and I allow my kids to play with them too we just taught our kids the differents.

    P.S. my sister also a vegetarian.

  11. Anonymous 6:54@ what are you talking about and are you calling an 8 year old you’ve never meet a Douchebags if you are not only was that uncalled for but you should take a look in the mirror.

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