Bristol Palin: Levi Johnston Is “Not Using His Visitation, Not Paying Child Support”

Bristol Palin, 21, had a life-changing experience on Dancing With the Stars, but she quickly realized life in the spotlight wasn’t all glitz and glamor.

The turning point came last September, when she was harassed at the Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles by a man who hurled nasty insults at her about her famous family, In Touch reports. She soon realized she was done with showbiz and living in Tinseltown. “I wasn’t really into the Hollywood thing,” she says. “After that, I just realized that I was over it. I was ready to come home.”

Bristol wanted to move back to Alaska for the sake of her 3-year-old son Tripp. “He’s going to be starting preschool soon, so we needed to settle into a routine,” she says. “When we’re here, Tripp is outside all the time… his cheeks are always bright red!”

Bristol and Tripp headed back to Wasilla and temporarily moved into the apartment under her mom’s TV studio on their property. “It’s great having Bristol here,” Sarah Palin tells the magazine. “She makes good decisions, and she’s always thinking long-term about her and Tripp’s future.”

Though Bristol has the full support of her family, she’s still getting no help from Tripp’s father, former fiancé Levi Johnston, whom she often sees driving around town in his truck. “He’s not using his visitation, and he’s not paying his child support,” Bristol says.


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  1. Bristol is a liar. She was court ordered to let Tripp see his father’s family over Christmas, and she never brought him over. COURT ORDERED. She uses her kid as a shield just like her mother. And she is no celebrity. Is this a political blog now? Seriously, the only reason she was relevant is because Sarah Palin is her mother. Otherwise, who cares?

    I am truly disgusted that you keep featuring this fraud. Trust me, left or right, you start featuring divisive people like her, and you will lose more viewers.

    • Since you know so much……. I presume that the baby’s father knows where he lives. If the mother didn’t bring him to the father’s, what happened when the father showed up at her house to get the baby?

  2. Wah Wah Wah! She’s done with the spotlight until she needs more plastic surgery! Do not want to be responding about this idiot let alone reading about her, but now that I have..deep breath in…deep breath out…I erase her from my mind! I hope she ans the Kardashians just..spontaneously combust!

  3. I always knew Levi was just using her for fame and money. Anyways i always hear the ” he’s not using his visitation and he’s not paying child support” all the time. I think a lot of men just don’t care about children or even their children yet women are almost always caring about their children and always stepping up to be mothers. However that doesn’t leave women off the hook of “poor me and kid” you CHOSE to sleep with that man and have a baby with him whether intentional or not it’s your fault too for picking out a loser as a father for your child. Now a child is going to grow up without one parent because you couldn’t choose a better partner.

  4. I wonder how the first Anonymous knows she was court ordered and never brought him over? Is the person related to Levi? Interesting.

    And the reason why she is probably featured here because she was on dancing with the stars. This article has nothing to do with politics.

    I’m thinking Levi is just upset because his whole posing nude thing didn’t work out for him. 🙂

    • A relative of Levi’s posted it on her facebook page and then several news outlets picked the story up from there. I’m not sure if it’s true or not though.

  5. She also ran to anther magazine saying that she not sleeping with her new boyfriend, know one care I wonder why she felt the world had to know. About a month ago she was trying to get another reality show I guess her last reality show with one of the people from Disney feel though, I don’t think it ever aired which was months after Dancing With the Stars did she forget about that reality show or does she not consider that part of Hollywood. The girl does lie amd twist the truth to fit what ever story she telling at the moment. So who knows if this is true or not I just wish they would both go away and take care of their kid.

    Tiff@ my guess would be that maybe the first Anonymous lives in Alaska their everybody knows everybody’s business especially when it with someone like the Palin’s.

    • If you are paying so much attention to Bristol Palin that you can point out 3 lies she’s told in detail, you are paying waaaaaay too much attention to Bristol Palin.

      Imma just sayin’……

  6. It may have been court ordered that the baby would have time with Levi and/or his family, but it sure as hell wasn’t her responsibility to take him over there. My husband shares his son with his ex and the judge wrote in the order that whoever’s house the child is going to, that parent picks him up. So dad goes to get him on Friday and mom comes to pick him up on Sunday.

  7. Anonymous 6:05pm@ your right you could post anything on anyone’s Facebook page. Just like she can say anything in a magazine dosen’t make it true ether.

  8. We all KNOW Levi is an immature loser who does not take being a dad seriously.
    Most young unmarried men don’t. She can support him just fine and wait until the right man comes along and that man can help raise Tripp and be the dad he wwill need as he grows up.

  9. He’s got a truck; if he wanted to see his kid then he can damn well drive over and pick him up. No court order forces one parent to deliver a child to the other when they are living in the same city.

    Interesting that those whining about how she didn’t deliver the child don’t bother to defend him for paying no child support. That point is very conveniently ignored.

    I don’t care about either one of them but I’m also not going to hate on her because I don’t like her mother.

  10. Well, that’s even funnier than. You read two “stories” about Bristol Palin today, decided that both of them showed how she was liar, came to a Celebrity Baby web site and had to share that revelation with the world?

    I read on a website today that Elvis is still alive. I know it’s true because I read another story about him being alive, too! ELVIS IS ALIVE, I TELL YOU!


    • Where do you see that in the article? Looks like a pretty happy mom and kid in that picture. At no point do I see where she’s regretting having had him or says anything that would lead one to that conclusion.

  11. Whatever happened to that unbelievable TV show where she and the baby move in with two black guys? I bet that thing never gets shown, and for good reason. If that’s the kind of show biz offers she was getting, it’s a good thing she went back to Alaska. Too bad she ruined her face during her stint in Hollywood. Yeah, her good decisions are really starting to mount up. She’s got a lot of mileage on her for being just 21 years old.

  12. how can Levi see the kid, she lives out of state and in TV reality world. I guess he is supposed to revert to her schedule. Sure make him pay child support to a baby mama that has made millions of dollars off of her out of wedlock mother status. She does not need Levi’s money and she was never marriage material anyway. Sure Levi is flawed but it is not all on him, where are her faults magnified? He is supposed to be perfect and he never had a chance. I am not a Levi fan but Bristol has behaved very badly and her decisions have been for her celebrity and that celebrity is that she is an unwed mother. Her family stands behind her. What are their values anyway. Why didn’t Marie Claire give him a contract to speak to unwed fatherhood?

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