Jessica Simpson Rocks Her Heels in Hollywood

It looks like expecting mama Jessica Simpson has traded conservative and comfy maternity wear for form-fitting attire and high heels.

The 31-year-old singer – who is expecting her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson in the next few months – was spotted out and about in true Hollywood fashion on Thursday (January 5) in Los Angeles, Calif. donning a skin tight, animal print dress that hugged her burgeoning baby bump and a pair of towering platform heels. Her blonde locks were curled nicely and her make up looked impeccable as she stepped out in the Los Angeles area.

It looks as though the mom-to-be has been talking body image with another one of Hollywood’s famous Jessicas’ – Jessica Alba.

After the svelte Valentine’s Day star revealed her fit post-baby body while on vacation in a flattering two-piece swimsuit, her figure earned the admiration of Jess Simpson, who tweeted: “New goal: look like @jessicaalba after baby. Job well done lady!”

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  1. Had to be rude but that dress is the worst dress I have ever seen…even if she was not having a baby it is still ugly….

  2. I feel so sorry for this little baby being born as the offspring of jessica simpson. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance!

  3. i feel for her, really so many people talking about ur weight ALL the time, people seem 2 forget how short she is, she is like 5ft..of course she’s going to look “big” prego- baby has no where else to go…lol i wish her the best, she seems very happy in pics..being pregnant does suit her!

  4. GAG! I am so sick of these stars walking around in sky high heels while pregnant. What in GODS name are they trying to prove? She looks ridiculous!!! Accept the fact that your almost ready to give birth and dress comfortably.

  5. I don’t hate her or anything over the top like that but I am greatly annoyed by the obvious fact that she is terminally vain. She is pregnant and pregnant is a beautiful thing. She doesn’t need the skin tight (ugly) dress and she sure doesn’t need those ridiculously high heels. My OB/gyn told me that high heels are unhealthy for a pregnant woman’s leg veins. He also said that pregnant women should never wear high heels after the belly becomes large because a woman’s balance is often off by that point and they fall much more easily which could not only hurt them, but more importantly, could tragically harm the baby. For Jessica or any other woman to fail to be able to get over themselves and their immature, myopic need to feel “hot” for a mere 6 months or so is ludicrous and definitively irresponsible. If your high heels and tight dresses are still your priority even in pregnancy, then you are not ready for the selfless job of motherhood. Sorry to be so harsh but that’s my view on the matter. Wear whatever you want when it involves only you but once you have a child onboard, you put that child’s well being first and you don’t haggle with the statistics. You take the better safe than sorry route and have it over with.

  6. I think if you wear sky-high heels everyday and are more used to them than flats or low heels, then why not wear them when pregnant. I have known girls who crave sky-high heels when pregnant, more so than normal. You don’t have to be a heel wearer to trip or fall. Anyone can trip up or fall down even in bare feet. It all comes down to what you are used to wearing as everyday footwear. The safest shoe for use during pregnancy are the ones you would wear everyday, and are fully used to wearing. It would be very different if you never wore heels normally, but due to pregnancy you craved them. Then & only then would I recommend that you resist your cravings.

  7. I think she needs to get over herself…she will probably have her baby removed from her by a scheduled C SEC for reasons none other than she doesn’t want to sweat or stretch her vag…she will say it was because the baby was “breech”. She will have 3 full time 24 hour a day nurses. One for the for her.. and one for her baby’s father…..We call THIS a mother???? HA HA And NO it has nothing to do with affordability, it is because they are ignorant southern trash

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