Heidi Klum & Kids: Playground Pals

Model Heidi Klum was seen taking advantage of a beautiful Brentwood, Calif. day at a local park with her beautiful brood Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2 on Saturday (January 7).

Leni and Johan enjoyed playing together in the sand while mama and darling little Lou took a time out to partake in a snuggle. Check out Henry’s mohawk! It looks like all the kiddos had their Uggs on for today’s adventure. Leni and Lou even donned an adorable pair of matching ladybug boots.

Heidi recently graced the prestigious stage of The Price Is Right on Celebrity Charity Week. Celebrites and audience members teamed up to win various cash and item prizes in celebration of the 40th season of the famed game show. While audience members were competing to take home their winnings, Heidi was competing for charity.

“It was awesome to be here on The Price Is Right,”Heidi says.

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  1. Oh My Goodness!! All kinds of preciousness is going on here!! Is it me? Or can anyone else just feel the LOVE Heidi has for her children?!! I love these pictures. Heidi lets the children be comfortable in what they want to wear, and they are adorable doing it. Though you can only see the back of Johan’s head, that pic of him and Leni is so beautiful to me. And look at the little chocalate drop ( : Lou is soooo her mommy’s child!! Just lovely… Melts my heart.

    • What a silly remark. Of course, she realizes who her children are. And to respond to your remark, her children are biracial – not Black, not White but very pretty combinations of both. Further, how she cares for her children’s hair is her business, not ours. Her children always look happy and well cared for. It fascinates me how some people think they have the right to tell others what they should be doing with their children.

  2. What’s wrong with their hair, looks good to me. Heidi has even spoken about learning to care for their hair.

    • It looks tangled and matted, it needs to be conditioned and combed out. Little girls period should always have their hair decent.. fact! Rich or poor

      • There is nothing wrong with her hair, and it’s not your place to tell anyone else how they should or shouldn’t take care of their own hair.

  3. Why is everyone so consumed with hair? Not one of Heidi’s childrens hair looks unkept, and not only are the children half of Seal they are also half of Heidi!! The nerve of some people!!

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