Beyoncé & Jay-Z Welcome First Child: Blue Ivy!

Update: It’s official! R&B royalty Beyoncé and Jay-Z are parents! Their good pal Gwyneth Paltrow confirmed the happy news via Twitter: “Welcome to the world Blue! We love you already,” she wrote, and clarified, “It’s Blue Ivy Carter!”

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According to E! News, multiple sources have confirmed that superstar Beyoncé and her rapper hubby Jay-Z welcomed a baby girl on Saturday (January 7) via C-section whom they named Ivy Blue Carter.

Music mogul Russell Simmons was apparently the first one to congratulate the happy couple, tweeting:

“congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z “

Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s reps have yet to comment.


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  1. I highly doubt she had anything…a surrogate was involved the entire time. Her entire “pregnancy” is too sketchy. The reasons:when she announce she was “pregnant” she was still dancing up a storm and on tour, then obviously the odd looking pillow she calls a “baby bump” and the biggest kicker what she wasn’t on ANY magazine showing off her belly. Every high profile celeb does… BUT NOT BEYONCE? Very sketch. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay Z and I like the name…if this is all even true.

    • I agree completely. DAYS before she revealed it on the MTV awards, she did a performance on the Jimmy Fallon show, with NO bump at all! Also, her bump has been the same size this whole time. Like come on, check out Jessica Simpson’s belly, or look back at Tori Spelling’s belly, then look at Beyonce’s. I know everyone’s stomach is different, but something about Beyonce’s belly is suspicious. If they had a surrogate, that’s fine. I’m happy for them, but I just wish she’d tell us the truth.

    • This n yall are crazy. I don’t understand why EVERYBODY is questioning beyonce pregnancy. Yall didn’t give jlo or any other celebrity. Just because she wants a private life doesn’t mean she was faking. She already do keep things private. We didn’t even know for sure if her n hats was together until three years later. I’m happy for beyonce n jay z n I think if yu don’t have anything POSITIVE to say, yu shouldn’t comment. Keep it to yurself.

  2. Ivy Blue is such a sweet name! IMO so much better than the last rumoured name, Tiana-May. Wonder if this one holds any truth. If so, congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, and welcome little Ivy!

    • You are probably not. Surprisingly, Black people are not homogenous we tend to name our baby’s the same way others do. Little Black girls are named Meghan, Brandy, Elizabeth, Shannon, and other names that people like you don’t associate with a Black couple. This site is so full of people spewing racist crap. Your statement is offensive to the Black people that try to enjoy this site. Your comment should be removed.

      • I think the person questioning the name is confusing “Ivy” with “Ivory” (which generally is a white-ish color. relax.

      • I agree Devyn, I’ve been trying to figure out why she would say such a thing. I admit I associate certain names with a certain heritage….but Ivy? There’s nothing ‘white’ about that name. Maybe it’s true, she’s thinking of Ivory….but even so, who cares? I’m white and want to name my next daughter Nala and I get weird looks for it, there’s always going to be ignorant people and ignorant comments- especially on this site.

      • I agree with Devyn… I am Caucasion and my middle son is bi-racial. He looks more African American and people ask me why I named him such a white name when he does not look white. I find stereotypes and racism so foolish and ignorant. His name is Jacob. He looks like a Jacob:0)
        I think Ivy is cute. Blue is different, not my cup of tea; however, she is not my baby, she is theirs.
        Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z on your new little princess!

  3. Congratulations to them! Rihanna also tweeted her congrats, so this time it’s definitely official. I liked Tiana-May more, but Ivy Blue sounds just as nice. 🙂 But, no one still confirmed the name so we can’t know.

  4. I think it’s very strange that they went w/Blue. JayZ dated Blue Cantrell before Beyonce. Anyone else find it strange that she is named after J’s EX!!!!!!!

  5. I find it very strange that they went w/Blue. J dated Blue Cantrell before he began dating Beyonce. Dent anyone else think it is strange that she is named after J’s EX!!!!!!

  6. When I first saw the heading it said Blue Ivy and I cringed but it seems like now it’s Ivy Blue which thank goodness is so much better although I think a better middle name could of been used atleast Ivy is quite normal. Reminds me of the IVY on that show Good Luck Charlie! 🙂

  7. Blue is a colour, not a name. And phonetically, it is indistinguishable from the verb. People, quit making your children what is sure to be the butt of many obscene schoolyard jokes.

  8. According to People, the name is Blue Ivy Carter. I wonder if she was a month early because she stated the baby was due in February. Either that or she said that to throw off the paparazzi.

    • Maybe they scheduled it because {insert one of a million reasons someone might have a c-section, none of which are any of your business}.

  9. I am so impressed with Beyoncé and Jay-Z! Ivy is vintage and sweet and classy, and Blue adds a bit of spunky fun. Wow.

  10. Ivy is nothing special as a name but it’s okay. Maybe it’s a Grandma or something. I hope it’s not Blue Ivy as one website has reported. That would be beyond bad.

  11. Sorry CBS- baby’s name is Blue Ivy Carter. We all have our opinions about what parents name their children. The important thing here that the baby is healthy and Mom is doing well. Welcome to the world Blue Carter. Bey and Jay-Z welcome to the parent club. Most amazing ride of your life!!!!!!

  12. I know everyone has a right to name their child whatever they want. But really why do celebs feel the need to use such boring made up names? Blue is a color! As a middle name it can slide but as a beautiful little girls first name she has to walk around with the name Blue?? I really feel parents don’t put no thought into it any more. Sure some names are overused like Sophia, Isabella, and Ava’s but atleast they’re names. I think I will die of shock if I heard of an A-list celeb naming their kid something simple like Rebecca or John. There are thousands and thousands of beautiful names and we have a world full of Zuma’s, Pilot’s, Banjo’s, Apples, Bear’s, Petal’s, Zuma’s, Bronx, etc etc etc

    • And why should a celebrity have to name their kids boring names? They are creative people who name their children with creativity! Good for them, if I hear another John, daniel, grace, ava, hannah or ashley I might puke. Name your children whatever you want, if it means something or the names speaks to you use it. People should stop searching the top 10 list for names and use their imaginations.

      • Except that naming your child something “unique” (meaning made up or using a random word name) is the TREND. It’s not creative, different or fun. The Kaydens, Jadens and Neveahs are going to be the Tiffanis, Kellys and Kelsies of the 2000s. Using a name like Blue is ugly, ridiculous and pretentious. She’s free to use it and we’re free to say it’s ugly as hell.

    • You do realize that that’s not how you use an apostrophe, right? If you’re listing apples, pears, grapes and lemons, you don’t use apostrophes. Same rule goes for names.

  13. Top Tweet on Twitter:

    Blue Ivy is Jay-Z’s daughters name…. Ivy Blue backwards in Latin is Lucifer’s last name. “Eulb Yvi”

    People really do have time to think things out these days! lol

  14. While I don’t particularly like the name Blue Ivy (it sounds like a species of plant), and I liked Blue Ivy better, there is NO reason why people need to stick to traditional names like “Rebecca or John”. The world changes, people change, new names come out and about. Sure, some names are pretty stupid (ie. Press) but there’s no need to use only boring names.

    As for Beyonce, she was due in February so she must have gone into labor early or had some issue (especially considering she had a c section. Maybe preeclampsia?) but I have to say… those conspiracy theories are making more sense these days. I thought it was a ridiculous rumor but this pregnancy has definitely been odd since that whole smushed bump incident. And it makes NO sense to me, that with an apparently premature infant and a c section that she was released last night after giving birth last night. Makes no sense. Maybe she’s still in hospital and it’s a ruse. I think that if they don’t leak a few pics of the baby, the paparazzi will hunt them even harder. This baby has officially become that most hunted child in the world and that is sad.

      • For the life of me, I can’t figure out how anyone would even KNOW it was a c-section. I mean, this baby’s parents aren’t even the ones confirming that she was born. Who said it was a c-section? I assure you, if I were a celebrity and had a baby, I’d consider it really presumptuous that people even wanted to know how my baby was delivered.

  15. i love the name. and seriously, not everyone wants their belly on a magazine cover. so, I think it’s not been a fake pregnancy at all. I’m happy for Bey and Jay <33

  16. Thats why next time they should give the kid 1 name! 😀 “Is she Ivy, is she Blue? ” the answer is: ITS NOT CLEAR TO EVERYONE! Obviously the guys, who wrote this article and also who post have problems with the definition of the name. 1 of the 2 name-opportunities could make this horror end: take a little, dont take too much, take something clear and not shaky like a…shaky leggs… and everyone will know your childs name from the 1… hearing… and not from the… 31? 😀

    • First there were pics of her at the beach with her visibly pregnant belly in a bikini so please with this surrogate crap. Second, if someone does happen to use a surrogate, how is that as you put it “a waste of a life”?

    • First there were pics of her at the beach with her visibly pregnant belly in a bikini so please with this surrogate crap. Second, if someone does happen to use a surrogate, how is that as you put it “a waste of a life”?

    • Why would you even care if someone else had it? You don’t believe she was pregnant, so you aren’t being fooled. Why not just move on with your life?

  17. Everybody keep saying that Beyonce and Jay – z daughter name (Blue Ivy) spelled backwards is the devils last name. All this time I thought the devil’s last names was Palin

  18. I find it funny everyone thinks the baby was born by C-Section when their site says she was born naturally. In his song to her he says, she is a “mini-me”.
    I don’t think she would lie about a surrogate. There is no shame in going that route.
    I didn’t know they had a miscarriage.
    Congrats to the new parents. What a joyful occasion!

  19. It’s not the devils last name. “Yvie ulb” (blue ivy backwards), is latin for “satans daughter.” No coincidence…

  20. I don’t really care for Beyonce too much but let them be happy. Jay-z made a beautiful song about her and she is going to be loved!!! Blue Ivy is a beautiful name. For the racist people up here my name is Heather and I’m African American and Puerto Rican is that wrong? What is my name suppose to be? Get a life!!!

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