Alessandra Ambrosio’s Bikini Bump

Expectant mama Alessandra Ambrosio shared the above photo from her Brazilian vacation via Twitter. The Victoria’s Secret model rocked her baby bump in an orange bikini alongside her adorable 3-year-old daughter Anja and pal Matheus Mazzafera.

The 30-year-old Brazilian beauty is part of the Hollywood baby boom! The model mom and her fiancé Jamie Mazur are expecting baby No. 2 later this year.

Alessandra made her pregnancy news official on Facebook, debuting her beautiful belly alongside 3-year-old daughter Anja in a bikini on the beaches of her hometown of Florianópolis, Brazil. “Anja, Jamie and I are overjoyed and extremely appreciative of all the wonderful wishes we’ve received!!” she wrote. “2011 has been a year filled with incredible gifts and this is the ultimate blessing!!”


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  1. Lol.. at first glance I thought that her fiance but then I saw the awesome white sneaker/black short bathing suit combo and re-read.. that is a good look! 😉

  2. I read on a press agency site she calls her own paps. Then seeing her tweet her whole life away all the time, I realized it must be true…made me dislike her alot.
    Keep your child more sacred lady.

      • Actually, it is true. I’ve been following her for a while now, thanks to a thread over at theFashionSpot and even her fans are aware of it. I’ve gotten used to it now, but I definitely do not agree with it. And yeah, when seems googles herself and puts her paparazzi pictures on Twitter, you know there’s something.

  3. Exactly! I don’t believe that for a minute. Anja is such a sweet child. I think she’s going to be tall like her mom.

      • So when people parade around getting pregnant and are unwed I should have no opinion about it? But you’re allowed to state your opinion that you’re ok with unwed mothers? Sit your dumb ass down! Engagements do not mean a thing legally and when a guy proposes it should be because he is ready and you are too; not a device to buy more time. It is women like you that allow these males to to hit it and quit it and not make it legit.

        • No, you shouldn’t. Other people’s personal relationships are none of your business. It doesn’t affect you, therefore you have no say in how they should lead their lives.

          • It does, when people, esp. young people look at it and question if it is ok to be in a relationship and act as a wife but not be legally married. Not speaking only for the wealthy but for the average person: say you spent your life with this person and they pass away, the life insurance does not go to you, all the benefits of you being a “fiancé” or “girlfriend” does not go to you. No one should sell themselves short of what they are worth. The old saying still applies to guys out here “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”. If they never were in the press then I would have no idea these two were not married but the truth is she is and they always state “her fiancé” so it becomes public information. So sue me for having bible principles (I don’t just use the scriptures that work for me I apply them all) and traditional ideas of marriage. I get tired of women complaining their men won’t marry them, or they have been engaged forever, or they were engaged had the baby and nothing happen, any man will tell you don’t give up they goods; all goes back to the “cow and milk”. Beyonce and Jay Z did it right and they are good role models in that regard.

          • Once again, some fool spouting off on how women are being taking advantage of if their man won’t marry them. The stupid part of this is that you’re ASSUMING that it’s the man who doesn’t want to get married! How about you jump off that high horse of yours and stop acting like women are completely stupid and just taken advantage of at every turn.

            Has it ever occurred to your rock-hard head that it’s HER who isn’t ready to get married yet? Has it ever dawned on you that SHE is perfectly happy in the situation she’s in? Do you REALLY believe you have the right to judge someone else’s relationship?

            Step back, fool.

        • Sure you’re allowed to have an opinion, the other poster stated theirs.

          Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound, though? You have made 100 assumptions about these people’s relationship.

          You’ve assumed that he proposed to “buy more time”.

          You’ve assumed that he wants to “hit it and quit it”, rather disgusting phrase, by the way.

          You’ve assumed that he doesn’t actually want to go through with it.

          You’ve assumed that she just takes all this abuse because….. well, actually you haven’t said why she puts up with this.

          You’ve assumed that he’s using her as a sperm receptacle and will dump her the minute he wants to.

          You’ve also assumed that anything they do is your business, which sorry sweetheart, it isn’t.

          Now, how about YOU go sit your dumb, judgmental, busybody, self-righteous ass down?

      • Wake up! Nobody cares anymore about moral values. So shut up!
        Nowadays children are raised to be liberal and free like their parents are. Moral values do not fit in our days anymore.
        If you want to live in the past, go to live in the countryside far away from any city.

        • This is my first post ever…. mainly b/c most posts are catty etc. Yours just shocked me. I find your statements incredibly sad and untrue. Nobody cares about moral values anymore????? They don’t fit in our day anymore???? A lot of our laws are based on moral values. If people did not have morales then there would be no such thing as right or wrong and people could not be regulated. For example, if morales did not exist then it would be okay to go steal some body else’s baby.

    • You are seriously mistaken because a commitment is in the heart. 1 piece of paper declaring it so, does not a commitment make!

  4. FTR I do tend agree with the previous poster about getting married. I’m not understanding why there is such a negative attitude with regard to getting married and then having children. I don’t agree with every word she said but I understand what she means. I just wish you wouldn’t bring scripture in to it if you are going to come from a place of judgement and anger. That is not what the scriptures teach. It gives Christians a bad name so to speak. I believe we are all entitled to our opinions but we should use caution when expressing them. Express them (if you must) in a way Jesus would have done. And to the individual who said no one cares about morals anymore, speak for yourself…

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