Katie Holmes & Suri: Mary Poppins Matinee

The Kennedys actress Katie Holmes was snapped out and about in Manhattan, New York today (January 13), with her 5-year-old daughter Suri. In the morning they were spotted running some errands. After a clothing change, the mother daughter-duo made a visit to Chelsea Piers – then it was off to see the Broadway Play – Mary Poppins.

It looks as though Katie is the new face of luxury jewelry company H.Stern. It also looks as though her ads are raising a few eyebrows.

The gorgeous actress is seen in a few seductive shots while modeling the jewelry, even going topless!

This is Katie’s third beauty campaign for the luxury brand. The current images are only being published in Israel but are destined to hit America later this year.

What do you think?

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  1. Now I’m not a parent so I really don’t know firsthand, but at what age does it stop being appropriate to carry your child everywhere?

    • When (a) they no longer want you to hold them; or (b) when you can longer lift them.

      If you’re lucky, really lucky, you’ll be blessed with a small child and strong arms.

    • she can take her daughter anywhere!
      while you have time, I used to walk with her daughter, besides a few days ago that did not go to the street … or perhaps you have locked your children?

      • Re: “she can take her daughter anywhere!
        while you have time, I used to walk with her daughter, besides a few days ago that did not go to the street … or perhaps you have locked your children?”

        What in the world are you trying to say?!?! You are making no sense at all.

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  3. There is a lot to criticize when in comes to tom and katie’s parenting approaches, but i too would carry my kid for as long as possible. time is fleeting, they will only allow you to hold them for so long :(!

    • If she wants to be held, and her mother wants to help her, who am I to judge?

      You’re just another person who looks at a totally normal picture of mother and daughter and has to criticize SOMETHING. It’s an odd mentality, for sure, but the problem isn’t them (if you know what I mean).

  4. @Anon 4:24 pm – By that comment, it seems you are trying to start something that seems a little absurd. It’s more likely than not that by 8/9 years of age, Suri
    will be more self confident in public and wish not to be carried. But at the same time, at age 10, I was still getting piggy back rides from my dad/uncles/brother on occasion.

  5. Actually Suri used to have more self confident google old picturrs of her when she was younger she used to walk alot more and was fine with the paparazzi but in the last year she change now 75% of the time she is carried every we’re and freak out almost all the time, very odd after 5 years she sould have gotten better not worst with dilling with them.

  6. Kate is not ropes look closely and you will see a strapless top in black. It onlymakes it look as if she was ! Wow all in one day! Great for Suri where is

  7. Well I don’t care about her being carried but I will say children without younger siblings tend to act and be treated like babies for longer periods of time. I think Suri would benefit from a younger sibling not just bc she needs to be a bit more independent but bc the child seems to only ever be seen out with adults. Atleast with Zuma Kingston Harlow etc we all see them doing stuff with other kids at the park or dance class etc. I really have NEVER seen this child photographed near other children…..maybe I missed them if she has been.

    • So what? What difference does it make if she’s treated like a baby for longer? So she matures slower? Big deal.

      And fool, you get tiny snippets of this child’s life, you have no idea how much time she spends with other kids.

      My God, people on this board are so presumtuous and act like they know better. It’s incredible, really.

    • Maybe they’ve been trying to conceive again for the last several years and have not been able. Not every woman who gets pregnant one time can get pregnant again. It’s a bit insensitive to state that a child *needs* to have a sibling when it’s possible the parents have been trying to conceive for years and been unsuccessful.

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