Sarah Michelle Gellar: My Daughter Chose My Golden Globes Dress

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar left a lasting impression at yesterday’s Golden Globes, looking beautiful in a striking blue-and-white Monique Lhuillier gown. The Ringer star says that her 2-year-old daughter Charlotte acted as celebrity stylist for her mom’s big night out.

“I didn’t try on that many dresses,” the actress told E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic on her way into the show. “I had them all lined up and I was working and my 2-year-old walked in, looked at this dress and said, ‘Mama, wear this!’ So I put it on and said, ‘Okay!'”

“She really went for it,” Sarah Michelle continues. “She chose the bag, the shoes, all of it.”

The funny mom was flying solo on the red carpet, explaining that her handsome husband Freddie Prinze Jr opted to stay home and watch football instead – not that she could blame him.

“This is the worst date night I could possibly think of,” she admitted.


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  1. To klutzy_girl- Sarah took Charlotte’s advice, however consider:
    -she had short-listed dresses, of which this dress was one
    -After Charlotte “picked” the dress, SMG tried it on, liked it, I suppose she must have- so it wasn’t like they were at Barney’s going through racks. Anyway, I LOVE THAT DRESS!! It would seem like it would overwhelm Sarah but it doesn’t, and it stands out in a good way, and it’s fun, tailored, and she looks gorgeous, AND is wearing the heck out of it! one of the best-dressed in a sea of bland glittery sheaths, whitish blah satin, blushes and nudes, etc. I laughed when she said that a better date night would be at IHOP for her and FP. Well, they are going on 12 years so they are doing something right. Love her.
    “Slayers, every one of us. Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?” Buffy

  2. 2 year old has a taste of a two year old…lets take some blue paint and splash it all over moms dress….lol…personally I wouldnt wear it, the dress itself is pretty but color is afwul….but oh well I`m not the one wearing it.

  3. Love SMG. So good to see her at the Golden Globes and on the red carpet. I think she said Charlotte picked her clutch and shoes as well. Cute.

  4. I thought the dress was beautiful and sweet her Daughter picked it out. I seriously do not think she is blaming her toddler, come on! Can’t anyone on this site just say nice things?

  5. Ah, now the dress makes sense….a two year old would love to walk around in this. Anyway, the dress is beautifully shaped and fits SMG figure well, sadly the color is just awful.

  6. yeah nobody should take fashion advice from a two year old. But in a way it’s kind of quirky and different. Can’t say I hate it but def. can say I’d never wear it lol!

  7. Do the people criticizing her have any idea how actresses actually pick their dresses? It’s not like they go to a store and pick it off the rack. The stylists get a small group of dresses from designers and bring them over the actress’s house, where she tries them on and picks one. Saying her daughter picked it just means she picked it out from a very small group of dresses that were already pre-selected for her. And I highly doubt she would have worn a dress just because her daughter picked it, if she didn’t actually like it herself.

  8. Dresses/Evening Gowns aren’t my thing ,but Sarah is rocking that dress..wether Charlie said “Mama,wear this” or not.

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