Jessica Capshaw Expecting Third Child

Congratulations are in order for Jessica Capshaw and her husband Christopher Gavigan!

The Grey’s Anatomy star took to Twitter Tuesday to announce her third pregnancy. “It is with profound happiness and sheer delight that @Christopher_Gav and I can say that another sweet Gavigan baby is on the way!” Jessica wrote.

Jessica is the daughter of actress Kate Capshaw and stepdaughter of director Steven Speilberg. She is a regular on Grey’s while Christopher is the environmental health leader for Healthy Child Healthy World.

The happy couple are already parents to son Luke, 4, and daughter Eve, 1.

Thanks to CBS reader klutzy_girl!


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  1. Awww… congratulations to them!

    Look at that chubba baby. She is too cute for words! That serious look on her face is priceless!

    • Oh give me a break. I honestly doubt she is at risk of heart failure. Eve is sporting baby chub and I’m sure she will grow out of it.

    • The vast majority of babies are rolly polly. The vast majority of them DON’T stay that way once they’re running around. I wouldn’t worry.

    • The “child” you’re talking about is an infant and it’s absolutely not unusual for them to be so chubby. Then they walk and swoooooosh, they slim right down.

  2. I too at quick glimpse thought that was Kate Hudson.
    A lot of babies are chubbier bc they don’t do much and once they start walking it comes off quickly. My cousin’s son was a moose as a baby. The kid is now 11 and is a toothpick! I think the last pic I remember seeing of her daughter she def was a lot thinner then this photo!

  3. First of all the baby is 8 months old in that photo. Second, that is NOT a cute baby. If she was both “cute AND CHUBBY” there would be wonderful comments from both sides. This child is in ALL posted pictures thus far… not attractive. THAT is what is rubbing people the wrong way! Kind of shows what this sick Society has become!

    • I hope you’re including yourself in this sick society since you’re the one who said she’s “NOT a cute baby”.

      • Yes I include myself and it made me realize how artificial I had become to not adore a little baby girl because I found her unattractive…I think we have all become a little immune to the harm we do with the things we say. AND our world has become so tainted with HOW little girls should look and how our treatment toward them is based on how attractive they are. IT’S DEVASTATING AND WRONG! It is so much different with little boys- who are accepted regardless of classic “cuteness”. Things really need to change!

        • No, YOU have become immune to the harm you do. YOU are tainted with how girls should look. YOU are treating people differently because YOU don’t view them as attractive.

          I think this baby is adorable, and I love her chunkiness!

  4. Both of her kids are absolutely adorable! Eve is precious! I can’t wait to see what they name the next little one! Congrats guys!

  5. I’m sure the Mom will feed the baby healthy foods along with low fat milk and she will run that fat off. My son was the same and he’s not carrying an ounce of extra fat now.

  6. It’s a simple fact, a baby that heavy is not normal. Baby chub is one thing; that child is in the top 2-3 percentile for weight and that is not a good thing. Children should be fed what is needed for proper nutrition and not as a means of comforting them.

    Maybe she will run it off, or maybe she has a tendency towards chubbiness that is not being helped by starting off so heavy. Either way, obesity in babies delays the very walking that everybody seems to think will take care of the problem.

    • You have no idea how much that child weighs or what percentile she’s in or what type of nutrition she’s receiving. No, you don’t. You cannot tell any of that unless you are her doctor who has personally examined her, and you certainly can’t tell it from a still photo.

      • You certainly can tell it from a still photo. The child is obese. Obesity can be seen visually. Unless there is a medical condition, the only reason for obesity is taking in too many calories.

        The child has a problem that the adults in her life need to monitor. Pretending it doesn’t exist isn’t going to help her any.

  7. Do you women on here EVER stop fighting and attacking each other and attacking the celebrities and their babies? What, are you a bunch of bored bitter housewives who have nothing better to do and live a completely unsatisfied life? You are RIDICULOUS! That kid is chubby (the kid is more than chubby) but there are some babies who just look like that and end up being normal, healthy-sized children. All of you who are so nasty–GROW UP!

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