Michelle Obama Talks Silliness & Cell Phones

Having high-profile parents also means high-profile embarrassment; especially if your father is the leader of the free world!

In a recent CBS interview with Gayle King, First Lady Michelle Obama opens up about her daughters’ lives in the White House, how she and the president try to maintain a sense of normalcy, and all the silly ways that they manage to make Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, cringe.

“For me it’s singing and dancing,” says Mrs. Obama. “If I break into my, you know, so when we’re in a place somewhere and I want to get Sasha to laugh because I think she’s too focused and serious and you know, ‘If you don’t smile I’m gonna start dancing,’ and she’s like, ‘No, no don’t dance.'”

But that’s not all….

“They don’t really want us to come up to school. Because – especially the president – because, when he comes for parent-teacher conference, it’s a motorcade. The other day Malia was like, ‘Oh no, is dad coming? Is he bringing all those cars? Really, it’s like the other day I think they almost hit my teacher.'”

Aside from the Secret Service officers though, the first lady says that her girls aren’t too different from other kids their age.

“Malia has a cell phone,” Obama reveals. “It’s very limited access and it’s monitored, but she has one so she reached out to her friends and there was a period in time when she had that and she was ready for that. But there are rules on when she can use it and who can be on it and you know, all that good stuff.”

So with two pre-teen girls, are the Obamas thinking about adding a baby boy to their bunch?

“There’ll be no other children in the White House. I can officially make that announcement here,” says the First Lady, reiterating, “Put the mic up. You heard it here first.”

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