Josh Kelley Shares Family Memories In ‘Naleigh Moon’ Video

Three-year-old Naleigh is the star of her dad Josh Kelley‘s new music video – which is fitting, seeing as she inspired the song!

Directed by his talented wife Katherine Heigl, the video for the song ‘Naleigh Moon’ shares precious family photos and home movies as the song’s lyrics tell Josh’s story of fatherhood:

Halfway around my little world,
You had no idea that you were my girl.
And you found my arms not a moment too soon.
I couldn’t see past me, till I saw you.
My sweet Naleigh Moon.

The 27 Dresses star recently talked about making the video, which was obviously a labor of love for the couple: “The idea was to show how Naleigh changed our lives, Josh’s life specifically. We did it with no budget. I directed it, and we asked friends to edit it. We’re proud of it.”

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have goose bumps after watching that. They are so lucky to have been given the gift of a beautiful little girl

    • Josh Kelley actually wrote this song a long time ago. I remember either him or Katherine talking about it in an interview months ago, maybe closer to a year ago.

      Naleigh is going to be so grateful for this song and video, it’s such a beautiful sentiment!

    • Actually, Josh Kelley wrote this song awhile ago. I think I first heard this song when he first released it after they adopted Naleigh, on this very website I believe. I love it and I’m glad that he finally has a music video for it! Naleigh is adorable and at the end when she was clapping for her daddy, I teared up.

    • Yeah, Jay-Z is a real innovator. He speaks ebonics in music and thinks women are b*tches. That’s a real forward-thinker there.

  2. Blue Ivy and Jay Z didn’t start any trends. Father’s have been writing songs to their children for long time.
    Jay Z doesn’t get any credit for being that “creative” when it comes to his child!

  3. loved it.. made me cry….

    As for the trend – I’m sorry to confirm that JayZ isnt the first. I can’t tell you who was but I do know in the 1990’s KCi and JoJo wrote All my life for JoJo’s daughter.

  4. I just cried watching that beautiful video. I have two siblings who were adopted so adoption is something I hold close to my heart. What a lucky little girl to have them as parents. God has truly bless her.

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