David Beckham: “I Can’t Believe I’ve Got A Girl”

David Beckham is dad to three boys – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 9, and six-year-old Cruz – with wife Victoria, so you can understand his excitement at finally having a daughter, Harper. Still, the soccer star admits that the tot’s future as a fashionista – mom is already dressing the six-month-old in expensive designer clothes – means he can’t afford to retire anytime soon.

“I’ve obviously got three amazing boys and with boys you can throw them around and Harper is obviously my first girl and I’m more careful. Still now, I’m changing her diaper and I can’t believe I’ve got a girl,” David says.

“Everything about her is feminine, the way she eats, the way she moves, the way she looks. I love having a girl, but I’m glad she’s got three older brothers and a dad to look after her.

“Her wardrobe is incredible already. I’m glad I’ve got a two year contract,” he laughs.

Of his decision to re-sign with the LA Galaxy, the 36-year-old says it was because his family is happy in America and that they will always come first.

“I didn’t take it lightly as I had offers from other clubs around the world and at 36 you don’t expect it. But it was best for my family,” he says. “We love living in LA at the moment, we love living in America and we have adapted to the culture and at the moment we didn’t want to leave.


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  1. I understand that they’re very happy to have a daughter in their brood now, but what if she turns out to be a tomboy in a few years? Or has no interest in fashion at all? She does have three big brothers, so it could likely happen & you never know how a child’s personality will develop. I’m sure they’ll love Harper no matter what, but with their constant talk about fashion & the baby’s designer clothes, I will find it pretty funny if she turns out to have a personality or nature similar to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt or her brothers.

  2. “and with boys you can throw them around” wtf, obviously he doesn’t remember his boys as babies. maybe now you can throw them around, like you could throw the girl around when she’s older. baby boys are just as fragile as girls!

    everything he says is sooo stereotypical, I really hate gender stereotypes. It’s not his fault tho, it’s the society we live in.

    • I agree, it’s ridiculous. You can’t throw babies around no matter whether boy or girl, and once they’re older you can “throw” both boys and girls around. Girls do enjoy these things as well. I do hope they realise that gender-stereotyping their children is not going to do them any good. Every child is an individual and so much more than just a boy/girl, and what works for one does not necessarily work for the other.

      • Exactly, and if anything, she’ll end up resisting these gender stereotypes and become a tomboy. It wouldn’t be surprising at all with 3 brothers.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe the hateful comments. All the guy said is I can’t believe I have a daughter and the moronic comments are out in full bloom.

    • Wow, you concider these “hateful” comments? Just because posters comment on how they find some of his statements gender stereotypical? There’s nothing wrong or mean about that.

      And he said more things than just simply “he can’t believe he has a daughter”. Nothing about that statement bothers me at all. What’s annoying is that every single time they talk about their daughter, they constantly mention how extremely feminine or different she is from the boys & all of the expensive designer clothes she’s always wearing. I just think it’ll be funny if she doesn’t turn out to be a girly-girl.

  4. I do like his excitement that he has a girl. ButI do agree with others in finding it odd that only infant girls are fragile. All babies are fragile. Their bodies are all built the same.

  5. I really think everyone is reading to much into his comment. He wasn’t talking about them at her age now he meant in general. You can treat boys a lil ruff than girls what’s the problem. So what he’s a lil more careful with his daughter he’s suppose to be she’s the Princess of the family. Get over yourselfs.

  6. Personally, I find it kind of grating to hear him saying that boy babies are tougher and can be thrown around… all babies are delicate and vulnerable no matter what their sex. I know it’s a harmless remark but it just rubs me the wrong way. That said, it IS very sweet to see David with his little girl after three boys.

  7. I wish he didn’t insist on treating Harper so differently to the boys. There’s no physical reason why he can’t play with his daughter the same as his sons (obviously Harper has to be a bit older before he can start throwing her around, like any baby). I personally loved it when my dad would play ‘airplane’, toss me in the air and let me chase him around the garden. I wouldn’t want to be treated any differently to my brother.

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