Nadya Suleman Takes Her Brood To The Beach

Octomom Nadya Suleman was spotted taking her fourteen children for a day at the beach in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (January 17).

Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah – her nearly 3-year-old octuplets – seemed to enjoy the sea and sand with their mom and older siblings Elijah, Amerah, Joshua, Aiden, and twins Calyssa & Caleb. Nadya can be seen taking three of her youngest boys into the water as the other children played in the sand and had a snack.

Nadya has recently been dropped from her management team’ roster at DD Entertainment due to unseasonable selfishness.

“In the past four months, we had grown to become less tolerant of Nadya,” an insider reveals. “We would contact Nadya on a daily basis for work and would never get a reply, especially if it was a charity. When we would hear from Nadya late at night or super early in the morning, it was to beg for money and not to address the jobs we had for her.”

According to the insider, Nadya went as far as to refuse to donate her childrens’ used toys to a hospital unless she was paid to do so.

“She said she only wants to focus on paying jobs,” the insider states.

But the final straw came when Nadya reportedly told her managers not to send Christmas gifts to her kids.

“[Suleman’s former manager], Gina [Rodriguez] asked her numerous times for the children’s sizes to get them gifts for Christmas, but she said she just wanted the money,” the source reveals. “We realized this was not someone we wanted to promote or help anymore.”

When questioned about these allegations, Nadya responds, “We celebrate Jesus’s birthday and [the children] each get one toy from me.”

“I take full responsibility for allowing miscommunication and misunderstanding to escalate to this extent,” she adds. “I hope Gina will accept my apology. I perceive this to be a learning experience and Gina has been instrumental in helping me learn and grow. I am very grateful for all she has done and will hopefully continue to do for me and my family.”

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  1. I believe the picture of her in the water with her 3 kids are 2 boys and a girl. The one in the pink iis one of the girls.

    And it’s so obvious these photos are staged.

  2. There is absolutely NO way all of those 8 kids came from ONE sperm donor. Some are dark skinned, dark hair, one blonde fair skinned, one redheaded, fair skin. I realize Nadya is fair skinned but those kids look nothing alike… I feel sorry for these kids. I have a feeling in 18 years we will hear of these kids in the news for being criminals. Sad but true. They have zero guidance in life. Let’s just hope that they break away from this nutty lady. Selfish, selfish, selfish….

    • Actually YES there is a way they all came from ONE sperm donor. It’s called genetics, genes can go back generations. Nadyas mother is white so that’s probably where the blonde kids get their blonde hair from because it went back a generation their dna. The ones who are darker probably got it from Nadyas father or her sperm donor, Nadyas father is Iranian. You know 2 blue eyed parents can produce a brown eye child just look at Gisele Bundchens and Tom Bradys their son has brown eyes and both Gisele and Tom have light eyes. We don’t know how the sperm donor looks like he could have dark hair or maybe some blonde down the line of his gene pool. If Nadys children went into the foster care system there would be a way more chance of them being on the news for being criminals. Nadya is selfish and not smart at all but she isn’t abusive i doubt the kids are in danger. There are a lot of not to bright people and selfish people producing kids but they aren’t criminals the kids.

      • Not true about blue eyed parents having brown eyed kids. Brown is a dominant gene and therefore one parent of a brown eyed child must have brown eyes. Brown eyed parents can have non brown eyed kids though if they both carry a recessive gene. Bio lesson over.

        • Not true for 2 blue eyed parents to have a brown eyed child????? Then how come model Gisele Bundchen who has blue eyes and her husband Tom Brady who has blue eyes just had a child that has brown eyes?? Explain that!

        • Your biology lesson is actually incorrect. Eye color is a polygenic trait and does not work like a single gene where there are dominant and recessive alleles. Eye color has a complicated pattern of inheritance involving multiple linked genes, including green-blue, blue-brown and brown genes (that we know of). Many people have multiple colors in their eyes because of this complex genetic interplay. It is not unusual to find many different eye colors and shades within one family.

          • Thanks for clearing that up!
            My husband and I have blue eyes but our child has hazel… more dominant on the brown side. Who has brown eyes? One grandparent of mine and a parent of his… of course it does happen!2

    • Not impossible at all. Siblings from the same parents can share anywhere from 0% to 100% identical genes, and many physical traits are determined by multiple genes. It’s very easy for siblings from the same parents to have widely varying appearances, and when you have so many kids all from the same parents, there’s a higher statistical chance that they won’t all look the same. And if you know how IVF is done, it wouldn’t make any sense at all to use multiple donors, for many reasons.

      The rest of what you said about her and the kids is true, but you are wrong about the genetics.

    • I have a feeling in 18 years we will hear of your kids being arrested for being bullies. Sad but true. They have you for an example. Let’s just hope that they break away from you and become compassionate citizens. Mean, mean, mean…..

      • I only speak the truth. This is one selfish woman. No woman can give proper parenting to 14 children as a single parent.

          • Seriously? 14 kids raised by a single parent? Give me a break! There are not even that many people who have 14 children to begin with…

          • Well, I’ll tell you what: Why don’t you start keeping stats on the number of crimes committed by people raised in large families and see if that proves your theory.

            Until you have FACTS, all you’ve got is innuendo. And the reality is that you have NO basis of fact to say that a kid raised in a family of 14 by a single parent has a greater risk of becominga criminal.

            Facts, ma’am, not nonsense.

          • We’ve got lots of stats that show being raised by a single parent leads to increased incidence of drug use, crime, drop outs and suicides.

  3. How awful for these kids to be her shield and paycheck. This mother should be financially supporting her children, not the children supporting their mother.

    • This “mother” is a complete nutcase. If you have ever watched her during an interview she is very self centered and has used these children for publicity and fame. She has zero control with her finances and is broke. She also has an autistic child. As someone who has a child with autism, I am sure that boy has even more sensory issues with all of those kids being in the home. Guarantee you it is complete chaos in that home.

  4. there absolutely NO possibility for two blue eyed people to produce a kid with brown eyes! Because blue is recessive, once you have the blue genes there’s no turning back.

    • I’m afraid that’s outdated science, Sandy. The genes that determine eye color are much more complex than scientists used to believe, and while rare, it is entirely possible for two brown-eyed parents to have a blue-eyed child. In fact, I read an article about a woman in an African tribe who had an original mutation that caused her to have blue eyes.

      • It’s def. possible for two brown eyes to make a blue eyes baby. My parents both have brown eyes and my bro and I both have blue. But for two blue eyed parens to make a brown eyed baby is pretty slim.

        I think although some of the kids are fair skinned they still look like their siblings.

        • Look up Gisele Bundchen on this site and her husband Tom Brady their son has brown eyes and both Gisele and Tom have light eyes.

        • Yeah, that was a typo; I meant to say it was possible for two blue-eyed parents to make a brown-eyed baby. Rare, but still possible. Google “blue eyed parents brown eyed child” and you’ll find some interesting articles discussing it.

      • Sandy said there’s “no possibility for two blue eyed people to produce a kid with brown eyes” not for two brown eyed people to produce a kid with blue eyes.

        • That was a typo. I meant to say two blue-eyed people can produce a kid with brown eyes. It’s rare, but possible. Google the phrase “blue eyed parents brown eyed child” and you’ll find all kinds of interesting articles to read about it.

          • Wrong. Admit your mistake like a big girl.
            You said “ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY” until you did you did a google search.
            Now continue acting like a weak-minded fool

      • Brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child, so it’s not outdated science that you supposedly read about a blue eyed African.

        Blue eyed parents cannot have a brown eyed child.

    • Uhmm hello people? Model Gisele Bundchen has blue eyes and her footballer husband Tom Brady has blue eyes and guess what!?!?! Their son Benjamin has BROWN EYES! Shocker! Actually no it’s not a shocker, it’s possible and it happens genes can go back generations! Two blue eyed parent can most definitively have a brown eyed child.

      • Two blue eyed parents can not have a brown eyed child. If two blue eyed parents have a brown eyed child, Daddy needs a paternity test done.

      • Umm, how closely have you examined young Brady’s eyes? If he’s got brown eyes and they have blue, Tom needs to take a paternity test.

        • It could be that his eyes are a very dark grey/blue color. Babies eye color can change as far as up to age 3. He only just turned two they can still lighten up. But as others stated it’s almost nearly impossible for two blue eyed people to make anything but a blue eyed baby!

  5. I don’t understand why everyone gives this woman such a hard time. Those children do not appear to be suffering in any way. There are mothers out here who are abusive and unfit, but because they have less than “14” kids, it’s not an issue. Our society is extremely judgemental. It’s ridiculous.

  6. Rut-roh, Toxo and the Gang are out in full force tonight!
    And these babies aren’t celebrities, just unfortunate.

  7. Blue, not just light, blue eyed parents cannot have a child with brown eyes, while the reverse is possible. Brown eyed parents might boh have a recessive blue gene, and when these genes meet – the child will have blue eyes.
    When somebody has blue eyes, it means he/she did not get the dominant dark gene, all they have and can pass on is their recessive blue gene, there is no other option.
    As for Gisele, come on, she is just wearing contacts. If models can ‘make’ themselves in all possible ways, why she can’t do that? It’s simple.

    • Just give a rest or even better go back to high school and re-take Biology because you obviously failed it the first time around. You are oversimplifying an extremely complex situation as it is not a single gene alone that determines eye color.

      I will agree that the other posters saying “Just look at Tom and Gisele” should try something else. Simply providing an example clearly isn’t working, hence the need to re-take Bio.

  8. I have a PhD in Biology&Genetics, and I was just answering to the people who really needed the information on the topic. Good luck with your failed high school exams.

  9. Not as rare as you think… it happened in my family twice in a row. It is fairly common actually if you have been around a while. Eye color is resulted from the combination of several genes, so it’s not as simplistic as “dominant or recessive”.
    A lot of strange things can happen where genes are involved including mutations, so basically anything is possible.

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