Paris Jackson Is An Awesome Outfielder

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Paris Jackson, 13 – daughter of famed singer Michael Jackson – was pictured playing a game of softball with her school team in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday (January 18).

The sporty teen – who also became the only female member of her school’s flag football team last year – was concentrating hard in her outfielder post and even caught a few balls.

Paris has recently professed her desire to following in her famous father’s footsteps and pursue an acting career. The aspiring star will soon be making her acting début in the film series Lundon’s Bridge and The Three Keys.

However, the blue-eyed beauty seems to be meeting with some opposition in matter, namely by her aunt Janet Jackson.

“I’d prefer for her to wait,” the Call on Me songstress states. “I think she should enjoy her youth.”

“You’re only young once and [I want her] to really have a wonderful time and enjoy it,” Janet adds. “She has the rest of her life to be an adult and she should study. She should go to school and study the craft and think about college and maybe study abroad, acting, and then when she becomes 18 she could dive into it if she wants.”


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  1. Controversial comment of the day but those Jackson kids are so much better off in the long run without Michael. This perfectly normal picture of a girl enjoying being outdoors and playing with her friends would never have happened if Michael was still around. No doubt how much he loved them, but because of his own background, he simply did not know how to provide normalcy.

    • I couldn’t agree more on the part that this picture would have not been taken.
      That is we would not have been discussing this picture, because MJ would have never allowed paps to invade his children’s privacy. I think it is anything but normal for a child to be stalked and photographed by grown men and women and have their pics plastered all over the internet for everyone to comment and critisize.

      • In the grand scheme of things, it’s better to be photographed out playing softball with actual friends than to be taken out secretly and wearing a mask. One means you grow up not liking the paps, the other means you grow up with no friends, no teenage trips to the mall, no concept of how human beings actually live.

        If she had any real problem with the attention, she probably wouldn’t be signing up to do movies and tweeting all day.

        Personally, I think the media has been very kind to her and for the most part, individuals on the internet have been happy to see her happy and enjoying herself and haven’t tended towards the critical.

        • actually. Michael only made them wear masks when they were with him so that they could go out on their own without wearing them with friends and not be recognised

          Now they cant go out at all without the paps in their faces.

        • If you had any knowledge of the situation, you would already know that those kids had friends and went out without the masks when Michael was alive. There are plenty of pictures showing this. Just because the paparazzi weren’t there every time doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. There are tons of pictures of the kids playing with friends. Michael Jr. and Paris have said many times that Michael raised them the right way and that they had a good childhood.

          It’s not normal that they are now recognized everywhere and are stalked by paparazzi at their after school activities. Michael loved those kids and did the best he could to protect their privacy and identities, and now that he’s gone, these kids are recognized everywhere. Just because they don’t cover their faces in public doesn’t mean they have better childhoods than they did when Michael was here. You should check out the pictures of these kids with their dad over the years….with friends, without masks, smiling from ear to ear and obviously happy with their lives with their father. It’s heartless to say they’re better off without him when it’s obvious they loved him very much, and he loved them too.

    • Um, lots of kids wear eyeliner to school. This was probably an after school game. And you people talk like she’s dressing awful like Johnny Depp’s daughter. She wears sensible, age-appropriate clothes out in public and she behaves like a normal kid, not like a kid trying to act 30. Guess you had to find something negative to say, didn’t you?

  2. She is beautiful. I agree with above comments I do NOT think children should be photographed at school…that is one of the places parents should know & trust that their children are safe (not that the paps would hurt her) but its a matter of principle.

  3. Michael would be so proud. SO many years he tried to keep his children out of the public eye and for what? For his parents to put them in the public eye for some chump change as soon as he’s gone. His parents made money of him as a child, and now their making money off his kids.. Very sad.

    • Those are her natural eye color, her eyes are stunning. Her grandfather Joe has green eyes and he mother Debbie has light blue eyes.

    • She wears contact lenses, I believe (since she was seen wearing glasses in 2010 and doesn’t anymore) but her eyes are green. People always talk about her baby blues, but she actually has green eyes, the same shade as her grandpa Joe. Not surprised one of Michael’s kids with Debbie came out with light eyes, since he carries the gene, and so does Debbie.

      • I think Michael Jackson was a genius. I also think he turned out to be a pretty great father. But biologically his? No.

        • How do you know this? I mean, plenty of biracial kids don’t have curly hair or dark skin. And little Blanket looks SO much like young Michael aside from having lighter skin and long hair. How do you know he isn’t their biological father except for what you’ve read in the tabloids? It’s not impossible

          • You have GOT to be kidding me. He looks SO much like young Michael Jackson??? Not even the tiniest bit!! And I’m not talking about skin color. None of those kids has one single feature of his. I don’t need to read it, I can see it. If one didn’t look like him, ok. If two don’t look like, fine. But all three look nothing like him. What are the odds? Not good, that’s what they are.

          • You are operating under the assumption that these kids WERE lied to when you don’t know that. You don’t know their genetic makeup anymore than I do. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. These kids were loved and raised by Michael, and he said he was the biological father, Debbie said he was the biological father, and I think that’s all that matters. There was no reason to lie. The kids would still be eligible to receive their shares of the inheritance even if they weren’t biologically his, because they are legally Michael’s children. It doesn’t matter if they are his or not, but you cannot say for certain that he was not the biological father, when there are biracial children out there with blonde hair, blue eyes, pin straight hair and pale skin. You can’t say for 100% certain these are not biracial children. And it’s your opinion that they don’t look like Michael, as it is my opinon that they do have similar features to Michael pre-surgery and to other Jackson family members.

    • She knows she’s 1/2 white. You think she’s white based on the paparazzi’s lightened pix? LOL…this child is olive-skinned, and if she was the child of a white man and Debbie Rowe, how’d she come out naturally tanned? I don’t care what you think of the child’s genetic makeup, Michael was still her father in every sense that counted. Stop trying to minimize the relationship these kids had with their beloved father. They are normal kids thanks to him, and sadly, they are being exploited by the paparazzi since the family doesn’t care about protecting them.

  4. @ Anonymous9

    FYI Michael Jackson DID know very well “how to provide normalcy”. Not by chance you can see his children are normal. He just wanted to protect their privacy and the only way he had was to cover their faces, but obviously obtuse people like you cannot understand this.

    • FYI, Michael Jackson was a pedophile drug addict. If that’s the kind of normal you’re talking about, then yeah, he was great.

      • FYI, there was zero proof against Michael Jackson over the years, and that is why he was acquitted of all charges. FYI, you need to educate yourself, but you’re probably too afraid to shed your ignorance. The FBI, district attorney and DCFS found nothing on the man. NOTHING. And the accuser in the 2005 court case couldn’t even keep his story straight, and neither could his siblings, and his mother was an absolute nutcase. Read the court transcripts and see the truth. Michael was acquitted for a reason. No evidence. No guilt.

        • You are 100% right, and I think there was never enough proof to show that Michael Jackson molested anyone.

          However, the man was a drug addict. I think that’s pretty clear.

          • Huh? The man needed ANESTHETIC to sleep. That’s not normal and Murray had JUST started working with him. The propofol was not a NEW thing that Murray introduced him to.

          • It doesn’t matter. Murray agreed to give him Propofol. Michael had CHRONIC insomnia. Lisa Marie spoke of it way back in the 90s. It has been stated that Michael was told that it would be absolutely safe to use Propfol to sleep, which clearly was not good advice. But Michael didn’t have a medical degree and the person that told him that DID. Many people take their doctor’s advice. Michael had addiction issues, I absolutely agree, but many people do, and that does NOT make them bad people.

          • Actually, the argument was that he wasn’t a drug addict, when he clearly was. It isn’t me ‘claiming’ he was, just read the autopsy and the list of drugs that were found in his house. He was a drug addict. That’s fact.

            Whether or not that makes him a bad person is for each person to judge. I don’t know how he could be considered a ‘good’ person, but that’s okay, everyone makes their own judgments.

          • For his faults, he also had a big heart. He gave millions upon millions to charities, he once took in a family who lost their home in a disaster, but the media doesn’t report on that. This man used his money to help in the search for a liver for a dying child. That little boy got his liver and survived. I mean, I’m not saying Michael Jackson was a saint. He was a human being who was flawed. We all are. Thousands of people have addiction issues. He’s not the only one.

  5. How she is his daughter I don’t know. He was genetically black. They can’t be biologically linked. I think she is very pretty and will grow up to be a beautiful woman. I just hope she doesn’t have to constantly live in her “fathers” shadow!

    • How is she his daughter? I’ll tell you how. He brought her home from the hospital, fed her, clothed her, rocked her to sleep at night, read her stories, educated her, hugged her, did everything a good father does to protect her, and in turn, he was daddy. Regardless of what you think of her genetic makeup, you can’t change the life she led with her father. You can’t change the fact that she loved him and he loved her and her brothers. They were a family, and NOTHING will ever change that. Just because YOU don’t think it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

      And stop putting the word father in quotations. It’s insulting. He earned the title father, and no other man in those kids’ lives did the same.

    • With a father as famous as he was, I think she would. I’m not a huge MJ fan, but the guy has died and his sales have increased to 1 billion in 3 years. I’m not saying that Paris wont be famous, but I think it will be much like Janet. Famous, legendary but only with the help of Michael.

  6. Actually, Celeb Baby Scoop, Paris has GREEN eyes. There are more than plenty of pictures of the child over the years showing she has green eyes. They look blue in certain lighting, but up close shots show they are green. Guess who else has green eyes? Joe Jackson.

  7. Ashley is clearly an obsessed Jackson fan…
    Why do you care so much about what other people think about Michael?? I don’t believe that Paris, Prince and Blanket are his Bio-logical children, I don’t think he let the kids live a normal life, but I DO belive that he was a phedophile. How many times did you parents make you walk around town wearing a Doctors mask?… Ashley needs to find another human to converse with because clearly she has too much time on her hands.

    • Becca, yes I am a fan. I don’t care what other people think of Michael, but I DO care when all people do is regurtigate tabloid fiction. People call him a child molester, when there is zero proof of that, and many, many kids have come forward to say that Michael never hurt them. If people read the court cases, they’d see why Michael was acquitted and why the accusing family in 2003 was not believable in any way. And you don’t believe he was their dad, why? Because they have lighter skin? So what? Lots of biracial people come out looking like that, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t their parents’ biological kids.

      Those kids themselves have explained the masks, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, seeing as some of you only come into these posts to make negative remarks.

      They are children, they have done nothing wrong, yet people continue bringing up the accusations against Michael that have NOTHING to do with these children, because they feel the need to say something negative to bring these kids down. They are normal kids who are trying to live life after suffering a tragic loss. This is Celebrity Baby Scoop, and I understand a lot of posters are parents or at least grown people, so where is your compassion for three kids who loved their father dearly?

  8. Becca, that is worst comment i have ever seen. you need to sort out your argument skills because everything in your argument against MJ can be undermined as uneducated, tabloid filled, invalid rubbish that comes from someone who in reality has nothing of use to say so spews nonsense.

  9. there’s nothing wrong with them not being biologically his- they’re obviously not. there’s no way. plus, we all know they were created through bizarre means in the first place, remember? but them being convinced that they are actually black is just living a delusion. i know that’s a common jackson lifestyle, but it’s still messed up. i mean, seriously, to have these white kids go around thinking that is a disservice to them, really. how they are gonna feel when they find out someday? like idiots, probably. what’s so bad about telling them the truth and that there’s nothing wrong with it? hiding it only makes it seem like the truth is something to be ashamed of. it wasn’t their fault how they were born

    • They may OBVIOUSLY NOT be his children to you, but to me, I see similarities. Many people do. You don’t know any better than I do if they are biologically his or not, but at the end of the day, that does not matter. Michael loved those kids and raised them and protected them, and they are very well-adjusted, nice-seeming kids, and THAT is more important than anything else. It’s rude and disrespectful to sit here and say that these kids are being lied to when you don’t know that. These kids seem to be content with who they are and who their father was, and even if they weren’t biologically his, that would be no reason to lie to the press about it. They were legally his and rightfully entitled to their share of the inheritance. Paris looks biracial to me. Prince has vitiligo, which Michael was confirmed to have. Blanket, to me, looks like Michael as a young boy. It’s all perspective and opinion, but they aren’t OBVIOUSLY anything. They are obviously children who miss and loved their dad very much.

        • That was one incident that happened 9 years ago. That baby boy has grown up into a healthy child and he was not hurt. YES, it was stupid, and Michael even admitted that it was, but nobody continues to bring up Britney Spears’ awful parenting when she almost dropped her kid while holding her drink, when she drove multiple times with the kid not properly in his car seat, nobody says anything when parents toss their babies in the air. One miss and that kid is on the ground. YES, it was dumb, he apologized for it, but lots of parents do really stupid things, they just don’t have the moment captured for a national audience. Michael was with those kids for 7 more years after that incident, and all three kids are in one piece and are healthy, and they seem bright and well-mannered. THAT is what matters here. He didn’t almost drop the child, either. I am the first to call him out on that stupid stunt, but it doesn’t make him a monster. He was a flawed human being, but his kids grew up healthy and happy.

          • Ha, bringing Britney into this to make it seem like what Michael did wasn’t that bad? Good one.
            “He didn’t almost drop the child, either.”… really? What happened then? I would love to know.

    • I’m not sure the kids can be told the “truth” about their lineage, because I’m not sure that anyone in the Jackson family KNOWS the truth to tell them! Michael, and possibly Debbie Rowe were the only people who knew the true biological nature of the kids, and I think Michael’s family has no clue – and probably no sure way to find out at this point!

    • I’m not sure the kids can be told the “truth” about their lineage, because I’m not sure that anyone in the Jackson family KNOWS the truth to tell them! Michael, and possibly Debbie Rowe were the only people who knew the true biological nature of the kids, and I think Michael’s family has no clue – and probably no sure way to find out at this point!

    • I’m not sure the kids can be told the “truth” about their lineage, because I’m not sure that anyone in the Jackson family KNOWS the truth to tell them! Michael, and possibly Debbie Rowe were the only people who knew the true biological nature of the kids, and I think Michael’s family has no clue – and probably no sure way to find out at this point!

  10. you really think it’s healthy that these kids believe a lie and then will eventually find out that the rumors were true all along? how’s that going to make them feel? everyone staring at them knew the truth and they didn’t. that’s just messed up

    • Is it really healthy to go around saying these kids have been lied to when you don’t know that they have? These kids seem pretty confident with who they are, and just because YOU think they were lied to doesn’t mean they were. You haven’t seen a DNA test, have you? No, so you can’t say 100% that they were lied to. These kids know who their father was, and even if he wasn’t biological, he was the only man in their life that deserved the title. What you’re saying is a slap in the face to adoptive parents everywhere. Only Michael didn’t adopt his kids. They were legally his and very possibly biological. You don’t know for sure, so stop acting like these kids were lied to when you don’t know that they were.

    • You might want to calm down. You’re getting all worked up and it’s having the opposite effect that you think it will. Nobody is going to pay any attention to what a rambling lunatic says.

      It’s true that it’s nobody’s business whether these children were biologically Michael Jackson’s kids. He was their father, period. Biology is irrelevant to parenthood really.

      BUT, and this is a big but, it’s not surprising that some people question biology. It’s rude, for sure, but not surprising.

  11. there’s no ifs about it. anyone who says there is is kidding themselves. all you have to do is look at them and know how they were born (which everyone does). we know that those kids are not jackson dna and the fact that they think they are is unhealthy because it’s a lie. and it will make them look and feel foolish as they get older. so it’s a mistake to keep them in the dark

    • That’s an ignorant statement. There are plenty of ifs about it. There was no DNA test done after Michael’s death that we are aware of, so there is no proof he’s not the biological father. Debbie has always maintained that Michael was the biological father. The interview where she said neither were the bio parent was a fake, and it was shot down as soon as it was posted on the net. You can look at Paris and see she’s Debbie’s. But the fact that you’re saying that it’s obvious they aren’t biologically Michael’s is ridiculous. I don’t look like either of my parents, but I’m their biological child. I know plenty of biracial people who are paler than Prince, Paris and Blanket (Rashida Jones, for a famous example) and have straight hair. Paris has green eyes, so does Joe, so that’s not impossible. Blanket and Prince both have dark brown eyes, so did Michael. Arnold Klein has light brown eyes. You say it’s unhealthy for the children because they are being lied to, but you don’t know they are being lied to. It’s very obnoxious for people to come in here and make presumptions when they have no idea what the real truth is. It is not impossible for those children to be Michael’s biological children. You don’t see any resemblance, and neither do some other people, but I do, and so do other people. It’s all perspective, but I can tell you now that you cannot say just by looking at a person whether they are biologically their parent’s child. You are just going on tabloid rumor/gossip that has been played over and over and over for years. It has never been confirmed that Michael wasn’t the biological father, so you can’t say that he wasn’t. Unless a test is done and the results are made public, we will never know, but even if the kids were not biologically Michael’s, it is rude and disrespectful to constantly debate about their parentage when it doesn’t matter one bit. Those kids were always Michael’s and always will be. No DNA test will change the fact that he was their legal father and that they are the legal heirs to his estate.

      Who says they are being kept in the dark? You do, but you don’t know that. Unless it was a fact that Michael wasn’t their bio father, which it is not a fact because there is no test, no proof, you cannot say that the kids are being lied to. That might be your opinion, but the kids seem pretty well-adjusted and confident in who they are, and who are we to say they are wrong? They loved their dad very much and clearly he was the only parent in their lives that earned the title of dad.

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