Get A Grip! Hold-On Handles Help Keep Little Ones Safe

How many times have you been pushing a stroller, trying to open a door and holding onto your toddler, all the while thinking, “I sure wish I had another hand”? Well, here’s a solution, and it won’t require some sort of futuristic limb transplant, either.

Hold-On Handles from Greater Than One Kids is an innovative stroller accessory and walking rope that helps keep your child within arm’s reach without restraining them. One end loops around a parent’s wrist or through a belt loop while the child holds on to the whimsical, inviting handles. The result: your child is kept safe and learns to stay close without the use of restraining harnesses or “leashes” and allows children to be more active and independent while still giving parents an extra means of keeping their kids safely in their sights.

The patent-pending Hold-On Handles is the brainchild of Greater Than One Kids company founders Susanne Budofsky and Robyn Spritzer who know first hand the challenges that parents face – both are the parents of multiples.

These new plush Zany Zoo handles (pictured) join the Bizzy Bugs and Ocean Odyssey Hold-On Handles plastic handle collections. Zany Zoo handles are available as Single Handle Sets, which are packed with one plush cuddly handle for one child and a carabiner for $24.99. The Bizzy Bugs and Ocean Odyssey original collections are sold in sets for one and two children. Additional Spare Handles are sold separately. Double Handle Sets retail for $27.99, Single Handle Sets for $19.99, and Spare Handles for $9.99 each.

Hold-On Handles are available at buybuyBABY®, and independent retailers nationwide as well as,, and Visit for a complete listing of retailers.

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