First Glimpse: Connie Britton’s Son Yoby

It’s Yoby!

New mom Connie Britton cuddled her baby boy Yoby in the carrier as she stopped off for coffee in Los Angeles, California today (January 22). This is our first glimpse of the Friday Night Lights‘ star’s son since she shared the adoption news in November.

Connie, 44, says that the adoption process took 3 long years, but it was well worth the wait when she was finally able to hold her new babe: “It was such a wonderful moment of completion. I thought I was going to collapse into a puddle of tears. I was just grinning from ear to ear.”


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  1. Is it ‘haute-couture’ for a white woman to adopt a black baby now? Do you have any idea of the psychological confusion that the innocent child will endure? He doesn’t belong anywhere. Not in the white world and not in the black world. Some people are too stupid for words!

    • You’re right, some people are too stupid for words. How dare they not leave that kid in an orphanage somewhere where he could be raised by paid attendants who happen to be the same color as he is but couldn’t care less about him? Yeah, he’d have been so much better off without some nice woman who clearly adores him.

      He’ll “belong” just fine as long as he stays away from narrow minded idiots like yourself who care less about his happiness than they do about making a political point.

    • What?? That is one ridiculous statement! Wow… that just borders on plain scary!! What ever became wrong with one loving human raising another?

    • Yes, it would be so much better if were an orphan with no parents at all! I’m sure he would prefer to be abandoned than to be taken care of and loved!

      Take your racist ideas elsewhere.

    • Jane Marsee, you said it best “some people are too stupid for words!” You just left out one more thing and that’s, you’re also an idiot.

  2. I must have missed some idiotic remark from the comments here.

    He’s such a cute boy and the way her arms are wrapped around him that is definitely her son!!

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