Lou Diamond Phillips & Family: Strollin’ At Sundance

Lou Diamond Phillips, his wife Yvonne Boismier, and their 4-year-old daughter Indigo were seen walking in Park City, Utah on Sunday (January 22). The actor brought his family to the Sundance Film Festival because his film – Filly Brown – was screened there.

At a recent press conference Phillips said, “I’m not one of those people who goes to the Academy Awards or goes to the Golden Globes or goes to any of these things without a reason. Because I don’t want to feel like a hanger-on. So now that I’ve got a film at Sundance, I’ll go.”

He also said that because of his ethnic looks he gets work.

He laughed, “If I waited around to play a Filipino-Irish-Cherokee, I’d never work. Fortunately, my look is so unidentifiable, I fit a lot of them.”


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  1. Hey Lou, get real, you don’t go to the golden globes or the academy awards anymore because you don’t get invited. It’s not a choice you’ve made.

    • How do you know he is not invited to award shows, Do you personally send invites out? I beleive he may have been invited over the years and he declines if he does not have anything to promote. He states he does not like to feel like a hanger on….

      • I agree. There are some celebs that you see photographed at every awards show or festival and yet they have no reason to be there (yes, I’m talking Kardashians, Jersey Shore etc)

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