America’s Supernanny Helps Parents Regain Control

This Tuesday (January 24) don’t miss Lifetime’s newest series, America’s Supernanny, starring childcare expert Deborah Tillman. This episode features the Edwards family-of-five. Dad’s disability has left mom to fend for herself against a very violent child. Eight-year-old Austyn has ADHD and his violent behavior has the entire family living in fear. Younger brother Brandon, 7, acts like a baby and Aryel, 12, acts years beyond her age.

The Virginia-based wife, mother and author, who boasts more than 19 years experience in early childhood education opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about working with the Edwards family.

CBS: Tell us about working with the Edwards family. Duke’s disability has left Mary to fend for herself against a very violent child. Eight-year-old Austyn has ADHD and his violent behavior has the entire family living in fear. Younger brother Brandon, 7, acts like a baby and Aryel, 12, acts years beyond her age. Where did you start with the Edwards? How did you help this family?

DT: “The first thing I needed to do was to get Duke and Mary to understand that Austyn’s negative behavior was not always a result of his ADHD. When Austyn’s inappropriate behavior could be “controlled” it was not impulsive ADHD behavior.

Second, soda is not good for any child but particularly for a child with ADHD. He would benefit more from healthy, well balanced meals.

So I gave the family a visual and showed them how much sugar the children consumed by drinking so much soda. I showed the family that 53 teaspoons of sugar was in each bottles that they were drinking from and then we all poured it out.

With the sugar out of the house I put HOUSE RULES and DISCIPLINE in place: CDC for the boys, Lose what you Like for Aryel

Austin was a challenge for Mary in the CDC – but working with her in the Calm down corner gave me the opportunity to show her how Austyn was strategizing and could control his behavior

With discipline in place it was time to get the boys to do things for themselves so I put in place the self reliance technique. The boys were eager to try and did a wonderful job doing things for themselves.

With the boys on the right track, I had to help Aryel realize that beauty was on the inside of her and it was not the makeup that she masked her face with that made her look pretty.

I implemented The FACE TO FACE TECHNIQUE which helped Aryel realize that she was beautiful without makeup. In fact we all took off our makeup and let our natural beauty shine through.

Although Austyn had made great strides showing improvement during the week, I needed to give him a huge wake up call so I called in Lt Knight.

The age appropriate technique scared Austyn but was also a positive life lesson because Lt Knight was really there to let Austyn know he was happy to know that Austyn was trying to be a good citizen.

Overall, the Edwards family showed a lot of progress. Mom no longer plays the victim dad still needs to toughen up and stop being Mr. Nice Guy.

Austyn will continue to do better as long as his parents are consistent.

Aryel has a loving home, but she needs help breaking through the wall until she’s built up. As long as the parents continue to adjust by taking control back, the more they’ll see great strides and improvement in their family.”


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  1. Can someone please tell me how this show is any different from Supernanny? Besides that one is British and one is American?

  2. There is a big difference. The American is a teacher (more a director of child care centers) and the other was an actual nanny. The American seems to more get the children in line but the nanny also seem to bring them to being a family. The American wears heels and pearls. The Nanny gets on the floor when needed. I prefer the nanny.

    • Oh, that is very different! I’ve never seen the American show, but was looking forward to watching this episode. I have to confess, I loved Jo, the Supernanny! I wonder how this one will compare for me?

  3. yes i understand how that family feels bc i have a son….he was worser than that child with adhd…..bc he has adhd with bipolar with 5 different behavioral problems and 1 of his problems he has no remorse of the thangs he do….my heart goes out to them….everyone has told me bc i need to punish him harder…until u have to live each day with the child and plp can come n one day to help u i had took everythang away and no sugar sweets…on medicine…u will always be fighting a losing battle with the child and schools bc they say they understand but rite now bc of his behaviors he is kick out of school for the remainin of the year bc of his disability….no one at school will help u…they just dont wont kids in school with those types of behaviors….i just wish somone could help me…bc it goin to get worse….yes he growin up and showin signs of bein adult…but his disability of the behaviors.. he will never grow out of it but my biggest fear is im not goin to be there when he really get into trouble that is behaviors take control…..but the edwards family i know how it is bringin the food to the bed just to get them goin but i never had to dress him and to leave him alone when he acting up bc let him know that ur in control but the knife thang my son done the same thang….it took me years to get him out of knives…but now he doesnt have one… police never scard my son he has bn to jail…but bc he has no remorse…it doesnt bother him…..lord im praying for ya’ll…

    • You are right when you say that many people don’t understand your struggle. I educate children like your son. Austyn is a mild case compared to a child who has bipolar issues. For the parents, every day is a battle. But how can you be in a war if you love your enemy?
      Please make sure that you take advantage of your district’s programs for children with his disorders. And do not feel shame for needing the help and asking for the help you need. If that means a level 4, controlled educational setting or a group home, get the help. This world will chew that child up and spit him in a jail cell, otherwise. Bless you.

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