Lindsay Sloane Welcomes First Child: Daughter Maxwell Lue

It’s a girl for Lindsay Sloane and husband Dar Rollins!

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Maxwell Lue, on January 19, PEOPLE reports. “We thought we knew what love was until we met her,” the proud new parents said.

Sloane is known for her appearances on Weeds, Horrible Bosses and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She wed Rollins in 2004.

Congratulations to the Sloane-Rollins family!


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  1. Maxwell is a boy name. I don’t understand why parents give their daughter a boy name like Logan.We hardly see little boys with girls name like Sophia.I find that totally weird.

  2. I have actually not heard of either of them, but do you honestly think they care a fig for your opinion of their daughter’s name??? Yea, me neither!

  3. She is going to have to explain that name to every single new person she meets for the next 90 years. How many times do you think she will hear “Oh, I thought you were a man” in her lifetime?

    Not a really nice gift to give your kid.

  4. For those of you who think your opinion actually matters (guess what, it doesn’t), there are very good reasons for giving girls male or unisex names. The sad fact is, there is sexism in this country. There have been actual studies that women with male-sounding names are more successful than those with female-sounding names, because of other people’s inherent (often unconscious) prejudices against women. It affects how women are viewed in high-profile careers, and women with masculine names are viewed more favorably. It’s sad but true that giving your daughter a masculine name may well help her in the future.

    • Very interesting comment and most likely very true BUT How about a simpler reason… it is a family name. many people name child after family surname to keep name going or as respect or rememberance to their heritage…

  5. there are plenty of names that were ‘boys’ names in the last century that are ‘girl’ names now and vice versa….open your minds people. who’s to say it’s a boys name? because you’ve never heard it for a girl?

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