Report: Beyoncé & Jay-Z Have Chosen Oprah To Be Blue Ivy’s Godmother

Decisions, decisions. When you have the most famous baby in the world, who do you choose to be your child’s godmother? Well if you’re Beyoncé and Jay-Z, you choose the most famous woman in the world, of course. is reporting that the new parents have chosen none other than their close friend Oprah Winfrey to be the godmother to their newborn daughter Blue Ivy. Jay’s best friend Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith has reportedly been asked to be the godfather.

According to the report, the superstar couple wanted their daughter’s godparents to be individuals not related to them – which is why they haven’t asked Beyoncé’s sister Solange, or her cousin Angie to step into the role.

Of course, we’re all still waiting to get our first glimpse of the baby who already has a number one hit record. According to Bey’s former Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams, little Blue Ivy is just as beautiful as we imagine. “She is absolutely gorgeous,” she said.”We were all in love.”


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  1. That’s so ghetto. Why wouldn’t you choose a family member as a godparent? Once again, it’s all grandiose publicity gig. Even their child. I mean, c’MON. They’re so full of their ‘celebrity’. If I was a family member, I’d be pissed. Or maybe they’re not – once they all disappear due to lack of talent and public interest, they’re prob hoping the affiliation with Oprah will be their lifeline. Ghetto.

    • Ghetto? Why? I don’t agree with it being ghetto, but if it is true they chose oprah they are completely and undeniably full of themselves. It’s as if I was on speaking terms with the Queen of England and we saw and spoke every once in a while and just because she is the Queen I chose her to me my baby’s godmother. I mean how f-ing stupid is that? I don’t think the family members have a right to be pissed or even upset. But again, most people would chose someone they are extremely close to family member or friend. IMO this is so absurd, not that they care I know. This baby is already irritating me.

    • Ghetto, really? I can see their point. Family members are already aunts or uncles, or what have you. I mean, I’m irritated as much as the next person about all the hoopla surrounding them, but get real. It’s not ghetto to name someone who isn’t blood-related to you a godparent.

  2. Gayle King said this is a lie Oprah hasn’t even spoken to them since the birth. They are not friends but are friendly. gossip site MTO which claimed she wasn’t pregnant made this up

  3. Who cares about them and their child anyway??!!! And the statement “the most famous baby in the world” is absolutely redicilous!!! They should stop writing about them already because it is pretty annoying and waist of time…

    • Uh, clearly people DO care. Including you.

      And it’s “ridiculous” not “redicilous” and also “waste” not “waist”.

      Jealously should not stop you from obtaining education.

  4. i fine that ppl should stop hatin on beyonce and her baby. if they chose oprah to be their child’s god mother it didnt kill ANYONE. everyone should make their own choices in life and that was her’s. her family member is already an aunt or uncle soo what. they’ll have to get over it anyways.
    people these days can really make a big scene out of nothing @ all.

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