Connor Cruise: Partier At Siren Studios

Connor Cruise was seen leaving a party at Siren Studios in Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (January 26). Wearing a cap, a gray t-shirt, and holding an energy drink the 17-year-old adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman happily posed for the cameras.

The teen spun records as DJ C-Squared for the launch party of McDonald’s new Chicken McBites. Christina Milian and Salt-N-Pepa were also in attendance.

Connor recently celebrated his birthday at the Hyde Lounge in the Staples Center. In attendance with his sister Isabella, 19, but not his parents or stepmom Katie Holmes.

The party was sponsored by the video game Just Dance 3 and SBE. He was the DJ and helped raised funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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    • This is what I want to know too – they do it with Calista Flockhart’s children too, but hardly ever with Hugh Jackman’s children. Why the big double standard?

      • You’re right! I never see them say that about Hugh Jackman’s kids, but always about Calista Flockhart.

        What’s up with that, Celeb Baby Scoop??

    • I agree. Hes adopted we get it, we got it for years. It just rubs me the wrong way. Adopted or not it is their son so why not just say son

  1. It’s amazing how much he looked like Tom from the beginning and still does. What are the odds of someone adopting a child that looks that much like them, by chance?

  2. That bothers me too, he’s been their child since infancy.. adoption reference is NEVER needed! And he totally looks like Tom, thats so crazy! Very handsome boy!

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