How Seal & Heidi Klum Broke The News Of Their Split To The Kids

It was a difficult conversation, one that no parent looks forward to, but Seal and Heidi Klum have broken the news of their separation to their four children – Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2.

“We talk to them, we try to explain as best we could what is going on,” Seal tells Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush in a pretaped interview, airing Friday (January 27).

“[We’re] just explaining to them that things will be different, you know, without going into too much detail,” says the Grammy-winning singer. “Things will be different.”

Although it has been hard for everyone involved, and there will be some changes to their daily lives, Seal says that “a lot of things won’t change.”

“The main thing is to make sure that they feel that they’re loved,” says the father-of-four. “Make sure they understand that their parents love each other [and] … it has absolutely nothing to do with them.”

Not ruling out a reconciliation in the future, Seal says that one thing the children don’t need to be concerned about is the amount of time they spend with each parent.

According to insiders, the singer will stay in Los Angeles when he isn’t overseas in order to avoid too many disruptions for the children.

“In actual fact, it may even improve the amount of time that we spend with them,” Seal says. “Quality time.”


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  1. U know what…they don’t have to tell us anything, but I can respect it. With them having school age children that could possibly hear things at school (like tabloid rumors and what not) they are setting the record straight so that it’s been declared and any rumors that come about can be dismissed because have already been so forthcoming.

  2. They do not need to share all they do the week it happens. This is where we as a public get a false sense of what we think we need to know. Seriously!!!

  3. Seal It’s all ironic how this seperation came about a few days before an album release and they both still wear their rings. Seal NEVER talks to the media about anything esp not his private life.

    Yes they are technically still married but most people remove the rings after coming out and saying they’re divorcing.

    I’m not saying it’s a publicity stunt….I don’t think they’d put 4 kids through a lie but maybe they have actually been wanting to seperate for awhile now and waited until now to do so to perhaps boost Seals albums sales. I don’t put it passed celebrities to stoop to these kinds of lows.

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