Heidi Klum & Kids: First Sighting Since Split

In her first public sighting since announcing split with husband Seal, Heidi Klum looked every bit the model mom as she took her four kids – Leni, 7, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, and Lou, 2 – to karate and dance class in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (January 28).

The paparazzi were lined up to get shots of the newly single mom-of-four as she took her kids to their Saturday morning extracurricular activities. It was great to see the girls smiling and the kids back to their regular routine. And we couldn’t help but notice that Heidi is still wearing her wedding ring.

Seal – who has also been spotted still wearing his wedding ring – recently opened up about breaking the news of the split to their kids.

We talk to them, we try to explain as best we could what is going on,” he said. “[We’re] just explaining to them that things will be different, you know, without going into too much detail,” says the Grammy-winning singer. “Things will be different.”

Although it has been hard for everyone involved, and there will be some changes to their daily lives, Seal said that “a lot of things won’t change.”

“The main thing is to make sure that they feel that they’re loved,” added the father-of-four. “Make sure they understand that their parents love each other [and] … it has absolutely nothing to do with them.”

Not ruling out a reconciliation in the future, Seal also said that one thing the children don’t need to be concerned about is the amount of time they spend with each parent.

Besides the separation announcement, Heidi has yet to speak publicly about the split.

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    • I agree. i’m sure they’ll get back together soon.
      plus they didn’t say they are getting divorce just that they are separating.
      we see seal 4 times in a week talking about heidi and it’s like : we separate because we love too much each other. wtf
      he and heidi and the beautiful kids don’t seem to be sad at all. it’s weird

  1. Leni is gorgeous in the 5th pic. the kids seem to be happy and it’s a good thing. hope seal and heidi will back together. who knows !!!

  2. She looks especially gorgeous.. I’m sure she expected the paps to be stalking hence the glam appearance.. She could’ve worn a sack and still looked amazing though! Hope they reunite.

  3. Wow I never noticed how big Leni’s ears were.
    As for publicity stunt? No. They will divorce. We’ll never know why. In a few months the announcement will come. I think there has def. been a facade the past 3-4 years of HEY WE’RE HAPPY! overkill.

  4. i’ve seen these kids in anything by crocs and uggs..no unsupportive and yucky…get some real shoes, lady! otherwise, this family is adorable…

  5. i’ve seen these kids in anything by crocs and uggs..no unsupportive and yucky…get some real shoes, lady! otherwise, this family is adorable…

  6. Wow Elizabeth I sure am glad I dont have your out look on life could you be more pesimistick? As for Leni’s ears OMG she is 7 her parents are the story here not her I am sure she would have been just as happy to go to dance class without the photos being taken.

  7. Glad to see Heidi and the her four beautiful children. I am praying and hoping that Seal and her get back together. Especially for the sake of the kids.

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